Posted by: purityseekers | December 6, 2007

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

I found this great lesson plan on learning about Saint Nicholas and how "Santa" came about.  We do not do "Santa" at our house, so I found this an awesome teaching tool and I learned a lot myself!


All you have to do is register and you can download and print the whole lesson 🙂  If you know how to print off just certain pages, you can pick and choose what you plan on using.  I just printed off the whole thing but found some of the pages to be not of interest to me.  BUT it did get a whole ‘nother topic started at our house!

There’s a section where it says you can learn about the different time zones and then you can talk about what time it would be when "Santa" is be-bopping around the world.  

First,  I had to do a little "Mama lesson" on time zones and just what the heck "GMT" stood for.  I have been on many sites that would ask you to enter your time zone and it would say "GMT" or "GMT -3" etc. and I just learned (from their handy little drop down menus) that where I live I am "GMT -5".  Did I know what that meant?  NOPE!  But if anyone asked what time zone we were in, I could easily tell them "we are in the Eastern Time Zone GMT -5" and SOUND really smart! 

Here’s one of the maps I printed off that shows the different time zones.  (you can find it if you click the yellow link up above) When I printed it off, it was 10:47AM so it showed what time it was all over the world! 

I would pick a country and say "so, if there were little kids in China sleeping at midnight on Christmas Eve waiting for Christmas morning… it would be 11 in the morning the day BEFORE Christmas at our house!  A few of the kids eyes bugged out!  I kept saying things like "so, if I was in Paris (and I used a funny french accent) and I was celebrating Christmas morning and called you to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" you’d all say "Mom, what are you doing calling us in the middle of the night???" 

Then I made sure to say how it was just not possible for "Santa" to travel to all the cities in the world on Christmas Eve even IF the times are different.  We talked about how God is the ONLY one that can be EVERYWHERE at one time! 

Then I read to them the history behind "Saint Nicholas" and how in Holland they had traditions based around the ficticious "Sinter klaas" that left a candle in the shoes of all the "good" kids and coal in the shoes of the "bad" kids.  My kids found all of that VERY interesting!

I also printed off pictures of the "Greenwich Observatory" and showed them what the GMT stood for and what it means!  And for any of you who also have no idea what GMT means… it stands for Greenwich (in England) Meridian Time.  I learned how in 1884 Greenwich, England was chosen as the home of the GMT and all times zones are measured from there! 

This is the observatory…

and this shows the Meridian line in front of the door…

and there were quite a few pictures of people standing here at the observatory right on the line…

this is a good map to show the red vertical meridian line…

So… I learned a lot today and so did the kids!  I also decluttered my homeschool notebook!

And I am going to be catching up on the advent reading schedule since I’ve slacked the last few days and didn’t start on Sunday.  So, I went through my bible to read the catch up verses and found this cute little leaf in my bible…

Are any of you doing things for the advent season?  I am going to be reading bible verses and talking all about the truths about Christmas.  We have struggled so much over the past few years as to what Christmas is REALLY about and so we are set on making sure to tell them the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth.

I found this online and thought it was cute:

I know many Christians who do the whole "Santa" thing, but we just choose not to in order to make sure to always be upright and honest in what we tell our kids.  And it spares all the confusion…for instance…

I never could understand THAT one!

And, although we DID have a fireplace…

And I’ll end on this note…hehe

Make sure to check my blog entry below this one… I can’t believe I’ve blogged 2 entries in one day!  Go, me!




  1. we don't do santa either. and for the same reason. they all know it's something people do for fun but i remember it taking all the joy out of christmas for me. still feels that way. for my hope to be so misplaced…..
    only in jesus….only in jesus, now.

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