Posted by: purityseekers | November 16, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday…

I am playing catch up with "Sew Crafty Friday" !!  So I am actually posting the stuff I’ve done in the last couple of weeks 🙂

I got so excited about Ravelry that I posted all my stuff on there and kept forgetting to blog about it!!!  I am over the newness of Ravelry and can now get back to being semi-normal again! haha (although I am still LOVING Ravelry!)

I have been knitting like a mad woman!!!  I keep saying I want to sew something, but then I just have too many knitting projects started that I have to finish, so the sewing has been put on hold.

I made my 1st knit sock!!  I am really excited because it came out pretty darn good! 

and it fit perfectly on my big size 9 foot…

I also got out my Grandmother’s pattern for socks and started one for Little Man "E"…(it was really cute because the pattern says it was for my nephew Dayne, my Grandmother’s Great Grandson, who was about 3 then and is now 22!)

I made a pair of mittens for my Great Nephew, Audric, for his 2nd birthday! 

That’s a dark picture… so here’s one in the process that shows the colors better…

and I finished a pair of mittens for my Sweet "Z"…

And last but not least… I started a pair of mittens for my husband but have only finished one…

Here’s the 1st one during the process…(biggest mitten I have ever made!!!)

and here it is next to my hand…

And last SCF I showed a pic of a pair of longies I started.  Yesterday I actually started working on them again and finished the rise and seperated the stitches to break off for the legs!  I love my little cloth diaper pin stitch holders…hehe. 

Ok… now on to the best part!  A while back I told my sweet husband that I wanted to teach him how to knit.  He kept saying "someday" and stuff like that.  I told him about how I had met a man at the court house (while I was waiting to talk to the judge about a child custody issue a while back~~ and I was knitting) and the man was a businessman and was also waiting for something and he said "is that wool?" and I said "yes, how did you know?" and he said "it’s ALL I ever knit with".  And I laughed and said "you knit?" and he said "oh yes, I’ve been knitting since I was a boy!  I just got done knitting my son and I matching hats!"  I was dumbfounded and said "ok… would you knit in public?" and he said "OH SURE!!  I always do!"  So that day I came home and said to my husband how he just had to learn and how some men are actually proud of their knitting ability!!!

I know many men who know how to knit, including my Dad!  Although he doesn’t knit, he knew how to years ago and even made his own pair of wooden knitting needles!  My friend, Jessie’s, husband learned from his Mom and I am teaching my son’s over the years (my oldest can already knit a mean i-cord!) and I saw that Shereen’s husband helps her cross-stitch…so… he took the plunge the other day into the world of crafting!

I taught him how to cast on, and once he got the hang of it, he just didn’t stop!!  He cast on WAY too many stitches!! haha… it was so many that he had a hard time trying to learn to knit on them, so I had him start to learn by making a dishcloth!

Here he is learning to cast on…

Look at these man hands casting on like a maniac…haha

The finished cast on stitches…(he was UNSTOPPABLE!!)

Here’s the pro, knitting me a dishcloth…

And here is what he’s done so far…(I am going to have to get him to work on it this weekend!)

So… there ya have it!!  Now I have to post an other catch up post about other stuff!!  Can’t wait to go and check out what others have done for crafts this week!

🙂 Bridget




  1. I love that last pic! I taught three of my kids to knit last year, but they haven't been real productive yet.

    I'm going to tell my husband about yours learning and see what he says. It could pass time on the next deployment, right? LOL (I'm imagining the reactions of the other guys)

  2. Ok. So not far. I was next in line to be taught to knit!! He cut in line. : ) Haha. That is so cool that he is knitting. It was nice to see your work. It's always so lovely. Love you girlie.

  3. wow you sure knit fast. Your socks look great! I just finished a pair for this months sockmainia. I am going to try to post them tomorrow. I cast on for the throw(shawl) for my dad's Christmas present. I also need to start on some more spinning.I have lined up to do some wool sookers/longies and to try your Grandma's mittens. I love to see men not afraid to knit or cross stich. I remember on my first ship in the Navy I was working on my cross stiching when a man walked by and started investigating what I was doing and proceded to tell me about the cross stich he was working on and what technic he liked. Now I had heard of football players who knit or cross stich. Wonderful job. Oh quick question on your Grandma's mitten pattern. what type of yarn do you use when she has 4ply. I have ply sock yarn but I think that is too small. what about worsted?Edited by psalm127 on Nov. 16, 2007 at 11:39 PM

  4. Love the photo with all of them knitting! Wish I could get my hubby to learn. 😀

  5. Have you seen the men's groups on Ravelry? There is one called something like Straight Men Who Knit and their Significant Others. I visited it to see who was on it. No single men at that point.

  6. hehe How cool!! If my husband knew how to knit, I'd ask him to show me! Your stuff is always so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  7. First, do you mind if I link to you in my "Blogs I Read" list at Second, I have made a couple of soakers, however I can't find wool very easily where I'm from so I am experimenting with acrylic yarn, have you ever used it for this purpose? It still works fairly well and keeps the bed dry at night. Do you knit in the round for your soakers? From your pics, that is what it looks like. I need to buy some 16" circulars for that. Congrats on all the "knitty" family members.

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