Posted by: purityseekers | October 18, 2007


I hadn’t planned it… but today ended up to be a mainly ART focused homeschooling day!

It started out that my kids were bored (no toys, remember?? haha) and so I got out some paper plates, dried beans, pasta, & glue and let them go nuts! (my 10 year old was doing some other work, but then he too wanted to make a picture!  I love it when older kids don’t find silly crafts like this boring!)

Our topics this week were "Autumn" & "Apples" and we have read lots of books about both.  Today I had them take paint and some stampers (some were leaves, but others were random things) and make some pictures!

Big Guy "C" had been outside playing and chose not to paint, but he came in for a minute and stopped to help his little sister make "PINK".

"Z" had fun making her picture:

And "A" spent a lot of time mixing colors to see what he’d get!  Then he would paint a section of his paper that color!

"L" was SO glad I let her down from her "quiet time" in her room!!  She LOVES to paint!!

And some of the finished work:

And I have to show you our little science lesson that lives outside of our Living Room window!  The kids have been watching him for weeks and today I finally took a picture of him.  If you look close… he looks as if he is missing 2 of his legs, poor little guy! (unless he is doing some sort of spider gymnastics and hiding 2 legs under him while he works!)

This year I am having a lot of fun planning ahead for the kids studies!  I have a calendar I printed off and I choose a main topic for the week, an animal to study about that the bible talks about (from our book "The Bible Alphabet of Animals") and then I go to our library system online and order all the books I’ll need ahead of time! 

Today I chose our topics for the next 2 weeks!  We will do a Cooking / Baking / Food theme next week and the bible animal is "Bears".  I ordered all sorts of books about both and will be giving some cooking lessons through the week.  Big Guy "C" should be able to bake bread with little to no help by the end of the week!!!  At least that is my goal!!  I am going to make him up a special step-by-step recipe card for him so he can always have it handy when I tell him he needs to make the bread that day!

Then the week following, we are doing a Space / Planets theme and the bible animal is the "Bee"!  I was going to request some "bee" books online at the library, but I had already used up the limit for online requests on THREE of our library cards!!  You can only request 10 per card!  (we get a LOT of books!!!)  I already have about 25 in my possession right now.  We have read some but still have a few to finish off the week’s work!

But 1st and foremost each day is our biblical studies!  I have all the kids Awana verses printed off for quick references and go over them each morning!  Then I make sure to do any of the extra credit work and projects due for Friday.  And in between everything else, we are reading "Prudence with the Miller’s" 🙂

When the day is over, I feel like I have accomplished so much!!!  While the kids are doing their work, I make sure to catch up on laundry, dishes, etc. and feel like the house is just in good running order overall! 

Thanks for letting me share, as usual!!!

Love, Bridget



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