Posted by: purityseekers | December 12, 2007

The "LOVE" chapter…

I’ve always remembered that 1 Cor. 13 was considered the "LOVE" chapter in that book of the bible.  BUT, I went scripture hunting this AM because my friend, Summer, had come over yesterday to drop me off some raw milk, and she brought up a scripture verse that I had highlighted in my bible, but never memorized.  We were talking about how we have to deal with each of our children’s needs on a case to case basis since all children are so different.  And with her older boys she said she is always using this verse as a reference about growing into maturity.

Raising 3 boys, I know I will need to have this verse handy in the back of my wee little brain for the MANY occasions I need to train them!

1 Corinthians 13:11 says:

"When I was a child, I spake (spoke) as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: BUT when I became a man, I put away childish things."—KJV

Wow…I LOVE that.  And like one of my old pastors used to say "when you see a ‘but’ in the bible… there is something important to learn after it."  My kids always laugh when I say the "but" word. (foolish foolish children)  Yesterday I told them what my pastor had said, since we were reading a verse that had a "but".  I could see my 6 year old daughter trying to control a giggle when I told them about seeing a "but" in the bible.  BUT, since we were talking about the fruits of the Spirit (and self control being one of them!), she DID control herself and just listened through the internal giggles! hehe

This whole idea of growing up made me think of "growth charts" and how fast our kids really DO grow into adults!  I was thinking about this last night while I was praying and thinking about life, and I got a panicked feeling of the reality of how quickly my children are growing and how there are times when I just don’t lead them consistently.  Thinking of them as adults that are disobedient to God and live lives of foolishness and worldliness just makes me heart so sick!!

I went up in our room to take a picture of our growth chart.  It used to be down in my oldest son’s bedroom before our home was remodeled.  It was part of his closet doorframe.  When the contractors were remodeling, they removed the growth chart and saved it for me!  I would have had them do that, but we were living in a motel (since there was extreme water damage during the removal of our roof to add a 2nd story! ) and I wasn’t there to tell them anything!  Anyway, I thought it was so kind of them to save that board for me.

We ended up nailing it, in our room upstairs, to an odd piece of wall that contains pipes or something…

This is the bottom where we chart the "growth" of the kids favorite little stuffed animals LOL…(among the charted "friends" are "Larry Boy", "Big Bear", Cuddle Bear, etc.)

Then there’s the top where it’s pretty empty.  All of my kids are too small to be WAY up there, so it’s only me & Daddy and a few friends and my Big Guy "C"s older brother, Josh, and his Mom, Rose.

I’ve known Josh since he was 3 1/2 and now he is 15!!!  Here is a chart showing some lines from the age of 12 up to 15… (you can see he has outgrown his Mama— and me!)  You can’t see the text very well, but the top line is Josh now and the next line down is Rose and it says her age is "age: ???" hehe  Look at how much that kid grew in just 3 years!!  It’s amazing!!!!

Now onto my oldest son.  This shows his growth from age:4 up until now… age:10.  In only 6 years look how his body has grown!!!  It won’t be long and he’ll also shoot way past me!!!

Time is flying and we need to make sure to train our children to live upright lives and to live to please the Lord that made them! 

I was reading today’s Proverb and my eyes were drawn to chapter 13:24 (tomorrow’s Proverb 😉 "He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him diligently."

There’s the "but" again! haha And this just encourages me more and more as I train my children with spankings and see how fast and effective it is.  I have talked a lot about this in my blog over the year, but all I’ll say is that using the rod of discipline is biblical, it works, and it does NOT cause children to hate their parents if it is done in love; it causes them to love and respect their parents! 

For example.  My 3 year old daughter just had a temper tantrum because she didn’t want to share part of a game with her little brother.  I said to her "you need to share that with him" and she said "no, give it to me!!!" and she grabbed it out of his hands right there in front of me!  I could have put her in "time out" and had to time her and deal with having to tell her when she could finally get up… and she could just adjust to sitting there and in the end she really hasn’t learned anything and a lot of my time would have been taken up.  BUT (another big "but" haha) I took her, kicking and screaming and flailing her body around, into the bathroom.  I took down her pants and gave her 2 bare little spanks and she cried and screamed and I said "you need to control yourself or I will spank you again."  She stopped.  Then I explained to her that I need to teach her how to be unselfish, and what she should have done was to share and be kind to her little brother.  She hugged me and I told her how I don’t like to have to spank her, but that God gave me the job of teaching her how to be good.  She hugged and hugged me and then went on her way.  No anger in her heart for me, just submissiveness and she let her brother play with part of the game.

I don’t want to continue on my soap box, I just wanted to share with you how God encouraged me today.  I also read a chapter in "Prudence with the Miller’s" today to the children during breakfast and it was all about manners and it was perfect since just yesterday we were talking about manners as one of the important rules of our home!  God is so consistent!!

I now need to do dishes.  I would much rather continue reading my bible and sharing my life with everyone, but there’s work to be done!!

🙂 Bridget




  1. So glad you stopped by my blog! Your post was hilarious. Diesel & Maggie are the 8 month old pups. They're great pups really, just in that chewing stage. Can I interest you in a pair? I've got plenty. 😉

    Glad you stopped by, I lost all my data on my computer, and didn't have the bookmark for your blog. I'll add you again! Hope you and yours are well.

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