Posted by: purityseekers | July 18, 2007

Birthday, Banana Peels, Baby Bam, Bisquick, Books & Benny…

Hi Everyone!  I had started this post, the other day, on my niece’s birthday but never posted it!!  UGH.  Yes… that’s a lot of "B"s in one post subject line! haha BUT I kept thinking of things I wanted to write about and they just happened to have that in common so I ran with it!

My incredible niece, Haley, turned 20 on the 18th!  HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY, HALEY!!!  Here she is with her youngest child of 2, Nouvelle…

Haley is the most awesome Wife and Mama, and if you met her you would never believe she JUST got out of her teen years!!!  She is a pro at all she does and she is SO encouraging and inspiring!!  I’m so proud of her and LOVE having her over to spend time with me and the kids!!  Her oldest son, Audric, will be 2 in November and so she has her hands full BUT loves every single second of it!!!  HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY, HALEY!!!

Ya know… there are just some things, that when you experience them for the first time, they are unforgettable!  The other day my "almost 5" year old was munching a piece of a banana I gave him, and as he walked out of the kitchen he slipped right backwards, like you’d see in a movie.  He immediately cried and I said "Oh no, did you slip on some water???" (since my baby had been walking around with a cupful) and he looked down and cracked up and said "no… a banana peel!!!" haha We both laughed and laughed because you usually only see that on cartoons or something!!  SO, I officially have seen, for the 1st time in my 38 years on this planet, someone slip on a banana peel! 

Baby Bam.  No, I am not talking about the old "Flintstones" cartoons.  Some of you will know JUST what I am talking about, while others will have no clue.  That was me a couple days ago while I was talking to my SIL, Mary.  I was cooking ground beef for no apparent reason… just to cook it up.  She was ALSO cooking ground beef… but with a purpose.  She was making Emeril’s "TOTALLY SLOPPY JOES" and said she needed to add some "BABY BAM".  I was like "Baby Bam??? What the heck is Baby Bam???"  After she told me I was SO excited that I had most of the ingredients!  SO, I made my first double batch of Baby Bam and made the sloppy joes!!  YUM YUM YUM!!!  You HAVE to try ’em!!!  Just click on those 2 links and check them out!

And another thing I made a while back is WHOLE WHEAT BISQUICK!  I put it into a ziplock bag and keep it in my old Bisquick box!  Here’s a pic…

Now, you’ll see I have a bunch of index card recipes attached to the box, because I found a bunch of recipes to use with the mix!  I actually wrote them up in a pdf file if anyone is interested!  If you set your printer to print a 3X5 index card, it will print perfectly! 


Now, I didn’t end up getting a picture of them… but I got a bunch of awesome books at Goodwill the other day!!  I’d go take a picture right now, but I am too lazy!!!  (gloomy day, go figure!!!)  But that was the "BOOK" in the subject heading!

And the "Benny" is one of our little kitties.  I was sitting at the computer the other day and he plopped himself right up behind my monitor and fell asleep:

Isn’t that cute??  Well… I am going to post this so I can get movin’ on my "Sew Crafty Friday" post 🙂

Have a great weekend!  🙂 B



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