Posted by: purityseekers | July 17, 2007

Life, blog issues, and a future CONTEST!!!

I came to my blog today and found that every link on my right side was M.I.A.!!!  I contacted homeschoolbloggers and realize that I have to save all the changes I make on my template in case, for some strange reason, they disappear!!  I got my friends, archives and things back, but lost all my family links, favorite sites, knitting links, etc. so it will take a while to get things back!!!!  I had SO many favorite links that I ONLY posted on my blog so now I am afraid I won’t recover all of them!  Oh well… I’ll have to save them to my actual internet favorites next time just in case this ever happens again!!

So… sorry for the inconvenience!  (if anyone even noticed!! haha) 

I have been super busy lately with life and some big plans I have.  I’ll be sharing more about that as time goes on and I figure out my plan in more detail!  I’ve been trying to keep my life consistent and well balanced but that hasn’t always been easy since the weather is getting better and summer NEVER seems to be consistent.  BUT we ARE having fun!!!  As the summer goes on, I will be working more on my "plan" and also gearing up for homeschooling, more consistent "bootcamp" training, and just keeping myself healthy and focused more on the Lord and my husband first and foremost!!  I can be VERY O.C.D. and am working hard on not focusing on just ONE thing while the rest of my life collapses! hehe

In a few days I will be posting about a CONTEST I will be having in celebration of my blog’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!  For the whole month prior to the anniversary date (August 20th) I will be receiving comments on this post and asking that you forward my blog to people so they can also enter!!  I’ll be giving away a few different prizes… just some random things.  I’ll be handmaking some and just adding some cute little goodies to go along with it.  I just thought it would be fun to let you know what I’ll be giving away (probably no pictures since I have to make them!!!) and then telling you how many prizes will be available and how I will choose, etc. 

Who doesn’t love a contest?????  hehe  And to make people have more than just one chance to win, I want to make at least 3 prizes or more available!! 

SO… I’ll be back to post more later!!  Today I have a few sick kids and this Mama isn’t feelin’ too good herself!!  We are dealing with sore throats and just feelin’ kinda icky!!

If I get a chance later today I will post some pictures!  If not, I will be back soon!

🙂 B



  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with! 😉

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