Posted by: purityseekers | February 4, 2008

Dishcloth Addict & My Husband and Kids…

Yes…that’s me. I just can’t stop!!!! I am part of a couple knit-a-long groups AND I joined a Ravelry dishcloth WEEKLY KAL… so I am just in knitters heaven!!! Since I don’t really need many dishcloths, I am probably giving many of them as gifts. BUT…the one I just started is my favorite yet, so I think I’m gonna have to keep this one!!

See… I have gotten the “cable” bug and want to make more things cabled! I didn’t own a cable needle (would probably just have used a double pointed), so I decided to make a couple!

I had all the needed supplies since I had played around with making knitting needles a while back. SO… I got out a little dowel, cut it about 4 inches and sharpened both ends in the pencil sharpener…





Sanding process… ( I start with medium, then fine, then extra fine)


All done (except for waxing, but I don’t have any at the moment)… see how small and cute they are?


I took this to show how it works by holding stitches. I sanded the middle more than the ends to hold the stitches better…


Last night I decided to find a dishcloth pattern (hence the reason I spoke of my addiction) that had cables and found this cute one! It’s called “shifting sand” and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! My cable needle is working great but just needs that wax to make it REALLY smooth. BUT…it works great, despite the roughness of it! I think cables are going to be a new love of mine!!!


I finished this dishcloth set yesterday. You knit a little scrubby with it that is really cute!


This is the current KAL I am part of and am anxiously awaiting the email for the next few rows! It looks like the start of a heart (wake up, Bridge…it is February!!!) and I should have known to start it with a “Valentiney” color. Oh well…a blue heart washes dishes as good as a red one! 🙂


This was a different groups last KAL… SO cute! (and better color choice!)


OK… I need to start talking about something other than dishcloths!

I took some cute pix of my husband and kids getting ready to take a walk the other day…

my oldest was making a face in this one…


Dad was being a goofball in this one. He was doing a funny slouchy thing…


And this one I think they are all actually behaving!


And off they go! (They weren’t gone too long because it was COOOOOOLD!!!!)


OH… one more knitting thing before I post other stuff. I decided to start making more knit toys for my kids and started the other day with a slice of pizza! (I still need to add some green peppers 😉


This is a funky picture, but I unraveled and recycled this Goodwill sweater and used some of the cotton to make the crust…


Recycling sweaters is not my favorite thing. I actually was quite frustrated, because I’d think I was cutting the threads right, but then the yarn would break and I had to continually tie ends together!! UGH. Maybe I’ll try again sometime!

Alright… I think I will post this so that I don’t get into photo overload and slow everyone’s computers down!! I have more pix to post, but I will do it in another post. Not sure if that really matters, but I will try to post less in each post so it won’t take so long for each post to load!

I’ll be back! 🙂 Bridget


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