Posted by: purityseekers | July 20, 2007

**CONTEST** & Sew Crafty Friday post….(Mia's shorties, rag quilt, rag bag)

One month from today will mark my 1 year anniversary at Homeschool Bloggers!  In honor of that day, I am having a contest.

When you comment to this post, I will keep track of your names and have a drawing on August 20th!  I will have my husband pick 3 bloggers names out of a bag and the winners will each receive a fun little care package.  I am not 100% sure what I am giving in each package, but it will be some fun stuff!  Over the next month I will be creating some give-aways and I have some other goodies in mind to add to the little gift packs!  

SO… make sure to link to my blog so lots of people can get in on the fun!!!  THANKS!!!

Now onto "Sew Crafty Friday" from Shereen’s blog!

Ok, let’s start with the most pathetic project of the week:

A Purple Knit Mouse (ya, I know, how many purple mice do YOU know?  but just humor me)

I had this yarn that I was going to make a scarf with, but never did.  SO, when I found a site the other day where you could knit little fur animals, I just HAD to try.  Here’s the little mousy in the works…

And here he is!  His name is ugly, well, because he’s ugly… haha

Alright, now that I have admitted my shameful act, it’s time to move on…

I decided to make a little baby girl rag quilt.  (a small one to cuddle a baby up in a carseat or in your arms!)  I have really gotten into the whole rag thing!  I love the fact that while you are sewing the seams the quilt looks pretty freaky, but then once you are done seaming, cutting the seams, and then washing the quilt to "rag" it… it looks SO cute!!!

Here are some of the squares cut…

and all done!!  The back of each individual square is pink flannel 🙂  My husband let me have a whole afternoon to myself to work on it last weekend!!!

And I finished little Mia’s shorts!  My friend, Cindy, hasn’t even seen them yet, but I’ll throw them on here anyway so she can get a looksy!!

and I started another pair of checkered shorts.  I know, I said I wasn’t going to since they took longer than regular soakers, BUT I am in LOVE with the ones I made for my little "E".  They are SUPER soakers and perfect for a heavy wetter’s overnight over a cloth diaper!!  AND they look so cool!!!  This picture is them upside down because I was also taking a picture of the stitch marker I made!  I made the waist super long this time and really like it!

This is a closer view of the beaded marker I made.  The picture really doesn’t do it justice!  It is just SOOOO sweet!!  I am glad I came across a site where it showed the idea!!  I love being creative by stealing other people’s ideas, because I am not very good at thinking of them myself!!! haha

And I saw that some women make literal rag "bags" to use like a tote bag!  SO, I DID get kinda creative and made mine without using a pattern.  I just kinda thought it through and figured my sized squares and went to town!  Since I was afraid I would be a big, fat failure, I used some of my least favorite fabrics scraps.  I am actually REALLY happy with how it turned out and plan on making another one (next time making sure not to botch up certain spots that I messed up on this one!)

I always make such a mess while I cut!!!! (but I’ve had fun sittin’ there chattin’ with my 3 year old daughter!  She loves to be where I am while I knit, sew, etc. so it’s a good time for us to chat!!)

My new knitting bag!!!

This is what the inside looks like: (I made a little pocket thingy, with bias tape around it, to hold needles, measure tapes, stitch holders and stuff!)

And I have to share all the awesome wool that my friend, Jess, and I got yesterday!!  Nancy, the wonderful woman from church that kindly gave me a bunch of this wool already, said we could come and clear her craft room out of the wool!!!

This is a knitters dream come true!!!!

Look at it all in Jessie’s trunk!! (along with the cool pot Jess bought for dyeing wool!  She found it at Goodwill for about $4!!!! GO, Jess!!!)

Nancy let me borrow her yarn baller (thanks, Me-me!!  That IS what they call you, right?  I heard Jessie at your door calling to you… "Me-me!  We’re here!" and I wondered who she was talking to!! hehe She told me it was YOU!!)

This is the cool little contraption that I can’t quite figure out how to use yet…haha

So, in the meantime, I am balling up some of the wool into little 4 oz. balls.  I found a place online that shows you how to make a "pull from the center" ball of yarn by wrapping the yarn around your thumb.

Click HERE to see how to do it!

Here I am giving it a try…

and I weighted it and it was only 2 oz….

So I stuck an Awana "thumb sized" pen into it and will do more later!!

And now just a couple more pictures from our visit to Nancy’s!!  Outside she has a little hummingbird feeder and I managed to wait long enough to get a picture of one from inside her house!  He’s over to the left in this pic…

and I cropped this one so you could get a little closer view!  It’s pretty blurry… but he is just SO cute!!!  Look at those wings go!!!

And right before we left I snapped a picture of a few of her chickens under the feeder!  They like to hang out in her shrubs!  Oh man, I LOVE nature!!!  I think this is the life right here in this little picture… flowers, beautiful colors, little sweet birds… and free range chickens!!  Nancy… you are the coolest!!!

And one last thing about Nancy that I have to tell you.  She has a HUGE heart!!!  It was great to see her in her element.  I am used to seeing her just at church and serving Christ through the children!!!  She runs the "Awana Store" and generously supplies all the awesome stuff the kids can purchase!!  She is involved in any program at church that involves the kids!!!  She is 100% UNSELFISH!!! 

And at her home, she is a caregiver for the adult foster care program.  (not sure of the specific name… but she has live-in adults that she cares for that have different disabilities).  Watching her with the 35 year old autistic man she cares for was just heartwarming!!!  He is one lucky guy!!!  Anyone that KNOWS Nancy is lucky!!!  So I just wanted to thank Nancy again for being so awesome and kind!!  SHE is the servant that Christ talks about!!!  WHAT A ROLE MODEL!!!  Love ya, Nancy!!!

OK… that is it for today!!!  I have cleaning to do!!!!  Make sure to comment so that you will be entered into my drawing!!!!  THANKS!!!

Love, B



  1. You surely are talented at so many things! The quilt blanket and knit bag are absolutely adorable! And Ugly turned out pretty cute too! lol :o)

    You really fly with those soakers! I sure would like to be able to crochet that fast! As usual, *very* cute!

    I really enjoyed your sharing and look forward to seeing more!


  2. I love the rag bag and quilt. I started a rag quilt type thing. I haven't decided if I want to actually make it bigger so it can be a quilt or turn it into something.

  3. Yahoo for you! Isn't Nancy the BEST? What a heart she has! We're fortunate to know her.

    You're so crafty, B… I don't know where you find the time with all those lil ones!

    You'll have to stop by my blog, we've got some new critters you'll want to see!


  4. know I definitely want to be a part of your contest. As for everything else…awesome! I love rag quilts but never have made one. Do you have a good link for instructions to one or could you give me general instructions? I really want to make some. Did you make your tote the same way? are so lucky to get all of that wool!!!! Wish I knew someone that just had that stuff they wanted to get rid of. 🙂

  5. Mom2fur from here. I stand and applaud Nancy and others like her. It is a noble thing to take care of disabled children, but those who take care of disabled adults are, to me, like angels walking among us. I can't imagine the patience that goes into a calling like that! God bless her!

    Wow…you sure have a lot of crafts going. That baby quilt is adorable!

  6. I totally love love rag blankets….I'd like to give that a try! Wow, you sure were blessed with all that wool yarn. I'm sure you'll create some beautiful items. By the way…..I started using your detergent soap recipe and love it! My mom is so amazed that I made it and will also use it! I'm also thinking of using the cloth diapers when our new baby arrives! What a blessing you are! juliet

  7. Free yarn?? That's great! Happy knitting. :o)

    I really really like the rag quilt and bag you made. They are both so nice. :o)


  8. Hi midwifemom sent me. I love what you are doing. My DD1 found a pattern online the other day and is working on a fun fur pillow. My fun fur was raided. Oh well. What are soakers, they sound interesting. are they helpful in potty training? My one DD4 is almost potty trained but when DS2 starts I was wondering how to make those. Can you point me in a direction to get a pattern?

  9. I really enjoyed visiting your site and seeing all of the crafty things you have made.

    I have always loved knitting, but have learned in the last 3 years how to quilt. It was an obsession for the girls in our family. Our dinner table was constantly covered with material and sewing machines. We often had eggs on toast for dinner because we got so caught up in our projects.

    Craft can be very therapeutic:-)

    Keep up the good work.


  10. You are sooooo crafty, Bridget! We still haven't scheduled that craft night — summer will be over soon! 😦 What a wonderful baby quilt!

    Isn't Nancy awesome!! I love working with her in Sunday School. We have such fun in that class (6,7 & 8 year olds)!

  11. I really like the patchwork bag. I hope that I can figure out how to do that. I think I might attempt it with my daughter this week. Do you have any suggestions for those of us who don't know how to crochet/knit? I would love to do the clothing that you showed.My ten year old daughter is requesting to learn how to do this type of handiwork.

  12. I loved all of the crafts photos on your page. What an inspiration Note to self: add photos to blog!
    I love the quilt it is so cute!

  13. Jen from

    I have you as one of my favorite blogs to read! Love the rag quilt bag and your knitting projects!

    Have a wonderful day!

  14. Hi my name is Melissa and I've been a faithful reader of your blog for about 5 months now. I love reading about all the things you make and do with your children! You really inspire me to be a better mother and helpmeet to my husband! May God bless you and your family!

  15. This is the first time I've visited your blog, but I can see I will be coming back.

    I've posted a blurb on my blog about your contest too.


  16. This is the first time I've visited your blog.

  17. Please enter me into the contest. Thank you. I love that rag quilt and bag!

  18. You look like you had a great time with all those crafts. I am so overdue a crafty day. I try to work on things a bit at a time but sometimes I just want to get in there and "get 'er done!"

    Galatians 6:9
    PS. Consider me entered into your contest.

  19. hi, from a fellow AR mamma! always love your posts! i know it was a little while ago, but i particularly liked the post on 'family paper', when i told my dh (thought he'd 'poopoo' the idea), instead he thought it was a great idea, and alot cleaner and healthier. always love your cute knitting-kid-creations!

  20. Oh wow! love the pictures of all your stuff! Thank you for the encouragements – I am inspired to make the rag bag- great first time project for that style. Trying to get some very small items done in time for fair! Will post to my blog or at least try! Have a great day with your family…

  21. I've enjoyed finding your blog!! So many nice things!
    I really love that rag quilt and the purple mouse is a scream!

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