Posted by: purityseekers | July 24, 2007

State museum, pool w/ friends, thrift finds

Ok… I don’t know if I can REALLY post a quick entry, but I am going to try!!

Last night I saved all my pix so I could easily insert them once I had time to sit and type!!

We had a busy day the other day.  My friend, Lily, called and asked if we wanted to go to the state museum for an exhibit!  I packed the kiddos up and we all headed over!  It was a "skin and skulls" thingy and was really cool!

Here are 3 of my kids and Lily’s son, Chad, talking to the woman about the different skins and bones!  They had to look at each skin and skull and try to decide which animal they belonged to.  They had a poster to look at and had to check their teeth and feel their fur, etc.  If they guessed them all then they got a big poster.

They went through all 7 and then had an extra credit that wasn’t on the poster.  After many clues, it was my Middle Girl "Z" that got the answer right!  It was a "seal"! 

This is my little "L" feeling the seal skull…

Here’s my "E" in the stroller by the MOOSE skin!

I had lots of fun looking at all the old rooms!  They are always my favorite when we go!  I dream of what life must have been like back then… and love to see all the things that are dear to my heart!!

My oldest son said "oh, Mom, you HAVE to take a picture of THAT!  Wouldn’t you LOVE to have that????" He knows me ALL too well!!  He said if I had this I could REALLY whip out some cloth!!!  hehe

Is this cute, or what???

Wool, anyone???

My 4 oldest kids with their buddy, Chad

And all of my kids together before we left…

Ok… enough of the museum.

Later that day we were invited to our friend’s, John & Cindy’s, for a BBQ!  They just moved and I hadn’t seen their house yet!!  We had SUCH a great time!!!  (and they have a POOL!!!!!!  Now we love them even more!!! hahahahaha…I just HAD to say that since I know Cindy will read this soon!!  LOVE YOU, CINDY!!!!)

Come on now, is there anything as fun as this???

Well ya….. THIS…. (there is nothing like sharing a meal with friends!!  I LOVE seeing everyone around the table like this!!!)

That’s Gabby by the pool, talking with my "Z"…

And this is Liam…

and little Mia… (what a great family, huh???)

I got this funny picture of my "C" doing a Dive/Belly Flop off the diving board!

My "Z" having fun in the pool!

"A" had a blast too!!!

And "L" was a little nervous by the water at first, but then got daring and jumped into John’s arms over and over!

And "E" loved it when Daddy would dunk him in the water!!!

Oh… I finished Mia’s shorts… doesn’t she look SO sweet???

Alright, my DH has to get on here, so I will just add a couple more pix real fast!!!

The other day my niece was here and I got a couple cute pictures of Nouvelle…

She was sucking her thumb, and although I missed THAT shot… I got this one…

And I just think this one is SOOOOO cute!!!  The shading is a little funny, but I think that’s what I like about it!!

And we finally mastered the "ball winder" that I borrowed from my friend, Nancy!!  It is the BEST!!!!  Haley ended up balling up a ton of the wool in different variations!

Here she is with a really pretty ball of yarn…

She used these 3 spools to make it…

OK…back to John & Cindy.   I was completely inspired when we were at their house.  They have their bedroom downstairs now because they are in a cape.  It was kinda like the house I was brought up in… and seeing the setup made me want to change OUR room from upstairs to down.  Our Master bedroom was just so big and got cluttery with all my crafting and stuff.  Cindy’s bedroom is like a little haven away from all the kids that sleep upstairs… and in my envy, I talked with Troy about it and he worked all that evening clearing out our downstairs spare room!  I think he was more excited about it than me!!!  I didn’t feel good, so I headed to bed, and in the AM I woke up to an empty spare room and he started spackling and then got "C" painting over the old homeschool chalkboard! 

Once we had it all set up with our bed, I decided to buy some cloth to make a valance.  This picture isn’t very good, but this is what I came up with!  I love it and got enough cloth to make 2 pillow shams!!

Ok… I didn’t realize just how much that picture stinks!! haha It does NOT do the pretty colors any justice!!  I’ll have to take another one when the light from outside isn’t shining in.  Heck… I’ll do that now before I post and see if it looks any better!!

….. (NEXT DAY)

Alright…I took a pic last night but was too tired to download!  So… here is a close up of what the color actually looks like…(it still looks a little funky, but better than the other picture.  It’s simple stripes, but this pic make it look almost like an indian design or something)

Just as I thought… my "quick entry" is turning into a lengthy one!!! Oh well.

Since I am here, I might as well share some pix of my "Goodwill" finds from yesterday.  I LOVE thrift shopping and find some of the coolest stuff!

Yesterday I got this bag of goodies… (there were some really cute things in there!!  And since I am getting into collecting vintage and other sewing stuff… I was glad there were a bunch of little old buttons!! )

and this was a great bag of doo-dads… I especially loved the older little latch hook rug tools and a cute pair of scissors!!  I paid about $4 for both bags of stuff!

And of course I got… BOOKS!!  I love to stock up on as many books as I can for our home library!!  I was psyched to get a "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" soft cover!  I have the whole series in one big book, but this is a good read for the kids to just cuddle up with alone!  The dictionary had to be my favorite!!!

And my husband loves candle holders… so for $1.99 I got this for him, wood glued down one loose holder, wiped over it really good with olive oil & lemon EO, and added the little tea lights!  CUTE CUTE CUTE!

I think I’m done.  I have a lot to do today that I will hopefully be posting about later on today!  Hope you are all having a great week!!  Don’t forget to check out my CONTEST and comment so you can get in on the fun!!  I am giving away 3 little gift packs of random things I come up with … so get on board!!!

🙂 B



  1. Have you ever been to the place in portland, it's a recycling place, where you can get the oddest lil things, buttons… dowels.. paper, photography supplies… when we were homeschooling and unschooling we went there a lot. Things are CHEAP, and it's so fun to go through and find treasures.

  2. Hey, that candle holder is an advent "wreath" Well, that is what I use mine for anyway. I put evergreens from the tree (or yard if you don't buy a real tree) around the base and then the 4 pink candles and the highest one is the purple (or white whichever you want) goes in the highest place. Representing the 4 Sunday's in advent and Jesus is the biggest and the Light of the World! Have fun. Love the pictures.

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