Posted by: purityseekers | July 7, 2007

4th of July Pix :)

We had a great day!!  My niece, Haley, came over and brought my nephew’s baby too!

Here I am with her daughter, Nouvelle, and my other Great Niece, Aubrey!  I was trying to disguise the fact that my arms were breaking!! haha

We started out at the parade!  The kids had a blast watching all the entries and getting CANDY!!!

We always have a family picture taken at the parade!  I remember when it was just My DH and my oldest son in the picture (and I was pregnant for "Z"!)  Here we all are!

My husband is so cute 🙂

I love this picture of my Dad and my oldest son getting ready for the guns to go off!

Here’s my Mom (Hi Mom!!!) and her longtime friend, Helen.  I don’t remember a 4th of July without Helen and her husband, Bob, being with us.  He died last year and was in a nursing home for a few years before that… but Helen has continued going!  I am glad she can still go and spend time with our family!!!

It was hot, but we all had our share of water… "E" got a free water from a local church group…

Haley’s son, Audric, clapping and nice and cool with water all over his hair!

Haley was SO nice to offer to take my DH and I’s picture…

JUST so she could have her DH pour water on us!!! haha

So I offered to take a picture of my friend, Jessie…(hehe)

hahaha…LOVE YOU, JESS!!!

Of all my kids, my Sweet "L" was the most aggressive when it came to getting candy!!!  Here she is under me munching away as the parade went by!

but the all time winner of the "Get out of my way…I want candy" award goes to….

Haley!  (the BIG KID on the right)

She was RUTHLESS!!!!  She was making sure none of the kids went without!!  THANKS, HALEY!!! (she got me a piece too!!!  I think she knocked a few kids out… but heck… it’s the name of the game, right??)

After the parade we went to Kevin & Jessie’s for a BBQ!  The kids had fun playing on the water slide…

Here’s my "Z"….

A big splash at the bottom!

I thought these next 2 pictures were so cute of my Big Guy "C" chasing his little sister…

"Gotcha!!!"  She LOVED it!!!  In this picture she was cracking up laughing!

We all went down to see Jessie’s cute little goaties…

This is a cute pic of Haley loving up one of the goat’s… my "C" gave her rabbit ears at JUST the right time!

He got to hold one too…

and me too!

Kevin runs an auto repair shop and checked our van while we were there because my breaks weren’t working right…

Here’s my "C", "A" and Sweet "L" watching while Kevin lifted the van up.  My DH was in it and ended up falling asleep for a minute!! haha


There’s nothing as cool as a wrench THIS big!!!


Later on, we went to the fireworks!

Me and my little man, "E"…

"Z" using a sparkler…

and all the kids watching the light show!

It was such a great day!!!  I’ll leave with one last picture.  It was taken the day we picked strawberries at Jessie’s Mom’s house.  It’s just a cute picture of 4th of July spirit!!!

Hope you all had a great day too!!!

Love, "B"




  1. Our town has a huge 4th of July parade, that we never miss. It is so funny watching the kids plug their ears, yet still try to grab all of that candy!

    Great pictures! I am glad you shared!


  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time!

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