Posted by: purityseekers | December 14, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday… Kid's Christmas Gifts :)

Wow, are my hands tired!!  I feel like every single solitary minute I have a break, I knit.  I just know that Christmas is coming up WAY too fast and I don’t want to spend the last week stressed out trying to finish the kids gifts!  So, it’s been relaxing 🙂  I knit dishcloths as soon as I get up, while I drink coffee with my husband.  Then I knit right up until it’s time to make breakfast.  When it’s quiet time, I try to hide in my room and work on some of the kids gifts, and every evening I sit and knit until about 11! 

I started another dishcloth this AM and here are the other 4 I’ve finished…

I started a cute little "Sheldon the Turtle" for my 6 year old, "Z"…

This is what he’ll look like (pic taken from the SHELDON THE TURTLE PATTERN site)

See…his little shell comes off!!!  Isn’t he adorable??????

Here’s what I’ve done so far… I had to stop because I need to buy the little eyes and we aren’t going Christmas shopping until tomorrow.  (My parents are babysitting ALL day!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!)

This shows my knitting notebook with all my patterns in page protectors.  That way, as you can see, I can mark off the rows I’ve knit with dry erase marker and never ruin my pattern!  My niece keeps all hers like this too and I saw, on my favorite show, (Knitty Gritty) how to use the dry erase!  I should have thought of this sooner, since I do that with my Flylady Control Journal, but I’ve always been a little on the slooooow side!  Guess me and Sheldon have something in common! hehe

I’ve been working on a little project for myself, when I want to knit something other than a dishcloth and the kids are around so I can’t knit their gifts!  It’s a FIBONACCI SCARF that I saw on "Knitty Gritty" and I am loving it!!! (if you are part of "Ravelry", I also added it as a pattern on there and someone requested to use a pic of my scarf as the pattern pic!  I thought that was cool!)  I bought a few yarns to match my winter coat and I am using some of my leftover yarns that also coordinate.  The whole idea is to knit all rows and make sure the "purl" bumps on the right side add up to a Fibonacci number!  I think it’s VERY cool.  If you don’t know what Fibonacci numbers are… you can read about it at the scarf pattern site 🙂

Here’s my scarf started and the yarn…

and I knit all this in one evening!  The needle is so big (size 11) so it works up really fast!!

There are a bunch of weaved in ends on the back that you end up tying off and pulling half of them forward to the right side to add an extra little funkiness to the scarf!  I can’t wait to show you the finished scarf.  BUT… Christmas gifts come first!!

My oldest son has always wanted one of those cool winter hats that’s like a mask with eye and mouth holes.  I found this site (KNIT HELMET LINERS) and decided I would try to knit one for my little soldier! 🙂

Here it is so far… this is a side view.  It looks kinda weird, but to the left is the top of the hat that I am knitting in the round.  Once that parts looks like a hat, it won’t look so strange!  hehe

and here is a view from the front.  It kinda looks like I’m making a puppet or something…

Sweet "L" wants a new baby doll and something for the baby to wear, so I hunted online for preemie patterns, since there aren’t many free knit doll patterns.  I actually found this site that has a pattern for a burial gown… but I will post it as a BABY DOLL DRESS PATTERN (burial gown) and if anyone ever wanted to donate a dress, I think that would be great!!  I am going to buy some off white yarn and make one at some point since I think it is so beautiful and it would truly bless someone after a loss.  But for now, I am blessing my daughter with a beautiful dress for her baby doll….

Here it is started…

So… that is 3 of my kids and little man "E" is getting the "Mr. Bean" bear that I am almost done with… but that left my Middle Boy, "A".  He loves trains and cars so I just couldn’t think what to make for him.  The other day I decided to ask him and he said "a little bear"…so that is what he is going to get!!  (Maybe 2 of them since they ARE little!!)  I found this pattern, SCOTT THE BEAR, at the Lion’s Brand wool site. BUT, since "Scott" is my ex-husband, I am just leaving this little guy unnamed and letting "A" choose! hehe 

This is what it will look like (hopefully!): (I am just using different colored wool.  He loves orange, so I used "pumpkin" and then "avocado" for the 2nd color)

Isn’t he just kissable??  (that’s what my niece, Haley said!!)

and he’s crocheted, so I had to switch my brain gears over from years of knitting back into crochet mode!!!  I actually had to go online a couple times to figure out what a few of the pattern things meant!!  It really is VERY easy and fast to crochet!!

This is what I’ve done so far.  I have to knit another leg, arms and a tail and then I have to also buy the eyes and nose for him before finishing!!  Here he is looking a little skinny and like he’s in the hospital all hooked up to machines or something.

Now I am going to blog about my daughter, "Z", who is really getting so cute at her crocheting!!!

She made a "hat" that fit her little sister’s doll…


But she decided it made a much better bed for "Sparky"…(the visor of the hat is his little blanket!)

Are you in the process of making anything crafty for Christmas??  Pop over to Shereen’s site and add a link to your blog… or just go and look what other’s have done and get inspired!!  SHEREEN’S "WAITING FOR HIM" BLOG—SEW CRAFTY FRIDAY

Have a GREAT weekend!!!  Love, Bridget



  1. Z is doing so well with her work! I bet she has lots of fun with it.
    I'm sure I'm not spelling this right, but I think the cute little animals you have are called 'amurigami' or something like that. It's a kind of Japanese 'cute' craft. The bear is darling, but that turtle who comes out of his shell–I love it!

  2. Awwwww! The turtle is so adorable with the removable shell!

    Wish I could knit! How did you learn to knit; what are some good resources and beginner projects for a hopeless newbie like me?

  3. WOW. Your needles have been flying. I love the turtle. I wish I had more time because my mom, who collects turtles, would love that. I'll have to save the pattern to make for her at a later time. I've made a few of those mask hats for my own children in the past. I made the necks longer so that it keeps them warmer. Great idea for marking your patterns. I'll have to use that for my cross stitching patterns. I really appreciate you sharing your pattern links. Hope you will be able to get all your projects done in time. Have a blessed week.

  4. Wow! I am jealous. I am just now learning (teaching myself) how to knit.


  5. Bridget,
    You are so talented! I wish I could knit! The little turtle is so cute!!!

  6. Bridget! You seriously need to come to California and TEACH me how to sew and knit (you are knitting right or is is crocheting? sheesh what do I know??). I adore adore adore that turtle. He's wayyyy too cute! My daughter would get a kick out of. Oh pooh, who am I kidding? I am getting a kick out of his removable shell. hehe

    I'll be posting a recipe for peppermint crystals really soon! You can soak your tootsies or even body in them. Oh la la! Lovely. I love mint. Mmmm!

    Thanks for stopping by my neglected blog. hehe My dh bought me a brand new camera for Christmas and I have been pouring any and all free time I can scrounge up on it! hehe

    Have a wonderful week! As always… I love coming over to check out your work!!


    I want that turtle – soooo cute! Great job! Makes me wish I could knit…

  8. Your projects are so awesome. I have also had some of my project pictures posted for the patterns on Ravelry. It makes me feel special each time that they request to use my photo.

  9. Hi there! I came over here from Ravelry. I love the dry-erase-marker-on-page-protectors idea! I can't believe I never thought to do that… it's SEEMS so obvious.

    I love that you are making gifts for your children. I am SO, SO fed up with commercialism in Christmas (but don't have extended family that agree with me…). I am vowing now to work hard over the next 12 months to make next Christmas as hand-made as possible. (I will probably be using Etsy to help me out!). This year I just knit socks for my MIL and made soy candles.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  10. oops. I forgot to sign that comment as "Kristina / Yarnsticks"

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