Posted by: purityseekers | October 17, 2007

A few crafties…

I usually wait until Friday to post about Sew Crafty Friday, but I figured this was a good time to get a post on here while my house is quiet!  It’s my husband’s day off and he has the 4 older kids with him (getting some work done on our van– thanks Kevin for being our dependable mechanic guy!) and I have our littlest upstairs asleep for his nap 🙂  I don’t remember a time when I actually had quiet and KNEW no one would be needing me anytime soon!! 

I finally finished "E"s longies!!!  My awesome friend, Jess (Kevin’s wife), had the 2 colors (same brand of yarn) I needed to finish them so she was so sweet to let me use some!!!

I planned them big, but didn’t really think they’d be THIS big…(they are rolled up twice in the pic of "E" trying them on!)

Oh well… at least he can wear them probably past the time he stops wearing cloth nappies! haha

And I made my first "Nursing Necklace" today!  I’ve been wanting to try to make one for a while and had gotten the beads last week!

If anyone of you wonder what the heck a Nursing Necklace is…it’s a necklace that draws your baby’s attention, while nursing, and is durable and fun to hold and play with.  The circle at the bottom is a nice place for babies to grab instead of you hair!! hehe

Although my nurser is over 2… he still liked it 🙂  This was taken today before his afternoon nap…

Well… I am going to go and try to finish another post I started a while back!!! 

🙂 Bridget



  1. Hi there!
    You have a beautiful and well-written blog! Would it be alright if we added you to our friend list?
    In Christ,
    ~Rachel & Jillian~

  2. Very cool. I have never heard of a nursing necklace. I would be afraid that it would break and then I would have beads every where. Your longies turned out great. Are they the same pattern as the Doodle pants? I got my needles and my yarn to make them I just need to finish up a few things for our craft fair before I attempt them

  3. I'm just getting around to visit some of my favorite blogs, ;0) and found your SCF posts. First of all, I know you don't like the way the mittens ended up, but that first picture of them is awesome. That is the reason I want to knit. Socks, mittens, etc. Not that I need them here in FL, but you know what I mean. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing. The nursing necklace also came out so very nice. I didn't know you were still nursing your little one. I exclusively nursed all of mine at least until a year and a half. Britney was the longest at 2 1/2. I wish I had some of those necklaces around back then. Are you going to sell them in your store. I think that would be neat.
    Shereen (miss you)

  4. Oh I love your site. I am so excited about making my daughter a pillowcase dress. My cousin showed me one she had but yours I like much better. I am looking forward to reading more on your site. God bless you and your family.


  5. I love those little pants. I think they are just the cutest thing. Foot…..I so need to learn to knit.And I LOVE those little shoes you made….somewhere on another post. Yes it would be beyond awesome if you were close enough to teach me. I envy the women that are going to get to learn from you. What a blessing! At least I have your blog and I'm not even sure how I got to your blog but bless whoever it was!!! I love it!!!!

  6. So I totally forgot something I was going to say. The nursing necklace rocks. My daughter likes to play with my shirt or my hair or whatever she can get her hands on while nursing. I was telling my husband the other night I should have a nursing necklace for her. He didn't know what it was so when I saw it on your blog I laughed. Then I showed him what it was. : )


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