Posted by: purityseekers | January 29, 2008

My New Blog…FINALLY!!! Sorry it took so long!!!

I have finally got my blog up and running and posted my first REAL post with pictures!!!  You can check it out here:


I don’t think I will be posting anything over here very often, but I will be coming here to check out my "friends" blogs here and there!!  To insure my blog is kept more private, but still available to friends and family not on the blog site, I just ask that you share my blog with only those people you trust!  Please don’t post a link to my blog on any groups or any place that is open to the public 🙂 I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t share my blog addy with friends and family, because I want anyone that can be encouraged through my blog to feel right at home, but I just don’t want it put out there into the public eye! I mainly felt uncomfortable that people all over the world had access and that started freaking me out!!! hehe

Please pop on over to my new blog and say "hi"!!! 

Love, Bridget

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