Posted by: purityseekers | November 18, 2007

Little Man "E", Bread Lesson and First Snow!

Don’t you just love taking pictures that you can use someday in a slideshow at your kids wedding reception??

Here’s my little man "E" tonite after walking up to me trying to put a bandana on his head.  I made sure to put it on "just right" haha…

Know what this is???

No, it’s not one of the kids "earth" science projects… it’s bread dough!  My kids talked me into adding food coloring to it for fun and this is what the end result was:

The kids thought it was very cool!


And this is what Hubby & kids did while I baked…a wild game of Monopoly!

And speaking of bread, my oldest son (age: 10) had his 1st Home Ec. "bread making" lesson the other day!!!

I started by printing off a VERY detailed recipe on index cards and then I laminated them with contact paper…

Here’s his cute little recipe hanging from our bread box…

I told him we’d go through the lesson when it was quiet time, but he started way before me on his own!  I had to stop to take pix here and there because it was SO cute that he just was super independent!

First step… clean off the island…

My 6 year old, "Z", picked up the camera and took this of me and "C" while I was giving him a "measurement" lesson.  We talked about how to measure "2 packets" of yeast when you buy it in bulk.  I had him figure out what 2t. and 1/4 would be doubled and then we talked about the "T" for Tablespoon and the "t" for teaspoon and how many t.’s are in a T. and all that good stuff! 

While he got out all the things he needed, this is what the other kids were doing…

"Z" helped me by filling the salt canister…

"A" played with a geoboard…

And Sweet "L" and Little Man "E" had some homemade chicken soup before their naps…

OK… back to the bread baker!!  Once the yeast mixture was foamy, he added the salt…

and the oil…

Then he mixed the dough as much as he could with a spoon and then dumped it on the island…

and started kneading…

His technique is a little different than mine…haha (he’s actually in mid air in this shot!)

After the dough had risen for an hour… it was time to put it in the pans to rise: (hehe)

Since the loaves weren’t perfect…"C" made sure to correct this issue…

No bread dough is perfect UNTIL it has a face.  Now THIS is perfection at its best! haha

He was SO proud of the finished product… and it tasted SOOOO good!!! (and they went into the oven JUST like the picture above and they still baked really well!!)   I am proud of him for doing it ALL by himself!  The only thing he didn’t do was take it out of the oven!

Now that was the other day… but today was a big winter milestone…


Here are a few cute pix of my Hubby & the kids…

And I saved the best for last…(I love my husband’s expression in this one haha)

I will end with one last pic of the new bread maker at my house(woo hoo…pretty soon I’ll be able to knit ALL day while the kids do all my work!! haha)

Here’s my bread makin’ monkey…

Thanks for letting me share my life!!  Love, Bridget



  1. Oh these are wonderful. I love it when they enjoy learning and cooking is a great one. I have turned over quite a bit of my cooking to DD1 (15) and DD2 (13) DD1 loves to make tacos,stew and cookies. DD2 loves to make pizza(reciepe comes fromt the Hopkins Cookbook) which everyone loves and begs her to make at least once a week. She also makes eggs, fajitas and recently chicken tacos which are also a big hit. Yes I knit while they cook or else I am nursing. Had to let you know I finaly casted on the Aubry doodle pants just because it was driving me crazy. I want to make them but I still need to finish up one more shawl to mail off for Christmas. I hope to have them in the mail this weekend. ha. I have to use three skeins of homespun and I am a little more than half done with the second one, but it just didn't seem to be moving along and I was ansy to get started with DS2 pants, so I measured and figured and double checked my math with DD1 then casted on, Oh how exsillerating!!! Then what was the harm of just a few rows then it was back to the shawl. I hope to post some pics by the end of the week. Oh I was thinking it was Friday and wondering why you didn't have any sew crafty stuff up ha ha. Take care and Happy ThanksgivingEdited by psalm127 on Nov. 21, 2007 at 8:16 AM

  2. First of all.. Love the blue/green bread. Even if it does look a little moldy. Second of all, give Big Guy 'C' a message for me!! GOOOOO CAM!! The bread came out AWESOME! I love the smiley face in it.. And my oh my, I literally laughed out loud seeing Troy's face in the last picture in the snow. He looked like he was freezing. See you tomorrow!

  3. Isn't it great when they can start helping more like that? I wish mine liked to clean as much as they do cooking.

  4. Your posts always make me smile. Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚


  5. Oh I love the sweet pics of Little E and the Banana shot. The colored bread is um….not exactly appetizing but maybe that's just because I am pregnant. It's great that C made bread. It looked great too much tastier than the colored ones. : O ) I can't believe you have had snow. Well I guess I can believe it but still it's not fair. Well I love ya girl.


  6. Looks like you and yours had a great day! Oh, I wish we had snow… hubby and I talk about moving to the mountains about once a week now. I haven't tried homemade bread yet, though I want to. Would you share a recipe? I should let my son help, my daughter is always in the kitchen with me. Nice meeting you,
    HIlda Rebecca

  7. Look at that snow!!!!

    I love your son's kneading technique! Wish I had that much energy!

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