Posted by: purityseekers | November 5, 2007

Just me checkin' in!

It’s been a few days since I’ve been on here!  I have to confess… there is a good reason why I haven’t been blogging much.  I’d love to say it’s because I am trying to stay off the computer… but that would be a lie.

This is the reason…

Yup… that’s it.  I finally got my Ravelry invite!!!!    For any of you out there that know what I’m talking about and are also part of Ravelry… my user name is the same as this blog… purityseekers!

It is SOOO fun if you are a knitting or crocheting addict, like myself!  There are great people on there, awesome patterns and it’s just the coolest thing!!!  But I won’t bore you by going on and on about it!!! hehe  All I will say is this: if you are interested in joining, you need to add your email address and wait for your invitation…PATIENTLY. haha.  I signed up on Oct. 1 and didn’t get my invitation until Oct. 31!  BUT it was well worth the wait!!

I wanted to also talk about a book that I’ve been reading with the kids.  Ever since I found out about the "Miller" storybooks…I’ve been hooked!  This is where we bought ours…(and I borrowed a couple from Jessie!)


So far we’ve read these:



and now we are reading:

We are on chapter 12.  We read a chapter each morning at our family "altar" (the Dining Room table)– (you can read about that in the newest Above Rubies magazine!) 🙂  I start out by saying "ok guys, what does it mean to be "prudent"??" and they all say "BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!" because that is what they say at Awana after prayer time!  But, that is what it means, for any of you who don’t know.  Prudence is being careful.  This is the BEST book so far, because it teaches some awesome lessons about being prudent in all aspects of life.  So far we have read things like how to be careful riding your bike, why you shouldn’t stay up too late, and why we need to keep our bodies clean.  And the author uses scripture to teach the lessons and just the best stories.  Some lessons are simple and some are deeper.  For instance, today’s lesson was about "breathing".  It talked about God giving Adam the breath of life, why we breath, how we breath, etc.  But then it also talked about how to keep safe so you never can’t breath.  It talked about balloon safety and how to never shut yourself into an airtight place like a freezer or refrigerator.  It went on to tell a frightening story of some boys who got into an old freezer and almost lost their lives, but God was gracious and someone heard the only conscious boys bangs on the inside wall of the freezer. 

I remember hearing how James Dobson and his family did a lot of their teaching at the meal table and I have done that ever since!  Like today, I read with them at all 3 meals.  Even if it is just a library book.  It is the best time to connect and have everyone all together!  So to see the article that Nancy Campbell’s husband, Colin, wrote about the family altar, really reinforced how important that is to me!  It is my favorite time!!  If I don’t read at mealtime, the kids are SO bummed out!!  It is just habit now, and it is weird to ME if I can’t sit down and read with them!!  I have read more in the past year than I have my whole life!!!  When I get books online from our local library, I could easily take out 40 and read them all in 2 weeks.  Many times the 2 weeks has gone and I have already returned many and gotten more!!! 

OK… enough chit chat… I have to share at least a few pix!!

Did anyone else take advantage of the FREE TACO after the World Series??? 

GO, RED SOX!!  All though I am not a huge baseball fan, being from New England… I was excited to see them win!!!

And thanks to:

Here are all the kids on the way to get their free taco!  They are all yelling "TACO!!!!" haha (all except little man "E"… we had stopped to see Daddy at work and when we went in… he thought he was getting his taco there!!  We walked out and he cried his heart out!!!)

But he got his taco, poor little guy… and then he was happy!

and so did everyone else…

well… everyone BUT my "A"… he thinks they are gross because he’s in this faze of not liking hamburger…UGH…(he ended up just eating the chip part)

And Troy and I got ours too…MMMMMM

Love the action in this one haha…

I’ll try to post more pix soon!  I have a ton!!!!  BUT it’s getting late and I want to go and chill out with my husband and read for a while!!!

Thanks, as usual, for letting me share my life with you!!  🙂 Bridget




  1. We read through Missionary Stories w/ the Millers during family devotion time last year and really liked it. In February, I will start Prudence & the Millers (along with the corresponding workbook) with my 7 yr. old and his class at our co-op, this will count as his Health requirment for this year.
    Once again, your pictures are lovely! I can't believe you guys eat taco's in the car!

  2. Hey there. I did get on the waiting list. However, we both know that I cannot knit anything other than the basic knit stitch. I am still working on my chain of 10. It's making basically nothing but I am much better at the stitch. I will let you know when I get accepted.

    I love the taco pics. Luckily we had tacos last night so I am not tempted by the pictures. You look so sweet with yours. : )

    I am on my way to check out those books. They sound awesome. I devoured my Above Rubies Mag the day it came and then sent it to my mom to read. It always makes me depressed because everyone has so many kids. : (

    Anyway. I sold some stuff on Etsy so I am so excited!!! And I lost the pictures of the tea cozy so I'm going to borrow it from mom and take some more.

    Love ya girlie,

  3. Raverly, oooh I forgot about that and had to do a quick check. I signed up Oct 19, I am 46179 in line, there are 3,829 ahead of me and 8,143 behind me. So I guess I have a ways to go. I love Rod and Staff. I will have to get some of those books for our read alouds. I love story time with the kids, my 15 and 13 year old love story time too.

    Taco's look good but DD2 is making us some homemade pizza for dinner. She has gotten real good at making the dough and putting it all together. Yumm I can hardly wait. This is not good for my weight loss. Only three and a half months left before DS2 turns a year old and it is around that time I usally get pregnant again. I need to drop this extra weight AAAAHhh Oh well they are blessings and well worth it.

  4. What a fun post!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Blessings, Beckie :o)

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