Posted by: purityseekers | August 3, 2007

My DH and I had a DAY OUT!!! (& Sew Crafty Friday!)

I feel like I have a lot to catch up on, but I HAVE to tell you about our day yesterday!!!  For the first time in a LONG, LONG time, my husband and I got out for almost the whole day without children!!!!!!

My sister, Bonnie, (with her fiance’s 2 sons) and my niece, Haley (and her 2 kids) came over and had a babysitting party!! hehe We left before lunch and didn’t get home until 10PM!!!! 

OK… before I post that, I should post my "Sew Crafty Friday" post for those who really don’t want to read the rest of my ramblings!  Click the picture below to see Shereen’s "Sew Crafty Friday" post on her blog, "Waiting For Him"…


Some of you know that I have opened a Hyena Cart Store called "FRUITFUL FINGERS"… you can click the pic below to see it…


Well, I am almost finished a pair of wool soaker shorts to sell.  I am in the process of knitting the I-cord (you can see it below the shorts)…

I also made a pair of bloomers for my daughter that I used as the photo on my store for upcoming bloomer / pantaloons that I will be selling…

That fabric is a knit fabric and it was NOT easy to sew with!!  I like making bloomers with cotton better… they are easier to iron and hem.  BUT I love the softeness of these for jammies!!  And the pattern is SO cute!!  (I got the fabric… a HUGE yardage of it, at a thrift shop!)

Speaking of thrift shops… I am going to move on to our day out yesterday! 

My husband wanted me to have a day to do whatever I wanted to do, so I asked him if he’d mind if we went thrift shopping!  He actually likes to go with me because he finds great dress shirts for work!  Yesterday he found at least 6 or 7 nice shirts!!  He also likes to see me out having a fun day doing things I can’t normally do with 5 kids on my heels all day!!

We headed south and I had gone online to find thrift stores all along the route.  Driving around was the most fun!!  We listened to all the "oldies" from our school age days and had so much fun singing and trying to remember the names of the bands!!  My husband is a great lip syncer!  haha He had me cracking up with some of the songs!!  He is so funny!!!

I took this of him after he got a coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts…

and he took this of me in front of…. "GOODWILL"…haha

I am going to show you all my DEALS!!  Please bear with me… I just HAVE to brag, hehe, but my main objective in this whole thing is to encourage others to utilize thrift stores because you can save your family a TON of money and get some GREAT things!!  I could do this at least a few times a year because I just find some of the coolest things!!!

First let me tell you an approximate final total of all we bought between about 5 or 6 stores…


This is what we got… (including the 6 shirts that he got that I did not take a picture of)

CLOTH!!  I got lots of CLOTH!!!!  At a Salvation Army Store I found a BUNCH of vintage polyester fabric that was only .79 for each big bunch!  And the colors were all so cool!!  I also got a duvet cover (checkered to the left) for our bed, a pair of hospital scrubs (great "chill out" pants!), the flowers are on 4 HUGE kitchen cloths, I got some really pretty scarfs (just because I love to buy scarfs for no apparent reason haha), other random fabric to the right and some cool curtains to either use (I like the 6 white crispy one ones to the right front with a cool embroidered edge) or I could make some pantaloons or something out of them, especially the yellow with stripes.

 I absolutely LOVE collecting old sewing notions and things.  When I find a bunch of random old threads, needles, pins, etc., it makes me wonder who used to use them.  I assume most were probably donated by older women that no longer sew or by families of women who have passed.  I like the little bits of some unknown woman’s history!!  I also got some great vintage patterns!!

As usual, I got BOOKS!!!  I love having a big library since we homeschool…

The other day I organized bookshelves to get prepared to start buckling down on schoolwork!!  Here is one shelving area I organized.  This has the majority of all my kid’s learning & storybooks…

Here’s another shelf I organized… the one in our DR that holds teaching tools & books and other books I read at meals or before bed ( I also collect "bedtime stories" books)…anyone else already getting the "schooling" bug???  I always get this way halfway through summer!  I get excited for structure after crazy summer days!!!

this cabinet in our DR could still use lots of organizing but it’s not TOO bad….

Another little collection of mine is "Campbell soup cups"!  I had 3 but want to save enough for many to have soup out of the cute little cups!!

I found these 3 along with some cute stainless steel cups I’m collecting because my kids love to pour syrup from them!

The litte zebra figure was in an "I Spy" game I bought…along with a cool magnetic set that came with TONS of little circles that you can make into designs on a magnet board!!

I have to tell you something funny.  "Goodwill" stores always have a certain color of the week that if you buy something with that color on it, it is 50% off.  Well, the sign always says something like "the Barb color this week is YELLOW".  So, while we were shopping I had some things (like the magnet thing) that had yellow tags on them.  My husband said "are they also 50% off, or just the things with yellow barbs??"  I was like "WHAT is he talking about???? yellow WHATS???"  I said "no anything with yellow tags are 50% off and what do you mean "barb"???"  He said "the little plastic tag thingys that are attached to the clothing".  I cracked up and said "OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I’ve always thought it meant that the woman who chose the color that week’s name was BARB!!" hahaha FOR REAL!!!  He said "wow, you should have been born blonde!!!" haha  THAT’S FOR SURE!!!!  I figured the woman that must run the whole Goodwill industry’s name was Barbara!!  Could I be any more naive??? hahaha

So, thanks to "Barb" I got the magnetic thingy for $1.50!! haha  AND… I got this cool aluminum pot (to dye cloth and wool in) ALSO for $1.50…

OH… you wanna see something cute???  I found this cool little outhouse for my parents to put in their REAL outhouse at our camp! 

Open the door and there’s the… toilet paper roll!!!  She is going to LOVE it!!!  It’s PERFECT for a camp!!!!  (but don’t think this is me promoting TOILET PAPER!! hahahaha I still love my "family cloth!!!")

And to prepare for my "almost 2 year olds" PRINCE BREAKFAST… I found this cute plate for .99….

I’m not done yet!!  Bear with me…I’m almost through!!!

This is the world map we have in our Dining Room that my husband got for $20 at a store here in town…

and this is the U.S. map I got at "Goodwill" yesterday for .99… I put it right over the other one so we can lift it to see the world!

and my youngest kids LOVE Richard Scary videos and I was able to find 3 they don’t have (the ones on the left).  The only problem is that 2 of them are included in the learning video they own.  OH WELL… they still love the Mother Goose one…

Gosh… am I done??? WOW…I think so!!! 

I have more pix that I need to share, like of my 20th reunion and others, but I don’t have time right now!!  My youngest daughter just said "Mom, are you losing your mind???" haha Can you tell that’s what I’ve been saying all AM as I’ve tried to take some time to blog??? CONVICTION!!!  Time to get off this puter and focus on my kids so that I don’t have to have a "Mommy Meltdown" and say "I AM LOSING MY MIND!!!  PLEASE GO OUTSIDE AND STOP LETTING THE FLIES IN" and "STOP FIGHTING… I AM LOSING MY MIND you guys!!!!"!! haha Hey… just keepin’ it real!!  Nobody’s perfect.

But I know when I need to refocus!!!  hehe

Have a great weekend!!  šŸ™‚ B




  1. I'm right there with you on the thrift stores =)
    LOVE them!!!!!

    I'm off to put away some garage sale treaures šŸ™‚


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Also I wanted to let you know that your store is looking great!

  3. You are my kind of homeschooler! I love those bargains. I love your sewing, as well. What do you recommend for trying to sew something like that? My daughters have skimpy summer pjs from the store. I think that looks summery and modest. I also like your shelf idea.

  4. I was so happy to find your blog! I am just learning to sew and I love the pantaloons you made! I have a 10 year old daugther and it's so hard to find modest clothing for her. I'm hoping to be able to make her some jumpers and long skirts, with some practice:o)

    I love to shop at thrift stores too!

    Blessings to you!

  5. Cool stuff! I am a bargain hunter also! It's almost addicting! I just found some beautiful end tables and coffee table at a garage sale recently- in fact, I think I'm going to post a blog about it! Lol! Anyway, wanted to let you know that I finally blogged! Wa-ho for me! šŸ™‚ Your wool soakers are really cute! Are they hot and do they work pretty good? Just curious…still working on the whole cloth diapering thing…

  6. Wow Bridget! A day out! Sounds like you had a great time! I love those special times with my hubby, too. I have no kids this week. I should go do some bargain shopping, too! You've given me a wonderful idea!

  7. Hey Bridget,
    You inspired me, I just came from Goodwill. I found a denim dress and a denim skirt that are in "like new" condition! I spent $8.38!!! Thanks for the reminder!

  8. I spent the evening reading backwards through all your posts. It brought a smile to my face many times in an otherwise hard day. Thank you. You and your family are great and your love shows through on all your blogs. It took me back to the days I was raising my family. My daughter has her own preciuos little girl now and has recently discovered the joy of cloth diapering. So grandma is busy trying to stitch up daipies, covers, and soakers. I would really love to know how you finished the ends of your babylegs and if you ever come across the link to your soaker would love to get it. Keep up the great work! Thank you

  9. Go Goodwill! You've got to love the deals there. I have recently started finding sweaters there and unraveling for knitting.

    God bless.

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