Posted by: purityseekers | December 5, 2007

PICTURES GALORE! (raw milk / homemade butter too!)

Sorry for those of you who have a slow loading internet!  I just have a ton of pix I need to post since I’ve slacked a bit on blogging lately!

First I want to post a few pix from my sisters birthday party we had here yesterday 🙂

Here’s my Sis, Bonnie, with the chocolate cake I made her.  I had the "OLD" candle and my Mom had the "?" candle so we just put them together! haha


Troy took this of me while I was making the cake 🙂  It was the first time I had worn the apron I made way back!  You can also see the bread I made as a gift for my Sis!

I got out the infamous "Birthday Glasses"… doesn’t my sister look fabulous in them?

Then my Sweet "L" put them on…hehe

My Dad and Mom came over to join in on the fun!  Here’s my Mom with my Great Niece, Aubrey…

And my Dad had fun playing with "L"… he was doing the "Ride Away To Boston" thingy and she was cracking up!

My niece, Haley, and her husband and kids came over too 🙂  Here’s Sweet little Nouvelle…

And her big brother had fun with my Little Guy "E" after a  bunch of coats fell off the bench…

and little Aubrey’s Aunt Emily came too… isn’t this the cutest little Auntie you have ever seen?

The kids had fun playing under the stairs…

and in the girls’ closet…

Here’s the "Birthday Nana" rocking and reading with Aubrey…

and as I took this one, Haley was taking a picture too and the flash made the lighting pretty cool…(please ignore the "car table" to the right that is full of laundry!!! haha)


Today my goal was to use up some raw milk!  I got 5 gallons this time and it was too much!!!  This is how much was in my fridge this AM…

I made a quadrupal batch up whole wheat pancakes, so you know what we’ll be having for breakfast the next few days!  Then I decided to make some corn chowder and that used up quite a bit of milk… (and it’s SOOOO good!!)

I had Big Guy "C" skim some cream off the milk and we made some butter…


Ready for shakin’….

Here are a few of my little "Cream Shakers"…


But they soon got pooped out so I had them dump it all in my food processor…

Getting there…

Lots of buttermilk…

and here’s the finished butter log after I rinsed all the buttermilk off and added salt!

Sorry…I am still not done yet!!! haha

The other day my husband and I went to Walmart and I pulled out my handy dandy camera… 

My favorite place in the store…


A new use Christmas Wreaths…

and here’s the man himself…

And I wanted to also quickly share my recent decluttering.  I am back in full swing with my friend the FLYLADY and just started getting her emails again to get my house in order! 

I had a TON of magazines from my Mom up on the highest shelf of our bookshelf and I took them all down to "PURGE".

I sat with my husband and "watched" football and skimmed through the pages.  The mag’s on the left I gave to my niece and I kept the ones on the right.  (almost all are "Home Companion" (my FAVORITE) and a few "Martha Stewart Living")

But before that I totally organized the books on the bookshelf…

I also decluttered all of my homeschooling areas and managed to fill these 2 bags with trash!

I have really stayed focused to make sure to "shine my sink" at night and get the kids clothes laid out, etc.  And just doing a few of these declutter jobs everyday has really changed my home for the better!!!

OK… I have a ton more but have to get my little man to bed!!! 

As usual, thank you for letting me share my life with you!

🙂 Bridget



  1. WOW you make butter! I would love to do that. Where do you find raw milk? I get goats milk from my girl friend during the summer months. I use to get Fly lady emails but it got to be too much. I love her ideas…I just need to do them.. I have done some before I found her site seven years ago, there was even a group that met at the local barns and nobles once a month but then they moved it to during the week days when we were doing school so I had to stop going. I use to have my kitchen all clean before going to bed, but now there are people in my house that are up later than me and don't feel the need to clean it before bed and sence they out rank me I am out of luck LOL Oh well Thanks for the encouragement. I can't believe you take your camera with you when you shop. I think my hubby would shoot me if I whipped out my camera while shopping to take pictures Ha ha. I love it.

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