Posted by: purityseekers | October 26, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday

It’s Sew Crafty Friday!  Make sure to click the picture below and visit Shereen’s site and post YOUR crafts!

This past week I got a few more mittens knit!  After knitting my youngest daughter’s mittens, she asked if I would make a matching pair for a little girl, Emma, at church… so I did 🙂  Emma isn’t old enough to be a Cubbie (at Awana), but her Mom is a helper so my Sweet "L" always gets to see her at church!  She says that Emma is her favorite "Cubbie" hehe. 

Here are my oldest son’s, Sweet "L"s, Emma’s and the start of my Middle Boy "A"s mittens…

I didn’t post a few weeks back after sewing a little baby doll gown for my friend, Jessie’s, daughter’s birthday.  I botched it up, but it was still cute.  First off, my sewing machine wasn’t working right so I ended up not having time to make the 2nd dress I wanted to make her for her doll.  And then I was cutting a loose thread and snipped a bit of the arm fabric!!  UGH.  Then, since the material was not very high quality, the stitching started coming off where the bias binding was!!!

Cutting the fabric…

Here’s the finished gown on Katie’s baby doll (she is laying on the quilt I made a long time back that decided to give to Katie for her babies!!!) 

so to surprise Katie with a NICE outfit since I screwed up the 1st one… I made her what I had intended to make her for her party!  Before I show it to you… I want to show you KATIE!

Here’s the birthday girl herself…

And here’s one of her older sisters, Alayna, playing with my Sweet "L"…

OK… so I cut out the pattern pieces…

sewn at the shoulders and lace added…

bottom eyelet lace added…

after sewing the back seam…

This was my first "sew-on snap" experience.  This dress has 2 in the back and my sewing job was kinda messy because I thought I was sewing them on right UNTIL I looked at how you are SUPPOSED to sew them on.  Oh well… they work!

The finished gown and little panties.  They are SOOOOOOO cute!!!

After Sweet "L" was asleep, I went upstairs and kidnapped her fattest baby to make sure it fit!  She looked incredibly sweet!

So… that is my craftiness for the week!!  Now I am going to hop on over to Shereen’s blog to see what she and others have been up to!!!

Thanks for letting me share!  🙂 Bridge




  1. Too bad about the snip in the wrong place. The outfit is so cute!

  2. How very beautiful.

  3. Ugh…baby doll clothes. Good for you- I don't think I'd have the patience to work on such a little gown. Looks great! =)

  4. Mom2fur of here.
    Cute kids! And I think you did a fine job with the doll dresses. I've had that 'cheap fabric that ravels' problem, too. And I can't tell you how many times I've clipped fabric where I shouldn't have. Sometimes, you can hide it with trim, LOL!
    Isn't it fun to dress dolls? My daughter has an American Girl doll she got for her first communion many years ago. "Molly" resides up in the attic these days, as my daughter is about to turn 23. But I liked to dress that dolly as much as I liked to sew for my daughter.

  5. Oh, that would have taken me a couple of months to do. You must work very quickly. I love the doll outfit, and I especially love the mittens. How adorable. You sure knit beautifully.

  6. Oh my you keep busy. Love the dresses. I need to learn how to make mittens. I have to run now and finish up some hats for the craft fair next week. I made up 21 pillow cases and some dish clothes. I am tired but it is a good tired. Take care and have a blessed week.

  7. I love making doll clothes for my dd. I have made the same clipping mistakes too many times. 'Clipping curves' has caused many alterations. Love the mittens. I used to make those, but since we've south many years ago there is little need. Great job on your projects.

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