Posted by: purityseekers | October 1, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday & More…

***I started this entry on Sept. 22 and am just NOW getting it posted and it’s the 1st day of October!!!!!!!!!!***

Wow… seems like FOREVER since I have posted a "Sew Crafty Friday" post!!!!!  If you click the picture below, you can check out Shereen’s blog…

I had taken a blogging break for a while to get a grip of my life!  Things are going well and I feel like I can slowly get myself back into blogging without it taking over my WHOLE LIFE!!! haha  I figured I’d play catch up with "Sew Crafty Friday" since crafting is such a passion of mine and the main "extra curricula" thing I do to keep from being idle!! 

I’ll start with an idea I got from another women who posts on SCF…


I went to Goodwill back in August and purchased 2 pillowcases that were both 50% off, which made the final cost per pillowcase, a whopping .29 cents!!!  So… for WAY under a dollar, I made each of my girls a dress one morning to wear to a family reunion that afternoon.  (they whip up super fast!!!)

Big Girl "Z" looked SO cute!  Here she is snacking away at the reunion…

and here is Sweet "L", later on, at my folks camp…

Another August craft…I decided to make a vintage apron from a pattern I bought at Goodwill.   I made it for my husband for when he BBQ’s and he LOVED it!!! (I had even bought the fabric at a thrift shop and for a HUGE amount of yardage it cost only .79!)  Doesn’t he look cute?

…and then I made mine…  It is cute BUT kinda big for me.  I think it’s made for someone with broad shoulders which I DON’T have!! LOL  Although it fits kinda funky… I still think the pattern is super cute…(P.S…. don’t look at my hair, k?)

Alright.  Way back I had posted a pair of shorties I was going to sell at my "Fruitful Fingers" shop.  They were ALMOST done back then.  This is a pic of the finished product (which I ended up trying to sell for a while, but since people had already started to stock their Fall longies, they didn’t sell so I kept them for my little man!)

I loved the pattern SO much that I wanted a pair of longies for him for this Winter!  I started them…

and finished a leg…

and then realized that I didn’t have enough of all the colors to finish the other leg!!  (Baby "E" is not much of a "baby" anymore!!!!)  Time to order some more wool!!!! hehe

I have to stock his winter wool stash, so I started another pair of longies with other colors I had!  This pair will be a Christmas gift to wear Christmas day when our family all comes over for dinner!

…after I started the 1st leg…

and this is a pic I took today (bad lighting, sorry).  I finished the first leg FINALLY!!!!  (he is growing SO tall!!!)  The cute little hand at the top is my Sweet "L" who was my hand model for my "Fruitful Fingers" store pic!   When I took this picture, she was busy telling me how she did NOT like the 2 colors (red & green), that she likes "only pink & yellow".  hehe

Since I am always struggling w/ my camera settings to get yarn to look it’s actual color…I headed outside to where the lighting is the real deal!!  I got a few cute pix…

Here’s the hand model herself…

and a brighter picture of the longies!  I added a few Maine Autumn leaves just for effect!  Aren’t they beautiful???

and a close up…

Our neighbors, who actually just moved, had a baby 5 days ago! (**update…it’s been longer now… it’s just taking me forever to actually get this post online!! UGH)   I have been working on a gift for him off and on for the past few weeks and finally finished!  A pair of longies made with an Alpaca blend yarn…(they are SOOOO soft!!!!)

and I made a little hat to match with the leftover yarn…

Oh…I never posted my contest gifts!  I didn’t want to post them until the women had received their prizes… but now I can!!!

I am totally into making dish cloths these days after finding a cool pattern called the "Infamous Darrell Waltrip" Pattern

I made 1 for each of the winners…

along with some other goodies including some cotton yarn, homemade stitch markers and a "Schoolhouse" dishcloth…

Here are the stitch markers up close… my niece, Haley, and I had fun making them together!

and here is a "DW" dishcloth I made with leftover yarn….

and another I’ve started…

Isn’t this a cute face?


That is my Great Niece, Nouvelle… and I want to show off a dress my niece made for her.  I helped her make it because it was her first time sewing with a pattern!  She did AWESOME and learns so darn fast that she was the one that figured out how to do a button hole, since I had never done one before!

Is this cute, or WHAT???

I think she liked it… what do YOU think???

And now I want to show you some GIGANTOR pants!  I started making a pair of longies using some of the knitting machine wool that was given to me.  Instead of using my normal 3 strands at a time… I figured I’d make a SUPER SOAKER and use FIVE strands!  Well… I guess I forgot that as you add wool, your gauge changes.  Now I have this GIANT sized pair of longies started!! They were supposed to be for my 5 year old bed-wetter… but I think he’ll have to wait to wear them until he’s about 15!!  Hopefully he won’t NEED them at that point!  haha

It was hard for me to get a pic of them to show you exactly HOW huge they are… but here’s one… ( I am now finally done the BODY part but haven’t started the legs yet!  I am afraid to!!!  Instead of the usual 12" inseam… I think it would have to be like 40" in order to actually be in proportion to the body!! haha

and here I am knitting them as my 6 year old, "Z", crochets beside me!  She loves to "chain" long ropes!

and not sure if I ever posted a pic of the pillows I made for my 5 year old’s b-day this summer…

There…I think I am caught up!!!  Thanks for reading!!

🙂 Bridget



  1. Wow Those look great. I need to see if I can make those. I been working on socks and nursing shawls. Need to finish the last shawl up before my friend delievers…..which is any day now. I then need to make some breast cancer socks for my Mom.. Then I will love to try making those paints. Are those the sokers you told me about before?

  2. I keep going to your store and I am not seeing anything. Do I need to make a login?

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