Posted by: purityseekers | December 18, 2007

Sew Crafty… Tuesday?

Since I KNOW this week will be incredibly busy come Friday…I figured I’d post an early entry for Friday!!

I have been knitting like crazy lately!!!  Night before last I was up until 1 AM and last night I was up until 11AM and could barely see straight after only getting 5 hours of sleep the night before!!!

Of all the projects I am making, I have to say that there are 2 that are my absolute favorites!  I posted about them last Friday and will show you just how darn cute they are!  I’m not done the turtle, but I finished the little bear.

Here’s the little crochet bear I made for my 5 year old son…

Ok… his nose and eyes are crooked, but I think he is pretty darn adorable!!  Could he end up at the Island of Misfit Toys?  Sure… but I know my son will love him anyway! haha

This is a pic of his kissable little backside…

And this is the naked turtle (pic taken yesterday) in the process of me knitting his shell…

And this is how much I got done last night.  The dark green section will be stitched onto the shell and then stuffed and then the other piece is the bottom where he will fit into his shell!  I just have to make the legs tonite and then I can finish him!

And speaking of misfit toys (haha), I finished the "Mr. Bean Bear" (aka "Dumbo") for my youngest son.  I think his ears are too big (and they are even gathered a bit to make them smaller!!!) and I had to embroider his eyes (which is something I stink at!) because I didn’t feel like trying to sew buttons on a stuffed head!  If I get tired of his weird eyes… I might do the buttons after all.  But for now… he is yet just another misfit toy that I know will be loved!

And I am still in the process of knitting my oldest son’s "helmet".  I was able to get to the point of decreasing for the top of the hat.  Then I just need to do the ribbing around the face! 

Now I have to get off this and get knitting!  All of the kids are finally in bed and the house is quiet!  My husband is away for the evening on business, so I am just going to consume myself in knitting and listening to NOTHING!  (except maybe a show if I get bored!)

Christmas is only 6 days away!!!!!  YIKES!!!!!!!  I am OUTTA HERE!!!!




  1. wow! It all looks great! Your kids are going to love them. I like embroiderd faces….little ones can't choke on them. My little one has sucked the face so hard on the bear I made him that the eye is pulling away from its face, but I don't have to worry about him choking on it. I will have to send a picture of that bear. Right now I need to go finish a glove before hubby is home for good. Have fun and blessings

  2. You are such a talented knitter! I can knit or crochet a straight line, and that's it. The turtle shell is amazing, and the bear? Adorable!!!

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