Posted by: purityseekers | July 9, 2007

Fun Meme!! TAG…You're it!!!!

 sorry about the black print… makes it a little hard to read but I am too lazy to change it at the moment!!!

I was just at MIDWIFE’S MOM’S BLOG and found an older post of her with this Meme.  It looked fun and I am in the mood for a "NO PIX" post so I thought I’d consider myself tagged!  🙂

5 things that I was doing 10 years ago:

1. Getting used to being a Mama for the 1st time!  My son oldest son was 2 months old 10 years ago!

2. Wondering if my husband (my FIRST husband) would go out drinking and smoking pot and stay out half the night.  UGH.

3. Praying that God would give me the strength to be in such a horrid marriage!!!

4. Loving up my son and finding peace looking at his sweet face.  (wow…what pathetically sad answers!!!  But it’s the truth!!!!!)

5. Living in a little apartment calling my pastor to see if he would come over to pray with me! (and asking him if he could help us since we couldn’t pay rent most of the time since my husband was always getting fired from his jobs!!!)

***** side note:  My wonderful husband that I am married to now is God’s gift to me after the 3 years I was faithful to an unfaithful husband.  God is SOOOO incredibly gracious!!!!!  He is everything my 1st husband wasn’t… and a BILLION things more!!  I love you, T!!!!

5 snacks that I enjoy:

1. Cadbury Caramello bars!!!

2. Popcorn (NOT microwaved!!!!) with lots of real butter and plenty of salt!!

3. Doritoes!

4. Homemade chocolate cake w/ buttercream frosting

5. Tortilla chips and salsa

5 songs that I know all the lyrics to:

1. Songs I sing with my kids at night like "Nothing but the blood of Jesus", "Mary did you know?"… stuff like that

2. Many Christian contemporary songs

3. Many worship songs

4. Tons of kids songs!  I sing a mean "Twinkle Twinkle"!!

5. TOO many 80’s rock songs from my dreadful B.C. days!!!! (and some other really fun ones like "Come on Eileen" and "Mr. Blue Sky" (E.L.O.—- gotta love it!!!)

5 things that I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Move to a beautiful old farmhouse with an enormous amount of land and remodel the whole house. (after paying off our debt! and all of our family members debts!)

2. Buy stuff for people we know… things that are desires we know about, things they need. etc.

3. Adopt a zillion kids!!!!!

4. Buy a book about raising farm animals (haha) and buy some sheep (for their wool) chickens (for their eggs), cows, horses, etc. and then pay someone else to take care of them (hehe) while we start a little family business selling organic stuff!!!

5. Support missions in Guatemala where my brother and his family will be serving!!!

5 bad habits:

1. Blogging when I should be cleaning

2. Blogging when I should be feeding my kids

3. Blogging when I should be doing laundry

4. Blogging at 4PM in my jammies I wore the night before

5. And… blogging.   I have other bad habits, but I’m glad nothing like smoking, picking my nose, etc. haha

5 things that I like to do:

1. Spend time with my DH and kids

2. Knit

3. Sew

4. Read

5. Take LOADS of pictures and BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!

5 things that I would never wear again:

1. Pinned striped jeans

2. Legwarmers over my pant legs

3. Boatshoes

4. Bikinis

5. Those socks that have a place for each toe!!!  (rainbow colored!!) hehe

5 favorite toys:

1. My Canon Rebel

2. My Knitting needles and wool

3. My Sewing machine

4. My paper cutter (I use that little gadget ALL the time for stuff)

5. And last but not least…my COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!

5 people I tag:

I will do what Midwife Mom did and tag the first 5 people that read this…and anyone else that thinks it would be fun!!!! 



  1. That was fun, I love learning a bit more about my blogging sisters through these memes! 🙂 We have alot in common 🙂

    Have a blessed week!

  2. Hey, I just noticed when your birthday is. Mine is February 15th, 1977. I know of three other people that have the same b-day.

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