Posted by: purityseekers | July 28, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday (late), visiting goats, and more…

Today I am feeling a bit old.  Tonite is my 20th class reunion!!  I’m not super excited about it.  I’m a lot different than I used to be, and although it will be nice to see people I used to spend my days with, I don’t hold fast to those memories.  Truth is, there are many people today that are going to be doing all they can to make some super impression on everyone, and I am just not into that.  I am me and I won’t go there being any different that who I am everyday. 

In high school, I was kinda geeky in the "takes chorus" kinda way (haha), but had lots of various type of friends.  I’d be friends with the "druggies", the "brains" and the "jocks".  If they were nice, I’d be their friend.  As any kid would, there were times I was envious of the "popular" crowd, but quickly realized as I matured after high school, that we are all alike.  Although those kids just happened to have some certain thing going for them, be it looks, or talent, or a well known parent, etc… they were still just stupid kids like me.  I see them now and we are either mature and kind to each other, or some just still can’t get past the "trying to be cool" thing.  Amazing how even 20 years later some people just can’t grow up!  THAT is my problem with reunions, but I am hopeful that after this many years more people will be wiser and "over it".

I can’t wait to write my "After The Reunion" post.  haha.  Should be interesting!!

Aside from our big night out tonite (my favorite part about this whole thing–  A night out with my sweet husband and NO KIDS!!  Thanks Dad & Mom!!!!), I am just doin’ the SAHM thing.  I have bread rising, made the kids oatmeal and have laundry caught up.  I am going to start by catching up on "Sew Crafty Friday".  I have been busy getting ready to sell a couple of my soakers on my Hyena Cart, FRUITFUL FINGERS!

This is my 1st pair to sell in my "Chunky Checker’s" line.  I’m not quite done.  I have to graft the stitches that are on the needles and I am in the process of making the I-cord for them.


And I think this will fall under my "Psychedelic Psoakers" line just because the colors are funky and random…

I am having a lot of fun planning things for my shop!!! 

I am also going to start my own little line of handmade knitting needles!!  I’ll tell you more about them as I master them… but I’ll show you a sneak peek at my 1st 2 creations!

I made this set for my oldest son to learn how to knit with.  I’ll be selling some beginner kits for kids once I get these perfected.  They aren’t smooth enough yet!

and this pair amazed my husband and he can’t wait to help me make more!  They still need a little work, but I am in love with these cute little needles… my 1st circulars!!!  I need to get the ends to mesh in more with the cord for a smooth glide of the yarn… but I think that will be easy!

and here is a future "Sew Crafty Friday" knitter, my oldest son!  I taught him yesterday, and he is working on an "I-cord" since he thinks making himself a rope is cool! hehe

He is doing GREAT!!!  He is very compulsive like his Mama!  He wants it to be "just right"!!

I took this of my little guy just hanging out on the couch with his cute "Chunky Checkers" on…

Alright… now onto more pix…

The other day we went to our friend’s Kevin & Jessie’s to have a BBQ!  We all had a great time, as usual!!

The ride over was really fun for the 2 older kids!!  One of the coolest things about Daddy selling cars is that he brings home really cool ones to drive!!

The 3 younger kids HAD to ride with Mama in the van!  The tires aren’t flat on one side…haha… half of the van was parked on a sidewalk!

Gotta love this while it lasts!!!  Someday this will be so embarrassing!!

Once we got to K & J’s house… "C" took little man "E" over to see the cows!  That’s their sweet Katie with them!!

My "L" wanted to check out their garden.  I thought this picture was sweet…

Daddy and "E" went to say hello to the little goaties…


Kevin packed the kids up in the 4 Wheeler Wagon and they went for a ride!  Here they are after the 1st ride…

"L" wasn’t so sure about it the first time around, but we talked her into riding up front with Kevin and she loved it!

"WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!!"

Awww… Big Brother scooped him up and off they went!!!

We all went up in the back fields and picked raspberries!!  FUN FUN!!

Here are the kids getting off the wagon to go pick!!

You can’t see it as good in the resized picture… but my "Z"s hair looked so pretty with the sun glistening through it!! 

Walking back up to the house after a failed "blueberry" hunt, Abbie noticed my little "L" was getting tired…

So she offered to give her a lift! Now THAT’S what friends are for!!  Thanks Abbie!!!

I thought this was sweet of my little girl in the grass….

Wow… I can’t believe I have been writing this post off and on all day!!  It is now almost 3PM! 

Today I was combing my oldest daughter’s hair (yes, Haley… FINALLY!!! haha) and decided I would give her a REAL haircut to cut off dead ends.  She is 6 and only has had 2 little trims… so she was excited to have a different look!  She was trying to talk me into cutting it REALLY short, but I am not ready for that yet!! haha

I took this "BEFORE" picture after I had clipped up the sides of her hair.  You can see how badly the ends needed to be cut!!!! YIKES!!!!!

OK…its not perfect (far from it haha!!) but I think it looks cute!!  I’ll probaby try to fix the right side after her next bath!!!

God makes the cutest outsides….

But there’s always room for improvement on the insides! hehe

And while we are on the subject of cute little girls, my "L" came up to me a little while ago after going up in her room to get into the clothes in her drawers.  Here she is sporting the homemade baby legs I made for her… but guess you could also call them baby "ARMS"…hehe

I forgot how cute they look!  She hasn’t worn them in a while!!

And I fooled around with this pic and thought it came out pretty cool…

Guess I better post this so I can get ready for the big reunion!!  AND tomorrow my husband is off from work and I am going to be getting ready for my middle son’s 5th birthday on Monday!!  I can’t wait to show you his "Prince Breakfast" pictures!!  I can’t believe he is going to be FIVE!!!!  What a big boy!!!!  Here he is when we were raspberry picking!!!  WOW he has grown up so fast!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! 🙂 B



  1. Z's hair looks AWESOME!! It looks a lot neater and cute that way! he chunky checkers and the crazy shorties look awesome too. Woo!!

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