Posted by: purityseekers | October 1, 2007

Apple Picking…

We had a great day Sunday!! 

We chilled out at home and enjoyed Daddy having a day off from work!  Then we met my friend, Donna, and her son, Kyle & Donna’s Mom at the local elementary school for a Fun Fair.  Since my kids are homeschooled, she informs me of stuff like that!  Thanks, Donna!  And although this is the new school… it’s the same school I attended as a child!  I was really excited to see my 5th grade teacher!  I can’t believe she is STILL teaching!!!  So to start… I will post my "reminiscing moment"…

Awww… that was so nice talking to her after all these years!!!  And since my oldest son is IN the 5th grade and I am HIS teacher… it made talking to her even MORE fun!!

So… this was the 1st time my kids had ever seen the inside of an elementary school!!  So that made our time there even more interesting!  hehe  We play at that playground a lot… so to be able to see the inside was pretty cool!

That’s Kyle to the left… and 3 of my kids waiting in line to play a game…(and little man "E" sitting on the ground)

My "Z" going "fishing" and "A" watching from behind!  You can see me and my oldest son in the reflection in the window.  You’d think I actually planned that… but I didn’t even notice it until I downloaded my pix.  Am I good, or what???

Decorating cookies!  My kids took up the whole cookie table!!  CRAZY!

That’s my friend, Donna, to the right… and My "C" is walking away with his cookie and I had just got done making my little "E" his snack!

"Z" and Kyle making sure to add enough stuff to their cookie to make it worth their while!!

That is Donna’s Mum, behind me and my "A"…

After the Fun Fair we headed to the apple orchard!!!

Here are the kids and Dad…( I guess I should have had them say "cheese" instead of "apple picking…YEAH!!!")

Mama & Kids…

"C" climbed up to get the good ones at the top!

My precious "Z"…

My handsome, "A", was daydreaming while we were took a "no hay" ride in the tractor wagon…

another apple of my eye… my Sweet "L"…

Daddy took this great picture of my Little Man "E"…

and look at this one…priceless…

My husband took this one of little ol’ me!  It was weird to see me in so many pictures since HE had control of the Rebel more than me!!! 

A boy riding in the wagon with us asked if he could take our picture!  I thought that was so nice of him!!!

Looking at the pumpkin patch…

This is one of my favorites.  All of my blessings from God running to me!  Our God is an awesome God…THAT is for sure!!!

What a wonderful family day the Lord gave us!! 

Thanks, as usual, for sharing it with me!!

Love, Bridget



  1. Your family is so beautiful! What a blessing! It looks like you had such a wonderful day together. Those days are like treasures.


  2. This looks like such a fun day! Awesome pictures, as usual. Thanks for the congrats!! Holly

  3. So nice to see you posting again! It looks like you had a wonderful day. 🙂

  4. Looks like you had fun!

  5. Oh, what fun!! Those pictures were just priceless. I loved looking at all of them.How beautiful of a family you have!

  6. Oh how beautiful. I love the fall. DD1 and I just cut up a big pot of apples to make apple sauce.

  7. Wonderful pictures as usual! I especially LOVE the last one, of them all running towards you. That one needs to be blown up and framed on the wall for years to come. You're a great photographer!

  8. I love the apple pics. They are so good. Apple picking is so fun. I wish I had trees of my own. I love the picture of the kids running down the road. Ya'll are such a adorable family.


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