Posted by: purityseekers | September 17, 2007

Just me… popping in to say hello! (E's 2nd B-day Party)

Hi everyone!   It’s me, the blogging stranger!!!!  I decided to pop on for a few minutes since I just finished my "Deficient Deed" of the day.  That is my little dorky name for all those little forgotten jobs that get left behind!!!  I get wrapped up in the surface cleaning and tend to forget!  They are also those jobs that don’t ever gain any recognition because no one ever notices!!!  haha BUT… God DOES notice, so it pleases me to know HE knows how hard I am working to keep a nice home!

My "DD" for today was to clean my kitchen & bathroom mop boards and the walls above at "kid level" to wash all those little fingerprints, pencil marks, etc!!!!  I am done, so before I go and knit & watch "Where the Red Fern Grows" with the kids, I am going to post a bit!!!

Although I don’t want to blog too much because I tend to procrastinate on the really important things… there is a lot I miss about blogging!!!  One of the things I miss is Shereen’s "Sew Crafty Friday".  I started thinking that maybe the reason I was posting was prideful… but then I realized that many of the things I have made or started doing was due to seeing other women’s crafts and ideas!!  So… I am going to try to post some SCF things again and hope to encourage other women WHILE I show off!! haha JUST KIDDING… REALLY!!!!!!!  Although we all love to have people ooh and ahh over things we do… I really want to encourage other women to love making things!!!

It’s only Monday, so I won’t bore you yet!! hehe

Here’s a pic of my Sweet "L".  She looks sad, but really wasn’t… 


Oh… before I post anymore I HAVE to post a few pix of my 2 year old son’s 2nd birthday party!!!  He had SOOO much fun!!!

First I am going to post some of the party "family" guests…(the 1st pic is of the birthday boy himself and then his 4 siblings, then my brother and his wife and 4 of their 5 kids, and my nieces husband and her and her 2 kids and my husband is the "saved the best for last" pic!!) 


People are always saying how much we all resemble each other but I have NO idea what they are talking about!! haha

I LOVE "blowing out the candles" pix…

Gift time!! He got so many nice things!!  My niece, Haley, was helping him read one of his cards!

He got his favorite gift of "balls" from my brother and his family (really fun stuff for the bathtub including a super fun suction basketball hoop set!  If anyone wonders why I may take a 1/2 hour shower… THAT will be why!!!!)… and Haley knit him a cool hat…

and she made him some incredibly soft jammies that we had him model!!!  Isn’t she talented????  They are the BEST!!

My parents got him a nice and cozy sweatshirt to keep him warm when he wears his wool soakers.  I took this pic the day AFTER his party… he LOVES it!!!

Our friends, Kevin & Jess, came over with their 3 girls and brought him a huge blue kickball!!!

I managed to get all of my kids, my brother and SIL’s kids and my niece’s kid in one pic!!  Here they are!!  All 12 of them!  

Here’s my niece, Haley, and her husband, Nate and…… poor little Nouvelle.  It’s not HER fault… she didn’t get to choose her parents…(hehe)

It was SOOO cute!!!  Later on in the evening I walked over to the bookshelf to find these little busy readers on the car table!!!  Isn’t this SOOOOOO adorable????  (that’s Haley’s son, Audric, my Sweet "L", and the birthday boy)…

It was a busy day for a little 2 year old boy!!!  I took him upstairs to nurse him and tuck him in and he fussed and fussed UNTIL I put on his new hat!!  Then he snuggle down into his bed and fell sound asleep!!

My sister hadn’t finished "E"s birthday present in time for his party… but when she finally did… he was so excited to see his big new SNAKE!!!!  Now he sleeps with it every night!!!  And the kids play "Save me from the anaconda!!" games with it too!!! hahaha (please ignore "E"s dirty socks!! haha)

"E"s 2nd birthday also marked his "two year nursing" milestone!!  Here we are the next morning… (after his typical sweet voice says to me… "nurt??" after he gets up) Our black kitty, Coco, came up to see him… but it’s hard to tell since I made the picture greyscale!

I am going to have to end here… but in one of the next posts I really want to delve into more "heart" issues!!!  God has truly been working on mine over the last few months, and I want to share with you where He is leading me!!!  As usual, my heart is constantly seeking purity and I just feel so blessed that He is able to pull me away from being "of" the world while I’m living "in" this world!!!  That is really hard these days!!!  I have SOOO much I want to share and just not enough time right now.  So… stay tuned AND please make sure to share your hearts with me!!!  I NEED that encouragement right now!!!!!  I’ll be back!!!!

๐Ÿ˜‰ Bridget



  1. Hi Bridget!
    I know what you mean about not having much time!! I am also spending alot less time blogging as we are also "back to school". Also, I had a job interview today for a part-time position at Gardiner Savings (4 afternoons a week for 4 hours). It's temporary (although my interviewer said the position could work into a permanent position (not sure I want a permanent position – my kids keep me busy)). So… if I get it, my life will get even crazier, but I am very willing to help out financially if I can do it without hurting our family life! Time will tell! Pray that we will know clearly what God wants for us in this situation! Sorry for the rather lengthy comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. As always…I love seeing your pictures. Looks like he had a wonderful party. I love the hat and the snake. My son would love that! :o)


  3. Nice to hear from again blogging stranger! Happy birthday to your little guy. Congrats on the two year nursing mark! ::::Sigh:::: I always hope I can nurse my babies longer than I do. My body just stops making milk at around six months- sometimes sooner. I try everything to increase it, but nothing ever helps! I'm just jealous…sorry…a 'fleshly' moment. Great for you though and your little guy. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's okay that your taking a bloggy 'break'. I can understand just how much time blogging and even blog hopping can take up. I should know…anyway, have a great day! I'll keep checking back periodically to check for new posts every now and then.
    ~Sarah (a.k.a 3 beautiful boys)~

    Moved my blog to 'blogger'-

  4. Great pictures! I love to watch little ones.The things they do and say are priceless. Enjoy. I haven't been blogging much either with school and vaction. My boys would love that snake.

  5. Changed my address from:



  6. What a wonderful post! I have been meaning to get up with you, thanks so much for posting on the vax post on our blog! I do have some questions for you, but on to the SMILE part.
    Please go Here:
    I have choosen you for this award!
    Christian Love

  7. What sweet pictures! Happy birthday to the big birthday boy! I love the picture of the kids on the car table! Have a super weekend!

  8. The collage (with the birthday hats) is really cool! Are you a photographer? Happy belated birthday to the little one!

  9. I love that you are still nursing at 2 years. I hope that I will be doing the same. I must say that I see NO end in sight for Miss Maggie. No joke. She still nurses about every 3 to 4 hours a night (of course she is sleeping next to me so it's not that big a deal) and about every 2 to 3 hours during the day. She nurses to sleep for her usual 2 naps and again when she wakes us. She doesn't usually nurse to sleep at night anymore. I can nurse her and then lay down with her and she will drift off to sleep….eventually.
    The ONLY reason I woud ever want to stop nursing would be to ovulate to get pregant again (which I did not stop or even reduce). Not to be public, but I did menstrate for the first time last month so we are praying for baby #2. Of course in all my reading (which is so my downfall sometimes) I found out sometimes the first one or two post pardom periods are sterile. URG! I pray not.
    Anyway. So as I was saying before all that I admire you for continuing nurse and I want to do the same.

    E : )

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