Posted by: purityseekers | September 2, 2007

learn something new everyday…

did you know that Casey Kasem… the good old voice of the "Top 40 Countdown"

is the same voice as Shaggy on Scooby Doo??? 

I know.  Sounds funny for me to blog about something so goofy… but remember, I am on hiatus!! haha

But it was not either of those characters that made me realize this.  My kids were watching an OLD tape we have of Peter Cottontail this A.M. …….

and I was in the LR changing my son’s diaper and a voice sounded familiar.  Then it dawned on me and I said to my kids… "close your eyes and see if Peter’s voice sounds familiar to you."  They couldn’t figure it out, so I told them and they were like "OH WOW!!!  That IS Shaggy!!!!!"

Too funny.  I actually just recently stopped allowing my children to watch Scooby Doo, but they used to watch it and found it pretty cool that the voice is the same person.  (ya… no more Scooby… I’ve matured to fake bunny’s who deliver easter eggs… UGH. haha ANYHOO)  I did a google search and found out, not only was Peter the same voice as Shaggy… but the old familiar voice was Casey Kasem!!!  I listened to that voice for years as a kid on Saturday mornings on the Top 40 and never put 2 and 2 together!!!

So… a trip down memory lane and some trivia for those of you who are buffs!!

Now I need to go change some sheets!!!  Sorry for my "not so deep" postings lately… but there’s too much to do in my life right now.  I’ll be back!!  Just not yet!

đŸ™‚ Bridget



  1. I remember being shocked when I found out that Casey Kasem and Shaggy were the same person.

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