Posted by: purityseekers | December 8, 2007

i am a mom

My 10 year old son made these for me as a background on my desktop and I thought they were SOOOOO cute!!!  I love them both, but my favorite is the first one because it doesn’t blind me!! haha (and if you can’t read the writing very well… they both say "i am a mom")

Just wanted to share his "online painting" projects!  My favorite part is just that they say just what I am…. a mom. 

Here it is on my computer screen: I LOVE IT!


And tonite I finished most of Little Man "E"s "Mr. Bean Teddy Bear"… all but the ears and eyes…

I just think he is looking SO cute…


and here he is in the "Hypnotize Teddy" pose to show you how his neck is just like Mr. Bean’s bear…( I had the kids cracking up by saying "you’re getting sleepy… you’re getting SLEEPY" and then I had his neck fall back… VERY COOL BEAR!)

and then I got messing around with my camera and remembered that I could take Black and Whites by the click of a button…

so I took a picture of "A" while he was coloring…

and my Wee Little "E" with his "no stripping for you tonite, kid" diaper pin under his jammie zipper…

Then I switched back to color and got this cute pic of "Z" at the computer desk coloring.  Yes… she is coloring Sponge Bob.  Does she watch it on tv?  NOPE.  Does she think a sponge named Bob is cool.  YUP.  Do I have a problem with that?  Not a bit! hehe

and I snapped a pic of the racecars "A" drew…

and last but not least… my awesome friend, Emily, sent me a package and a note today!!  It was SO nice to get a snail mail letter for a change!!  I wrote to her too and there is just something about cozying up on the couch and actually using a pen and writing down a letter and popping it into the mailbox!!  I used to LOVE writing letters…but then email took over.  I HAVE to start penpaling!  It is so fun!

She sent my kids some candy necklaces, me some really cute lacey sticky notes and this cute little yarn ornament for our tree.  Since we don’t have our tree yet… it is hanging under a butterfly (my friend, Kath, gave me) in my window.  The picture isn’t very good because not matter what I did, I couldn’t get the face to show up!

Thank you, Emily!!!  Love you, girl!!

Thanks for letting me share my life, as usual!!



  1. I have to let you know I am having fun looking at all your old blogs. I found some things that I may want to try. Those momma pads look interesting. I purchased the pattern and will have to try it one of these days. I am always looking for was to save money for the family. This looks like an interesting way. DH kinda made a face when I mentioned it to him, but when I pointed out that we didn't have those convenyent(ps?) money suckers in the early part of the 1900 so what did women do all those years? He shrugged and said I guess your right. Did you make any more, like or dislike them or ????

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