Posted by: purityseekers | August 7, 2007


I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time… but now is the right time.

I am taking a blogging break, (more like an overall "computer break") for a while.  I will still be posting on the 20th to announce the winner of my "Anniversary Contest", but need to take some time away from this evil monitor and tower that rob my family of ME so often!!  We are taking the tv away again (except for the occasional show), taking computer completely away from the kids, spending more time as a family in God’s word, training the children more consistently, and having more QUIET time to just listen to God and talk to Him and let Him be more of a constant in our life!!  We are always trying to squish Him in around all of our interests but we are going to try our hardest to make that VICE VERSA!!!

I still have my Hyena Cart Store, FRUITFUL FINGERS, and am UNstressfully enjoying making a few things here and there to sell, but need to focus more on getting things knit and sewn for my own kids for Fall & Winter!!!  I really just need to wean myself from the things in my life that take pull me away!!!

I’ll still be lurking around, but just have the hardest time trying to blog AND keep up on others blogs AND answer email, etc.  We are always getting convicted of the computer and tv thing, taking them away, then bringing them right back!  I am praying that one of these days we will stay consistent and discipline ourselves more so we don’t feel the need to bring that garbage back into our lives full time!!

When you see your 10 year old laying around all morning watching old "Smurf" re-runs and complaining that he has to clean the kitty litter… you KNOW there is a problem!!!  Bootcamp is going to be a GREAT thing to start up soon but only once we can get some order.  And even then the Bootcamp can’t  be something to stress us out… but more of a training in the "new forever rules" of our house and pray that God will keep us focused living in the middle of this horrid world!!!

My plan is to pray with all my heart that He will deliver us from the city life… and lead us into peace and tranquility somewhere away from the noise!!!  I realize that is one of our biggest problems.  We are trying to live more pure and are trying to protect our children from the awful world around us… all the while we are living in the middle of a small city, in a neighborhood, down the road from a mental hospital, surrounded by 2 busy streets, we have no fence, we are always relying on grocery stores, movies stores, and YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!  My dream is to homestead… but the dream has always seemed unreachable!!!  BUT not anymore.  I am devoting my time with God to trusting HIM as my lead, to walking more closely with Him, to listening to His small, still voice… I just need to get over my SELF and do what good ol’ Dave Ramsey says… "live like no one else, so that you can live like no one else!!" 

So pray for me please, and keep in touch!  You can ALWAYS email me at or and if you leave any comments on my blog, I will be notified in my email!!

Love you all and can’t wait to pop in when I get time!!  Love, B



  1. I completely understand where you are coming from. We have gone "rounds" with the computer and TV as well. I think it was best when our TV was broken and we didn't have a choice about watching it. May the Lord Bless you during this time of training and drawing closer to him. Blessings….

  2. I really do understand where you're coming from. I'm sure that when homeschooling starts back up for us in Sept., I won't be blogging as often (not like I blog that often anyway). Blessings to your family in your endeavor to remain pure in the world we live in!

  3. I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and your family. I know how hard it is. We also are trying to live a country life in the city. ;0) I guess it's good practice for when we get there, right? I will keep checking in on you and the store. You are doing great. I'm still figuring out shipping on mine. lol Feel free to call if you ever want to pray or vent. I know the Lord will bless your efforts in bringing your children closer to Him.

  4. Dear Sister,
    I'm praying for you!
    Blessings in Christ,

  5. Hey Bridget,
    Thanks for visiting today! I just wanted to tell you that making hamburger rolls and hot dog rolls are so easy. My friend told me a really simple way for the hamburger rolls. You take a piece of dough about the size of a tennis ball. Then you roll it in your hands to form a ball. Then my friend, squishes it down with a glass. (My way isn’t as civilized, I just punch it down with my fist!) Then I let mine rise for about 30 minutes and bake. I do use my same bread dough recipe that I make our bread loaves with. Oh, hot dog rolls. I haven’t mastered those yet. I roll them in my hands like you would a play dough snake (Can you tell I have a preschooler?) and let them rise. They aren’t perfect, but they work out okay!

    I’ll keep praying for you and your family! I know it’s hard when your husband has to work a lot of hours. When we first moved to Georgia, my husband had to work 13 hour days and only had 4 days off a month. He had to do that for 3 years, but seemed like forever. (Thankfully it was the swing shift, so we saw him a couple hours during the day:0) Then the Lord opened up a slower paced job for him with a lot less hours
    Just to encourage you about the TV :0) We gave up cable completely about a year ago. It was hard to do at first, but my husband really felt the Lord calling us to do that. (I didn’t realize how addicted I was to the food network and home and garden TV!) I noticed just a week ago, how peaceful and quiet it was now around here. The kids still watch a show here and there, but not like they did. The thing I’m really happy about is they don’t ask to watch things as much as they used to!
    I have been feeling lately like the Lord wants me to cut back on my computer time too!
    (Sorry this post is so long:0)
    God bless you and your family have a great week!

  6. Hi Bridget,
    Just wanted to stop by and see how you are doing. I hope you are enjoying your blogging break. I didn't blog for almost 3 weeks last month. It was a huge thing!
    I looked at your store. It is really nice.
    Have a great day.
    Take care,

  7. Just looking around at different blogs and came across yours. We are trying to live a lot more "natural" these days. Not so much computer, almost no TV and we try to make as much of our own clothes, cloth and food as we can right now. We too want to move to the quiet country to get away from so much of the worldly stuff! Blessings to ya'll
    Christian Love

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