Posted by: purityseekers | June 30, 2007

Proverbs 31 "She riseth also while is is still night"…

I woke up this AM to my son saying he had to go to the bathroom.  We all sleep upstairs and our upstairs bathroom is just a spare room waiting to someday be turned INTO a bathroom.  My kids have a fear of going downstairs so every now and then I wake to one of them asking me to go down with them. If you can’t see this… it’s a pink girls t-shirt that says "Boys are afraid of the dark".hehe

 It was about 3:15 AM.  (and I have NO idea why my font is bold…but I can’t figure out how to change it!!! The "B" is highlighted but I can’t click it off!!!)  Anyhoo… I came down with him and then he headed back up to bed and I felt completely awake!!!!  My mind started wandering and I started thinking about starting a "purityseekers" yahoo group.  (Yes… I know… crazy to be thinking that at 3:15 AM but I am a total O.C.D. person!!)  I was owner of a yahoo group before… but it seemed like as the years went on, our tight knit group fell apart.  I got discouraged when a close friend left and gave up a friendship with me because I was struggling.  That is a whole ‘nother story… but when I was struggling with my faith, asking too many questions, starting to doubt, etc… I was given up on by someone I held dear to my heart.  When she left my group and gave up our friendship, I just felt like it was time to give it up that part of my life.  There are seasons for everything… and my group ended.

Now it is 5AM and I have been awake ever since my son woke me.  I have prayed and read scripture and my mind is in gear!!!  I decided that I truly believe this is the perfect time to start a sister site to this blog where people can get to know each other better through group emails… and where I can share more of my life.  My other group helped me to gain knowledge of how yahoo groups work, so I feel like I am wise to what I can do to make sure it remains strong.  I’ll be working on this over the next week and will send a link once I complete it. 

OK… back to my early morning.  My husband’s alarm went off at 3:40 (when he gets up to do his 2nd job… his paper route!)

Good thing we don’t live in NY…

Anyway… I headed back up to bed.  He remembered it was Sat. and he could sleep in a bit… so back to bed we went.  He ended up getting up about 5 minutes later because he just couldn’t sleep.  I turned on my light (after throwing on a sweatshirt!  BRRRRR!!  Windows open + Fan on = chilly!!) and opened my bible.  After studying some "purity" scriptures, I heard a cat crying outside so I just sat there listening.  Then my mind turned to what God was REALLY trying to show me.  The birds singing. 

It was INCREDIBLE!!  I mean… it was a whole choir!!!  When people sleep late… they miss that! 

Sorry…I HAD to post this.  I took out the "H-E-double hockey sticks" and added a "BEEP"…hehe

And if you get up early… (hehe…just a little morning humor)

sometimes you can just take that stuff for granted!  But I just sat there in awe and thanked God for His beautiful music that woke up my heart this AM.  And people say there isn’t a God!!!  Those little birds were singing for ME this morning.  I could just tell!  😉

Anyway… my mind wandered back to His Word and to Proverbs.  I had told you before that my husband and I are going to be doing studies with the children out of Proverbs.  I told him that since he is so busy with work, that I would start at Proverbs 1 and read until I felt I came across a good verse to do a study with the kids about.  Today’s verse is Proverbs 1:7.  Then we’ll talk about it together and think of examples from our own lives to use as good teaching tools! 

Proverbs 1:7 says:

We’ll start the study talking about what "proverbs" are.  Then we’ll talk about wisdom and fools and all that good stuff. 

Thinking about Proverbs got me thinking about a Proverbs 31 woman. 

I have read the verses over and over and over for SO many years and never did I read that the verses were written as an acrostic poem.  I just think that stuff is so cool!  Each beginning letter of each verse begins with a consecutive letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.


I like how many people that have studied it look at it like "The Perfect Woman from A-Z".  WOW!!!  I saw also how this type of whitty poem is used as an example…but not to be taken completely literal.  I kinda went down through the verses and compared this woman to myself and I found similarities but also found things I just don’t see as important for me personally.  (like bringing my "bread from afar" or making "coverings of tapestry" for myself) but the whole poem just shows what great attributes a woman should have.  Not that I have to buy a field and plant a vineyard… but I can help my husband to use his money wisely and to make wise investments!  And although I don’t "layeth" my "hands to the distaff" and "hold the spindle"… I DO like to keep busy with my hands, buy yarn and knit what OTHER people have spun… and heck… I even perceive that my "merchandise is good" and I’ve even gone to Ebay to "selleth them"! hehe Sounds funny to me… maybe that’s because it’s 5:42 AM and I have not had any coffee yet!!!

I came across this and it completely reminded me of myself…haha:

hahaha… I LOVE that one!!!  But you see where I’m going with this.  We can take these verses and apply them to ourselves in ways that are fitting to our personal lives.

I found it just as interesting to see that the whole book about "wisdom" ends with this description of an excellent wife.  The author’s notes of my KJV bible speaks of how this may be because a woman at home is most able to demonstate wisdom in the home.  I know in our home… I feel like I am a big bottle of Elmer’s glue:

better yet… a bottle of CRAZY glue…hehe:

I am constantly repairing all the breaks in our life and doing all I can to keep us all connected!!  When something doesn’t seem right… I go after it and make sure to fix it!  I am constantly hearing "Honey, have you seen my belt?", "Mom… what’s for lunch?", "I spilled my milk!!!", "Mommy, have you seen my orange Hot Wheels car with the #6 on it???", "BABY ALERT!! BABY ALERT!!!  "E" is getting into something chokeable!!!"… it never ends! haha  Those of you that are wives, mothers, or both know JUST what I am talking about!  And I am always using words like "She is your sister.  Don’t tell her you don’t love her anymore!  You may be upset at her, but love doesn’t stop!"  I love to make my children stand face to face during an argument, look each other in the face and say "I love you" and then give each other a big hug!  Works every time!!!

I have so much grace when it comes to my husband being the "head" of our family.  I truly believe he is, and I try so hard to submit to him, but I also know that I have my role.  I am ok with preparing a bible lesson to do with the kids and not nagging him to tears because he didn’t prepare it. 

He is SO busy outside of the home providing for us, that I owe him that!  (and I don’t want him to desire to work MORE like that guy!!!)  In my heart it makes me happy to serve my family like that!  I just encourage him to do the things with me, and he likes that!

Speaking of my hard workin’ man… he just popped in real quick in the middle of his route and glanced at what I’m doing.  He was reading some papers I had printed off and it makes me smile knowing he can walk back out trusting that I am being faithful to God and sitting here, not doing something idle, but doing something worthwhile! 

OH… and one more thing that got me thinking this AM.  I read Proverbs 31:       15… "She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household".  OK…no, I am not crockpotting some beef stew… but I AM delving into the "meat" of scripture and getting ready to give it to my family later!  Does that count??  🙂 

I just love being up early.  I can see why a smart woman WOULD be up early.  It’s so quiet!!!  In about a 1/2 hour that silence will end and reality will hit!  I always am up between 5:30 and 6… but then the kids are up RIGHT after that and I don’t have a lot of time to think by myself.  And even after rising early, as soon as I get that 2nd wind later in the day, I am usually able to even stay up a little later and read.  When my children wake me in the wee hours of the night for comfort or assistance, I still feel capable of helping them joyfully and peacefully without frustration.  I truly believe that "her lamp goeth not out by night" is talking about that kinda of readiness.  To be alert and ready for any situation!!

So, are you striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman?  Read each verse and see how you can apply it to YOUR life.  Are you idle?  That is one thing that I’ve heard… "how do you do all that with 5 kids????"  Really… I don’t think it’s any amazing feat.  I just like to fill every little ounce of space in my day with busy work.  (and many times my O.C.D. takes over and where I succeed in one area… my whole world starts to crumble around me!! haha

THAT is when I have to re-focus!!!)  But…I try to keep busy.  If I am waiting for water to boil, I knit standing up in my kitchen.  I’ll bring my cutting stuff downstairs and cut quilt squares on my island while I talk with the kids, or have a child on my lap while I upload pictures that I am putting on my blog, or I talk with a friend and get encouragement while I clean my house, or read bible stories at mealtime with my kids.  Really… a lot of what I do is just piddly stuff I squeeze into my day to fill the time I could easily fill with folly!

But I am FAR from perfect. 

I took this picture of my kitchen yesterday afternoon: (to post so that I could encourage myself to clean it for an "after" picture)

It was so depressing to me that I had let it get so cluttery because I was busy doing other stuff of interest to me!!!  You can’t see the clock in this picture but it says 2:40 something.  I was determined to make it "picture-take-able" and worked off and on until about 5PM cleaning it!  (of course with 5 children I had things that came up… but I managed to succeed!)

As Nancy Campbell has shown, we should all be striving to be "Above Rubies"… but I have a LOT of work to do!!  I just really love to press on and keep that prize in mind!!  And when I fail (which I do a LOT)… I just shake off the dust, don’t look back, and start the day fresh.  I’m finally comfortable in my own skin.  I can laugh at my failures, try not to make the same stupid mistakes over and over, and I can smile at the future.  I love my family and take my role very seriously and passionately. 

I have been writing this post off and on all morning and now I better get going before the chaos starts!!! 

Have a GREAT weekend!!  My DH is working all day but he’ll have tomorrow off!  WOO HOO!!

Love, B





  1. Bridgett,
    Thanks for the fun, funny, encouraging, artistic blog. You spoke to my heart today. I'm trying to become a morning person, and to use all of my minutes productively.


  2. Bridget,
    You have inspired me to get busy! I want to be like the Proverbs 31 woman, but fail so miserably most of the time! My most recent blunder is feeling so blue about Melissa leaving for the summer and working at a Christian camp. I should be REJOICING that she wants to do that! Thanks for unknowingly giving me something positive to think about!
    Love ya!

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