Posted by: purityseekers | January 4, 2008


It’s a New Year!  Happy 2008 everyone!

Boy do I have some catchin’ up to do!!  (I’ll be catching up over a few posts)

As many of you know, my brother and his family (wife & 5 children) are new missionaries and spent the past year preparing for language school in Costa Rica.  They sold their home and my brother ended his job mid December… and on Jan. 1 they started their year off fresh in Costa Rica!  We are so proud of all they have given up to follow God’s calling for them to be serving in Guatemala! 

We had their 2 oldest boys here for an overnight on the 28th and then their older sister joined them for a 2nd overnight on the 29th! 

It was really great to be able to spend some time with them since we won’t see them again until NEXT Christmas.  😦

My niece, Haley, and her 2 kids were here also, so we bundled all the kids up and headed outside for some winter fun!

My husband helped the kids build a big snowman!!  He had a carrot nose, 2 peanut butter ball eyes, Dad’s hat… & raisins for buttons and a mouth…

Here’s Troy and my nephew, Aaron, making a huge snowball!

We ended up having a fun snowball fight!  I’m glad Aaron couldn’t pick up THIS one!

"Z" came over to help Aaron out…

And here’s Jordan up in the clubhouse (AKA… snowball storage center)…

Here’s my niece, Haley, and her 2 cuties…

She took my "E" and Audric for a ride on the sled!  They had a blast!!

All the kids had McDonald’s for lunch… a real treat at our house!

Here all all the kids plus my niece, Abbie, on Saturday…(my "Z" made a face in this one…so I had them ALL make a face in the next one)

What a bunch…

And after Brian & Mary dropped off Abbie, it was time to say our goodbyes to them until the end of the year 😦  Mary’s sister was coming to pick the kids up at our house the next day, so it was the last chance to say goodbye to my brother, my SIL and the 2 littles.

I got a couple pictures of them as a family…

They were laughing because Jordan had stuffed his sweatpants with clothes to look funny…see??? haha

Here’s Haley & Nouvelle with Brian…

It’s hard to believe that when Eve and Nouvelle see each other again… they will be walking and talking!

And a picture of our family… Dad, my sister Bonnie, Brian, my Mom and Me 🙂

And one last group hug to last the year!

And finally, on January 2nd, we got an email from Brian from COSTA RICA!!!   I thought I’d share some of it with you all so you could see how awesome God is….

"Hello Everyone!

We made it safely to Costa Rica yesterday and God filled our day with blessings and provision.  It all started with learning that there was a baggage embargo to all Latin American countries limiting each traveler to 1 checked bag.  This would allow us 6 bags.  We were staying at a hotel at Logan airport and had 12 large bags.  They also said that the bags could weigh no more than 50 lbs… we had several that were 75.  We prayed and told God that we would trust Him for EVERYTHING.  We got to the airport and were the first in line.  We explained our situation to the airline associates and they said that their really was nothing that could be done… they then talked to a supervisor and she said, oh, just let all the bags go.  We should have paid nearly $500 = $1000 in excess weight charges, but instead they charged us NOTHING… They put all 12 bags on the plane AGAINST the embargo!!!  God is so good.

We arrived in Costa Rica, we were missing 1 bag (Abbies unfortunatley)  but they said we would probably get it today or tomorrow.  Our dear landlord, Orlando, and his wife picked us up in a small toyota car/pickup and their other small car.  We had to split up to get to our home, but made it with all the bags….their car nealy dragged to the ground under the weight of our 12 large bags.  Our house is wonderful and we spent this morning getting unpacked.  It is very large and bright and even has a little garden courtyard-thing in the middle… we will send pictures soon.
Orlando and his wife took me grocery shopping last night at a huge overwhelming supermarket called Hiper Mas. (hyper more)  We had been up since 2 am so I experienced incredible "over-stimulation" but got our shopping done and made it back to the house.  We hit the sack about 9:00.  I was shocked awake at 11 by what sounded like a war going on outside my bedroom window… I looked out our window and got to see a seemingly never-ending incredible fireworks display… right out my window!!!  I simply thanked God for giving me this great sign that I had nothing to worry about!"
I will make sure to post pictures as soon as I get some in from Brian and make sure to check out their website from the right side of my blog!
Time to motivate, but I will post again soon to recap the end of our year and post a "Sew Crafty Friday" post!
Love, In Christ, Bridget 🙂



  1. What a blessing for your brothers family. It is sad that you will not see them for an other year, we will be praying for Gods protection over them while they are gone.

  2. My brother-in-law and his family are preparing for language school in Costa Rica as well. They hope to be there by September. I've heard him mention Orlando and Hiper Mas. It was neat reading the post and seeing the similarities. We will remember your brother and his family in prayer. If you don't mind, I'm going to add you to my friends list so I can check back in. Corey

  3. very neat love all the crafts you do! when do you find the time!!! wow! really enjoy your blog

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