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Old Blog Entries I Never Posted! (cloth diapers, cloth napkins, art supply centerpiece, 30 day Husband Encouragement Challenge)

I was searching in my “entries” section yesterday, while I was trying to find my “out of the fog” posts to link to on my sidebar, and I saw that I had a few entries that I had started but never posted!  I am the WORST for that!!!  I figured I’d take them all and put them into one entry so that I can feel complete! haha

I cracked up when I saw one of my “untitled”/unpublished entries.  The only thing I had written was this:

Live so your preacher won’t have to lie at your funeral…

Haha!!!  I can’t remember who said they heard that somewhere…but I thought it was pretty funny and blog-worthy I guess!

Then I had another of my “out of the fog” posts started…

“Coming out of the fog into….CLOTH, CLOTH and MORE CLOTH!”

This is what I had written… 

I have wanted to write this entry for some time now!!!  Over the past year or so I have really had my focus on being AS frugal as possible.  I have discovered loads of ways to save money… but in the process I have learned SO many new things and my family is living healthier than ever!!!

It all started last spring.  My friend, Katherine, started using cloth diapers and she kept trying to talk me into trying them.  I had tried some when my oldest daughter was small, but got discouraged because of the grossness of soaking them in the toilet and the disgusting wet bucket of horrid smelling wet diapers!!!  I gave up because it was just too awful!!!!  SO when she tried to convince me… it took her a LONG time!!  Good thing she is as passionate about things as I am!!  She didn’t give up and after telling me how women cloth diaper nowadays… I decided to give it a try.

Before I got on… let me just give you…

** A TAD BIT OF HISTORY— DISPOSABLE DIAPERS WEREN’T EVEN INVENTED UNTIL AROUND THE 1930’S AND 40’S!!!  Sometimes I think we forget just how spoiled we are by things that are disposable.  AND too many people don’t think about the dangers of many of these products!! 

I took this info. from another SITE I found online:

“The toxins found in disposable diapers are scary, to say the least, when considering that they are applied directly to a baby’s most sensitive area. They contain dioxin, a chemical by-product of industrial processes, including the paper-bleaching process.1 Its toxicity is second only to radioactive waste.2 Dioxin is thought to be one of the most known toxic chemicals.3 Disposable diapers also have been found to contain TBT, one of the most poisonous substances known to man. TBT can severely affect one’s immune and hormonal system.4 And then there’s sodium polyacrylate, the substance that turns urine into gel. This material was in tampons until around 1985, when its link to Toxic Shock Syndrome caused it to be removed.5 It may also be interesting to note that females involved in the manufacturing of sodium polyacrylate have suffered from female organ problems, weight loss, fatigue, and slow-healing wounds. However, no studies have ever been conducted on the long-term effects of this substance being in contact with a child’s reproductive organs for 24 hours a day and upwards of two or three years.6″

OK… back to my post…

On July 28th, 2006, my cloth diapers arrived in the mail.  I got a bunch of Fuzzi Bunz, some prefolds, some Kissaluvs, some Snappi’s, some wet bags, and some other stuff.  It was SOOOOO fun!!  My stash wasn’t huge, but I was SO happy!!  I didn’t realize that I was starting my cloth diapering addiction that very day!!!

Here are a couple pix I found on the internet to show you a few things…

these are Kissaluvs, which are a diaper needing a cover…(in cloth diaper world…they are called “fitteds”)

and these are Snappi’s, which take the place of diaper pins…

 Don’t you love the colors???

It took a while to get used to cloth diapering… but after some trials and some errors, I really got into a good routine!  I am going to add to my “Coming out of the fog into… Cloth Diapering” post because back when I wrote the entry I didn’t elaborate much.  But in the meantime… I will just share a bit about that topic.

At this point in my CD experience… my favorite way to diaper is using prefolds

and wool covers!!  And I am going to try making some flats, which along with PF’s, have a few different type of folds you can use:


I am also a knitting addict, so I love to knit wool soakers!  But even if I don’t use wool… I prefer PF’s and covers like the “Bummi’s Whisper Wraps” I have.  I find Fuzzi Bunz have a funny smell no matter WHAT I do… so I really love that prefolds come out smelly so nice and fresh!  And I love how versatile they are!!

**UPDATE on Fuzzi Bunz… we got a new washing machine and my FB’s actually come out just fine!  I think my biggest problem was just my older washing machine?  Not quite sure, but they are fine now.***

Here’s a pic of my friend, Katherine’s, diaper stash a while back.  I am sure she has WAY more by now!!!

**UPDATE… she has a new baby too so I am SURE her stash is HUGE!!!  I think I’ll ask her to take a new pic of her stash sometime!!***

and a couple pictures of my son (and his cousin, Audric) in hand knit wool soaker shorts…


Now… you really can’t cloth diaper without switching to cloth wipes.  Well… you CAN but you’ll run into the problem I ran into.  After changing your baby, you don’t have a disposable diaper to put the gross wipe into before throwing it out.  I got tired of having to have a bag handy to toss the dirty wipes into… or having to put them on my CD’s and then lugging them to the trash.  I like being able to take my CD and my wipe and throw them in the laundry together.  Saves me a little extra work.  PLUS cloth wipes clean SO much easier and don’t cost much of anything!!!  I don’t wash my wipes with my cloth diapers though… I wash them in with other whites that I bleach.  I use bleach sometimes with my CD’s…but not every time.  I like to know that my wipes are bleached.  That’s just my personal decision because they are often used for faces too!

Here’s an example of some serged cloth wipes you could purchase or make… but if you don’t have a serger, you could zig-zag stitch fabrics together, cut up old t-shirts, or just use wash cloths.  ( I use wash cloths but use cut up t-shirts for “family cloth” because the ends don’t fray and they are so soft!)

My favorite liquid to put in a spray bottle (to spray onto the cloth wipe) or into a bucket (to make a bunch of pre-treated wipes) is a mix of hot water, a bit of baby wash (preferrable something natural like Burt’s Bee’s or something like that), a couple drops of tea tree oil & a little bit of GSE (grapefruit seed extract) for extra bacteria fighting power!  MMMM  it smells SOOO good!!!

Ok… now onto my next CLOTH revelation…

Paper towels and napkins.  Wow have we gone through a ton of those in the last few years!!!  At first when I used to do “homemade wipes” I used paper towel.  That was a frugal thing on my part… but I am so glad I switched to cloth!  If you WERE to want to stop buying wipes you COULD make your own with paper…but I recommend cloth. 

I also started buying used cloth napkins or ones I found on sale.  I also made a few and plan on making LOTS more!  My kids love them and they feel kinda like royalty using the fancy shmancy cloth to wipe their mouths!  I have them tuck them in the front of their shirts so they also save me some stain sticking!!!  And you can get creative with cloth napkins and fold them all sorts of ways for fun!



I found this super fun idea for an art centerpiece! … check it out!  It is adorable!!!


And one last thing… a great pdf download for us Wives to encourage our Husbands….

30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge


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