Posted by: purityseekers | January 18, 2008


I have been working with Homeschoolblogger support and am going to continue my blog here, but it will only be open to friends on the blog site.   They went in and changed all of my old entries to "private" and now only those on my friends list can view my blog.  That makes me feel better!!!  In NO way did any of you that I have listed as "friends" cause my decision to change things!!!  I had received and instant message from a man I did not know and it made me uncomfortable.  He said that he loved my blog and I kindly said that I did not speak with men on the internet because I am a married woman.  He may have been completely sincere, but it made me feel instantly creepy.  Although I don’t personally know most of you on my "friends" list, I feel I have gotten to know you through your blog and never would have added you if I didn’t trust you. 

I may end up starting another blog that will be open to family and friends and I have heard you can do that on Blogspot.  As long as I don’t have my blog listed…I can keep it private to only those I send it out to.  It won’t be on any search engines.  That will make me feel much safer!!

So…for now…I am still here!!!  I’ll be posting at some point to update, but for now, I have to get motivated and start my day!!  It is snowy…AGAIN…and it’s making me feel lazy and I just want to go back to bed and hibernate…but reality is that I have 5 kids that need their Mama and so off I go!!!

And please check my brother’s blog site on my right margin!  They arrived in Costa Rica on Jan. 1 and just yesterday got hooked up with the internet!!!!  They have pictures of the home they are living in so go check ’em out!!  I got to talk to them yesterday and it was SOOOO good to hear their voices!!!

🙂 Bridget


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