Posted by: purityseekers | October 27, 2007

Playing Catch Up! (Daddy's Birthday Breakfast Photos too!)

It is a quiet and rainy day here today, so I am taking some time this AM to catch up on my blogging!

I haven’t even blogged about my husband’s "KING BREAKFAST" we did last Sunday!  Where does the time go??? 

The kids were SO excited that Dad got to have a breakfast like they do on their birthdays!  They helped me make a special crown for the King of our castle!


I took a picture of it to try to get some funky lighting (this one’s for you, Emily!– maybe not as good as the infamous "bread" pic… but I like it!)

and here’s the King himself…

His breakfast menu consisted of eggs, bacon, sausage, homemade waffles w/ maple syrup, grapefruit, organic berry juice, and french vanilla coffee!  Big Girl "Z" made sure he had ketchup (since SHE likes ketchup on eggs–hehe) and since we didn’t have anything to light a candle (our BBQ lighter thingy ran out of juice!), they got one of their flashlights! haha  The paper above his meal are pictures they made for him!

He LOVED it!!! (and although it looks like the kids just sat there and watched him eat, I DID feed them as soon as I was done taking my pix! hehe)

And he got 5 big birthday kisses!!!

He ended up spending a lot of time outside with the kids while I did some cleaning and then I started making dinner and the King’s birthday cake! 

Big Guy "C" came in and helped me cut veggies up for the chili…

At quiet time, Sweet "L" had fun sorting beans and pasta and playing with a weight she got out of our spare room…

Big Girl "Z" spent some time drawing at the table…

We had invited my parents over for dinner 🙂  Here’s everyone (but me!) sitting down for a meal of chili and homemade bread!  Doesn’t the birthday boy look happy??  hehe

I took this one (that cut out the birthday boy… sorry honey!) so that you could see everyone from a different angle…

After dinner it was CAKE TIME!  Big Guy "C" had used his Snap Circuit to play "Happy Birthday" to Dad!

Here’s the cake all lit up! 


After we ate, we all went into the L.R. to relax!

I took this one of my pretty Mom 🙂 

And here’s my Dad reading with little man "E"… (the finger in his ear makes it extra cute!)

"C" got out his Snap Circuit again and changed the pieces to make his little helicopter thingy fly!  The kids LOVE it!  You can see the red shiny thing above his head flying up!  What a cool toy!

So, my husband had a great birthday celebration!!!

I know this is getting lengthy, but I have a few more pix to share!

The other day, I walked outside to find this:


At first I thought "C" was hurt, but then I realized they were playing.  What they were doing was spraying water around each other’s body to make body art on the driveway!  I love the ideas kids get!!!

This is "Z" and "C"s body art…

and then Middle "A" had to try it out…

and since he moved his head too much, I ended up with a headless son!!

then it was "L"s turn…she loved the spraying part!!!

and she loved admiring her cute body art!

"E" was napping during all the fun, but I snapped a cute picture of him earlier in the day with a pot cover on his head…hehe

Almost done catchin’ up!!  One last pic.  I finally ordered my first bulk organic flour!!!  I am SOOOO excited to not use anymore store bought regular flour!!!  This is a 50 lb. bag and it fits perfectly in the bottom of our upright freezer!!  My organic whole wheat arrives on Monday and will fit great right beside it!

I took this of "E" using it as a horse!

Alright…I’m done!!  Now I have to download MORE pix that I took last night at Awana!  SHEESH… feels like I can never REALLY catch up!! haha  I take TOO MANY PICTURES!!!

As usual, thanks for letting me share my life!

In Christ’s love, Bridget



  1. Ok. First of all I coming to see you on my birthday. It's May 14 so you have awhile to prepare. I have a big appetite so make me something really yummy. Your husbands meal sounded great. : ) heehee.
    I love to see pictures of your family. Seeing all the happy smiling faces and the cute things they do makes my heart beat fast with a desire for more of my own. They are all so adorable.
    I only know you through email and blogs but I can see what an awesome godly mother you.
    Your King Dad was an awesome picture. Even my husband said so. : )
    I look forward to more and more pics and glimpses of your life.
    Love you girl,

  2. I love reading your blog. I haven't checked it in awhile because you said you were taking a break. Now I've had some "catching up" to do lol. Your Italian rolls look delish. I'm going to print out your Amish bread recipe and can't wait to try them!

    Renee aka 6littlelambs on the shed

  3. My husband and I oowed and awed over all the pictures. It was so heart warming to look at all of them. It really blessed us tonight. Thanks.

  4. Bridget,
    Where did you order the organic flour from? Was it expensive to ship a 50 lb bag??? I have been wanting to do that also, but just haven't looked into it.

  5. Once again, those are wonderful pictures. What a great time you had honoring your husband! The photos on the driveway are great!

  6. Looks like he had a wonderful day!

  7. I found your blog on Ravelry and wanted to say hi. I'm a fellow homeschooling Mom. I knew when I saw your Ravelry name, that you must be a Christian. I hope to see you around Ravelry. Its a lot of fun.


  8. This is one of the nicest blog entries I've ever read. If your family is this happy all the time, I'm jealous. 🙂 I remember reading about another birthday in your house and I think I might have to start that with Vincent Wesley. He'll be three next and would love it. Guess I'll have to do mine myself.
    loraine alias simra on Ravelry and at the Wool Soakers Group

  9. Wait a minute! I like Emily's idea. I'll do VW's birthday on the 3rd and you can do mine on the 14th of March. Sound good to you? You're going to love Ravelry. I spend way too much time there already. loraine

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