Posted by: purityseekers | October 19, 2007

Hubby's birthday, Awana, & BREAD idea!!

The first thing to mention about today… is that it’s my husband’s 36th birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, T!!!  I love you!!!

We aren’t doing any celebrating today because he had to work, but he is off on Sunday and we will have a little party for him then!  One of my kids, when they heard we weren’t doing anything today for his special day said, "WHAT??  He isn’t having his King’s Breakfast?"  hehe For anyone who knows me, we do a special breakfast for each of the kids on their actual birthday!  I have links on my sidebar to each of their 1st breakfasts (since we just started this year!).  SO… since he is the "King of our castle" I figure that he deserves a special breakfast just as much as anyone else!  I am going to have him list his menu desires tonite so that the kids and I can plan tomorrow!  We usually dress him up funny on his birthday… so this will just add a little twist to it!

Here he is last year at his little party!  haha

Anyway… back to our day!  (I will post more about the birthday boy after this weekend!)

Tonite is Awana.  This year it is much more time consuming to me since I have 4 kids involved and all are either in different clubs OR they have a different book!

I have been trying to figure out a way to make Friday’s a little easier on myself, so today I started by calling each child one by one and making sure they were dressed and ready for the day.  Then we went over their verses on final time and I put their things on my bed for easy grabbing before we leave!

It is 2PM and I am DONE with Awana prep!!!  Here are all their uniforms, bags, books, etc. (and Benny, our cat)

And now I can sit here and blog a bit knowing I am just about all set for tonite!  (except I have a pizza dough to make for a quick dinner before we leave…and I have to get dressed!… WHAT????  At least all the kids are dressed!!! haha)

OK… now onto the BREAD IDEA.  I am SO excited about this!!!  I have been making our own bread for a long time now, but the other day I got an idea.  We had gone to Amato’s for sandwiches and my husband had gotten the BEST ham italian.  There was some leftover that I ate the next morning and I said "ya know… we should make italian’s more often" BUT the only problem is that I would HAVE to get my rolls at a local shop because I can never find good ones at the store! 

My idea was to take my bread dough and make it into italian rolls and see how it went!  SO… I got my dough ready, as usual, and let it rise 1 hour.  (I use the AMISH WHITE BREAD recipe I found online a LOOOONG time ago!!  But I substitute 2 cups of the white with wheat!)  I had fun having "Mama play dough time" and seperated the dough into 6 snakes!!  I just thought in my head… "how many italian rolls would one loaf probably make" and I came up with 3… so hence the 6 rolls!

Here are 3 of them… they fit nicely in a casserole or baking pan about 13X9 inches…(and as you can see, they don’t have to be exactly uniform!  I can never get TWO loaves the same size… let alone SIX!!!)

I then rose them about 1/2 hour or so and they looked like this:

My bread takes about 30 minutes to cook… but these take more like 23 minutes!  Do these look yummy, or what??? (and let me tell you… they were better than ANY rolls I’ve had at any shops around here and cost hardly anything to make!!)

We ended up having my parents over for sandwiches, and my Mom said "this is the BEST roll I have EVER had!"  And last night, after I had made more (they went FAST), my husband said the same thing!!  They are just SOOOO incredible!!!

I will hardly ever make regular bread now, because these are so versatile!  You can make italians, or little sandwiches, or just cut off pieces and eat them like rolls!

Today I cut one roll up into little tiny slices and they are SO darn cute!  You know me… I HAD to take a picture (and by a spoon to show you how small they are!!)!  I ended up putting chicken and gravy over some for lunch.  MMMMMM!!!!

I really shouldn’t stay on here much longer, because I want to go and read some other blogs!

Hope you all are having a great day and that you have an awesome weekend!!!

Love, in Christ, Bridget



  1. Ok. So you probably think I spend my entire day at the computer on your blog but I promise I don't. : ) I really do get stuff done. Anyway. I love the long bread loaves. Do you grind your own wheat? I started doing that at the first of this year. It is AWESOME. I also make all our bread products for home. Cooking and baking are 2 of my FAVORITE things!!!! I might try the Amish recipe instead of my reg. one sometime. Have a great time tonight!


  2. I forgot to wish your husband Happy Birthday!!! Also I love the King, Prince and Princess birthday thing. I read about something similiar to that on the Pearls from No Greater Joy. I didn't do it this year cause I don't think Maggie would have cared. But I am so looking forward to next year!!!! Now let's see did I forget anything this time???? Nope nothing comes to mind…. yet : )


  3. Yum I will have to try those. Ok you have me hooked. I have been researching on line today trying to find the differnt info on longies, and sookers. I already had the doodle pants pattern. Now where do you like to get your wool yarn? Do you have a favorit place. I bought some wool at joann the other day but I don't know if it is as soft as merino wool. I love making socks with merino wool. I sure wish we lived closer to each other ha ha, I'm sure I would be running over to your house quite often and go look what I found or how do you like this or make that.

  4. Hey Bridget!
    It was nice visiting your blog tonight. I have been so busy; I haven't been able to check in for a while.

    The rolls look great! I am going to try the Amish bread recipe. I think my kids would like it if I made mini sandwiches out of them. They get a kick out of mini things:0)

    I remember Amato's. They do have great subs. My family and I would stop by when we would go to Portland for day trips – we love food!
    I haven't found any great sub shops out here in Georgia where we live yet. (I'm sure they must be around, I just haven't found one :0)
    My mom is leaving Saturday to head up to North Conway, New Hampshire for a week.
    She is going to Maine one day, Gorham I think, to visit my cousins new restaurant. I really miss New England!
    Hope your husband has a nice birthday!

    Blessings in Christ,

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