Posted by: purityseekers | September 6, 2007

My Baby is TWO!!! (His 1st Prince Breakfast!)

As usual, on my children’s birthdays, I end up sitting here reminiscing!!!

My little man, "E" had his 1st "Prince Breakfast" this AM!!! (now all of my kids have had THEIR first ROYAL breakfast!  If you want to see the others… click on the links over on the right side of my blog!)

 2 years ago today, I would be recovering in the O.R. after a scheduled c-section and my little "E" would have probably been having his 1st bath!

Even after 4 other births… it’s still just absolutely amazing to me!!!

Brand new…

A tired, happy Mama…

Daddy loves to lay and look at his babies…

Siblings come to visit…

Our 1st pictures as a family of 7…

and then… after a year of many "firsts" for Baby "E"… he had his 1st birthday!

Here he is peeking out at me from his crib…

With his birthday balloon…

Mmmm…. chocolate birthday cake!!!

and then… after a whole ‘nother year of walking and talking and learning how to be naughty…

my Baby "E" is TWO!!!!

Here’s the Prince himself…(not quite a "baby" anymore!)

I took this of his place setting, crown and gifts while he was asleep last night…

His special "Prince Breakfast" consisted of one of Mama’s famous Spinach / Berry smoothies & homemade coffee cake, cereal w/ bananas, and sliced apples!  He loved it!!

Breakfasts are extra special if they are spent with all your "guys"!!! (a term started by my Sweet "L".  One day she said "where are all my guys???" hehe)  We all sang to him and since it’s his favorite song EVER… he sang it off and on all morning… "Hah Boo-day to yoooo… Hah Boo-day to yoooo"

then after breakfast, big brother helped him open his gifts!

He got Play-doh and a Pooh Bear notebook ("Bee-ah" (Pooh Bear) is his favorite toy… you can see him in the picture above!) and 2 chunky pencils!

He shared his Play-doh and all the kids kept busy for almost an hour!

Daddy got to join in on the celebration before work…(look at "E"s cute little ears!!!)

I love you, My wonderful little boy… "Hah Boo-day"!!!



  1. I can't believe how little all the kids look when E was born! It's not even right!! And holy majoly……I thought that E was A!!! HE GOT HIS HAIR CUT!! He looks TOO old!! How cute is he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday E!!! (Aud and Velle say Happy Birthday too!)

  2. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up. Tell your little Guy happy birthday from my family.

  3. Birthdays are so good for reminiscing. We generally sit in bed as a family and go through their birth story… I can't believe how quickly our children are all growing up… pretty soon, Bridge we'll be celebrating graduations and weddings!!! 🙂 Love you all and Happy Birthday!!!!!

  4. What a sweet mama you are to your little ones. A birthday breakfast is a great idea! I love it!

    May I just say, he is adorable?

  5. What cute pictures! The time just flies, doesn't it!
    Just wanted to let you know that I got my great prize!
    Thanks so much for all the goodies, love the dishcloths and the pretty stitch markers and I know I'll enjoy trying the burt's bees as well!
    I'll put a picture on the blog as soon as I recover from my weekend!
    : )

  6. Happy Birthday E! Love how you do the special breakfast for them. Great tradition.

    Just ordered my new XTI… Ebay special.. yahoo!

  7. Don't they grow up so fast!?

  8. It's an amazing thing that each birth of a new baby gets more sweet instead of more routine. The memories never get old, and the miracle never ceases to amaze me. It's the emotion that causes me to feel a twinge of painful nostalgia everytime I see a pregnant momma. I have enjoyed reading your blog…

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