Posted by: purityseekers | December 6, 2007

Print Fake Play Money PDF files :)

When I was a kid, a couple of my favorite things to play was “store” and “bank”.  My sister and brother and I would play all day with the essential “MUST HAVE” of both activities…


I found a picture online that looks a lot like the kind we used to buy…

Not too exciting because it doesn’t look very real.  BUT… it was all we had.  And when we didn’t have any, we made money that looked even worse!

I’ve always made up sheets of money to print off for my kids and they use that money for days on end!  The other day my Middle Boy “A” asked for some play money and I finally got around to it yesterday!

Here is what the sheets look like all printed out… (I did 2 sheets of each amount)

Cutting them with my handy dandy little cutter (a must have for a homeschooling Mom!  I use it ALLLLL the time!)

All done!  I put them next to a paper clip to show the cute “kid friendly” size…

If any of you would like to copy off some of the sheets, I created some pdf files to make it super easy!  You can find fake money sheets online, but they don’t have as many as I fit on one page! (and I did not scan real money or anything, they are just graphics I found online 🙂






Now you can roll in the dough!!  Have fun!!



  1. Very cool. Thanks. My kids are going to love them.

  2. That is a great idea but I am afraid that I can not open the paper money. Does that happen to you?

  3. Hi – I love your paper money and tried to download it but the file doesn't exist … is there another way of accessing it? my system keeps saying "file not found" when I click on the title.

  4. This looks so cool me kids would love it but it says file not found!!

  5. Can I have the PDF file of those play money?

  6. Wow! This money is great!

  7. Can you email a copy of those PDF files to I would like to you them fore entertanment purposes.

  8. Thank you very much i have a project to do and i needed fake money that looked really my team was depending on me to get the job done but every where i looked they wanted me to make an acount or give my phone number but this website help me the best.
    Thank You

  9. the template is very good in quality, lucky i found your site

  10. Thank you for helping in a treaty-making game using play money. Your kindness is appreciated. Thank you.

  11. Thank you so much for this work!
    I’m a french teacher and we are working on money in the USA.

    I can’t download the TEN Bills, do you think It will be ok for you to send it to me?

    Thank you again!

    • I fixed the issue and uploaded the ten dollar bills again!! Sorry it took me so long! Let me know if you have anymore problems!!!

  12. I’m trying to print the ten dollar bills but t is saying the file is no longer available. Is there any way to get this from you?

    • I’m so sorry it took so long! I finally got the ten dollar bills uploaded again!!

  13. Thanks for posting the pdf files online… kids love them!! The 10 dollar bill however does not work, any chance it can be fixed?

    • Hi! It’s all fixed! I’m so sorry it took me so long!!!!!

  14. Thanks so much for these! Im using these as a behavior incentive at school and my Kindergartener will know the $10 is missing. Any chance you could fix the link for the $10? Thanks again!

    • Hi! Gosh, I’ve been meaning to fix that for SO long & your message finally got me in gear! I had to hunt back in my old files because I posted this 9 years ago! haha BUT I found the ten dollar page and corrected it!! Thank you for pointing it out!

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