Posted by: purityseekers | February 4, 2008

Webkinz and New Pet Hamster, Fluffy…

We had gotten 2 of our kids “Webkinz” for Christmas, but my oldest son didn’t get one. (Since he got a BB gun šŸ˜‰

My friend, Katherine’s daughter, Makenna, asked if “C” had one. When she found out he didn’t , she asked her Mom if they could buy him one! He was already planning on how he’d buy one with some money he had gotten from his Grampy, so I had to keep putting it off and making excuses as to why he couldn’t get one “yet”.

Finally his surprise came in the mail and he was SO happy!!!

Here’s “Fred”… isn’t the the best?


Now “A’s” little “Panda” and “Z’s” sweet “Mr. Froggy” have a buddy!


“Z’s” was transformed into “Super Frog” after she crocheted him a costume…


Here are the pieces that I will be posting on her Ravelry. She made a necklace, mask, and cape. She is so creative!


I don’t like my kids to be on the computer much, but each day they DO pop on and do their daily Webkinz things and make sure to feed their pet and put them to bed before signing off. Anyone else here have Webkinz for their children? This is one of those things I would have died for as a kid!!!

Speaking of pets, we got our “Z” an early birthday present the other day. My folks and my sister had come over to babysit for the WHOLE DAY (thank you Dad, Mom & Bonnie!!!!!) so we could get out and enjoy ourselves without kiddos! We had a GREAT day!!!

We called and said we’d be popping home to bring “Z” a surprise. We had Grampa sit with her on the couch and cover her eyes…


and the surprise was…. a HAMSTER!!! Here she is with her 2 little brothers, checking out the little furball…


do you think it made her happy???


Here’s Daddy talking about how to take care of her new pet…


I love my little “almost 7” year old… šŸ™‚


And then last night, Big Guy “C” came home from his weekend at his father’s and had fun checking out the new member of our family…


So… we welcome “Fluffy Whisker-Pie” to our home!! (“Z” made up “whisker pie” as something that our cats would like to eat… so she added it as a middle name to her new “cat snack”…um…I mean… hamster.) F.W.P. was adopted from “Pet Smart”. We had picked out another hamster that would have cost us $9.99, but it was too aggressive. SO… the woman told us they had 2 hamsters up for adoption (free!) and we chose this little girl. She has a scar on her nose from fighting with her siblings, so we thought it would mean more to “Z” to know we took in a pet that no one else wanted. I like her little scar nose. Isn’t she cute?


Guess that’s about all for now. I have more to post, but just can’t sit here all day!!! (though I am lazy and kinda wish I could!!!)

Check below for a few more posts I entered today! I am catching up, slow but sure!

šŸ™‚ Bridget


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