Posted by: purityseekers | July 7, 2007

Strawberry Picking…

I don’t like it when I go this long without blogging!!!  I go into shock looking at all the cute pictures I want to send and know I can’t!!!  If I sent ALL of them then you all would also go into shock!!!!

I’ll start with our strawberry picking last Tues!  It was SO fun!!! 

The kids and I went with my parents, my friend Jess & her girls, and her Mom, Deb and 2 of her youngest kids!  Here are my kids and Jessie’s… Deb hadn’t gotten there yet…

Walking to pick some berries!!!

This is Jessie’s Mom:

After picking, we went to Dher house to learn how to make JAM!!!

Here are some of the berries on her old fashioned cook stove!  Isn’t it the coolest??

Here are some of my berries hulled:


And here I am mooshing my berries all up!!

Here’s Jess hulling some of her berries while my "E" had fun beside her…

and he kept getting up on the table for a snack!!!

and here’s Jess cooking her berries…

the kids all had a blast outside playing!  Her kids have a great dirt pile!!

and my "L" had fun on their tire swing…

It was a fun day!!!  I’ll end with a picture of my first ever HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY JAM!!!  It is SOOOOOO good!!!!!  I ended up making 6 jars worth and had a quart of berries left over to eat!

🙂 B



  1. Those strawberries look delicious! How was the picking, and am I too late to pick some? I hope not…

  2. You amaze me, girl! Great photos! Love the fireworks and berries! I've given you the Reflective Blogger Award. Go to my site to get your badge and pass it on to 5 others that have blessed you. Congrats!


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