Posted by: purityseekers | January 5, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday Catch Up & Other Stuff…

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a SCF post!  Make sure to go to Shereen’s Blog and check out what others have done!

I managed to finally finish all of the gifts I made for the kids for Christmas and the kids all loved their things!!  That makes me smile πŸ™‚  I don’t have any good pix of the finished things I posted last SCF, but I made a couple last minute things that I took pix of.

We had gotten our 2 year old daughter, "L",  a new baby doll and what’s a new baby doll without new little cloth diapers????  I used an old sheet I got at "Goodwill" for the outer cover and an old shirt of mine for 2 of the insides and an old pair of "L"s jammies for the purple inner lining πŸ™‚ (I save anything old that is made of cloth!!!!)

And I made the kids some bean filled "Juggling Balls" πŸ™‚  Here they are in process…

Then after Christmas I decided to finish up some things I had set aside so I could do the Christmas gifts.

I finally finished my socks!!

You can’t tell in the picture, but I ended up thinking I got toothpaste on one of them and washed and realized that the peppermint smell was actually GUM!!!!!!  UGH!!!  So, as long as I roll the cuff down you can’t see it!!!  Silly ol’ me!

And since my new addiction is socks… I finished little man "E"s pair…

I only really had a little bit to do on each which was nice!!!  Doesn’t he look cute in them?

He loves them and wears them to bed at night to keep his tootsies warm!!

Here’s a pair of socks I just recently started for my Husband… I just turned the heel today!

Well… I decided to make him a beanie hat too.  The only problem is that I am far from a hat expert and kept making it too small!!!  The first 2 fit the kids better…

This was is a "Josh Groban Beanie" pattern…

And this was called a "London Beanie" and I attempted to knit it with "combination knitting" and didn’t do it quite right so all the stitches came out kinda sideways.  I think it made it look interestingly cute!

The 3rd hat was a winner and he really loved it!  I ended up kinda just making up my own pattern based on the 2nd one.

Here he is striking a pose yesterday before leaving for work!  He was already in the car and I actually ran out and yelled "WAIT!!!!  I need a picture for Sew Crafty Friday!!!!!"  haha And look…I am a day late!!!!

I like hats now though… they could also become an addiction because they work up so fast!

UGH…I had posted a bunch of pictures and then my computer went all wonky on me!!!  Here I go again!!!

A few more projects I’ve started are some more dishcloths of a different color than the last ones…

And a "Square Cake Bag"… (If you scroll down after clicking the link, I am making the smaller one that is pictured in green) (I’m making mine with "cinnamon" merino wool!)

A pair of mittens for 6 year old "Z" …

Before Christmas I also made a rag bag for my Mom for her birthday!!!  Her heritage is Scottish…so she LOVES Scottish plaid!

We went over to my parents home on Christmas Eve and we gave it to her then!  (sorry about my kids making faces! haha)

And one last thing.  I had seen a "Lime Mint Sugar Scrub" on the blog Cup Half Full and HAD to try it!!!  I gave a few away for gifts and kept a bit for myself!  It works and smells incredible!!!

There…I’m done!!!!  Sorry for the lengthy post!!  I haven’t done a SCF post for a while!!!

Have a great end to your weekend!! Love, Bridget


  1. I will definitely have to try that sugar scrub!

  2. What wonderful projects!!

  3. I just love all the cute projects you made.
    The orange socks looks so cute on your little boy and love the hats! πŸ™‚

  4. You've been busy!! I love the socks…I've been dreaming about learning how to knit socks lately. So far all I know how to knit is a basic scarf, hopefully someday I'll learn. For now I'll just drool over the nice ones you made πŸ™‚


  5. So many lovely projects. You must knit at the speed of light. Love all the socks and hats. Excuse my ignorance, but do you use the dish clothes for washing or wiping and how good do they work? I simply love the 'rag bag'. You have inspired me to put that onto my list of things to try.

  6. Your projects are always so inspiring. They realllly make me want to learn. I wish I knew someone close by who could teach me! I would love to make so many beautiful but practical things. I am really impressed with your socks too! I'd pay for them (I am a sock-a-holic). hehehe

    I am glad you like the sugar scrub. I went to the store today and got more oils to play with. hehe Orange being the main one. I love citrus!! I'm also playing with making some bath crystals that would be excellent to soak in if one has a cold or achy muscles. If I have successes- I'll be sure to post them!

    Have a wonderful January, if I can't make it back over here (well I come over but don't always post- I can't stop looking at your wonderful creations!) by the end of the month- I had to come over and say HI tonight! I'm hoping the sickies won't take me too far down…but 3 pregnancies that go the same way is pretty telling. LOL

  7. Hey there. I LOVE the little cloth diapers. Those are the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! I will have to make some for Maggie's doll. Love you.

  8. wow you have been busy. I love all the projects you have been working on. I will have to try that scrub.

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