Posted by: purityseekers | June 29, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday

I love Friday’s even more now because my DH started a new job and has every Thursday off so I am smiling after a really great day with him home yesterday!  AND I know he only has to work 2 more days and then he is off on Sunday!  We finally know an actual work schedule that won’t change!! woo hoo!!!

Well… another reason, of course, for loving Friday’s is Shereen’s "Sew Crafty Friday"!!!  Make sure to go to her BLOG and check it out!!!

Last week I didn’t post about my "family cloth" because I was saving it for a seperate post.  But for those who didn’t see that post… this is a liner I made for our "dirty" bucket.  I just measured around the sides and cut a bottom and sides and sewed them together and they turned out pretty good!  Click HERE if you want to check out the "family cloth" post.


and my friend, Cindy, just moved with her husband and 3 kids to a new house!  We live in the same town now!  WOO HOO!!!  So I decided to make each of her kids something for their new rooms. 

I made my first "rag quilt pillows"!  Now (like I need another addiction) I am totally addicted to the "rag" thing!!  The girls will have the same bedding in opposite colors of purple and pink… so I made the 2 girly ones.  I made one smaller for the youngest.  And then their boys room is going to be decorated in his favorite "Red Sox"… so I just did a red and white so I knew it would match!

and I am STILLLLLLLL working on the checkered wool soaker shorts for my son.  They are getting there…but it’s been a slow process since they just take longer AND I’ve been doing so many other things!!!  Of course, my little man "E" had to get in the picture… but now we have 2 kitties so he wasn’t alone today!! 


This picture shows how cool they look inside out!! (and you can see "Benny")  Making the checkers also adds an extra layer of wool which will make them work even better as a soaker!!!

Our other cat, Coco, is mostly black, but I LOVE Benny’s markings!  He is striped and then spotted on his belly!!  And he is just as wild as he looks!!!!

So…that is about it for this week!!!  I have big plans to try to make my first rag quilt to sell.  My niece and I want to start a hyena cart store so I am trying to get some things started so we can stock a store soon! 

Can’t wait to go and check out what everyone else is doing!!

Love, B



  1. I always love seeing what you have done "crafty" for the week. I think those checkered shorts are looking great. Can't wait to see them modeled. 🙂

  2. Those soakers I really turning out cute! Thanks for sharing your progress! Your litte E (I have a litte E also ;o)) is cute as well as the kitten too! lol :o)

    Those pillows are too cute as well! Thanks for sharing them! What lovely ideas!

  3. Mom2fur here. ( I love those rag pillows! They look like they were a lot of fun to make!

  4. Bridget,
    I love the rag pillows! They are so cool! I haven't been real crafty lately. Last weekend was very busy with Melissa's graduation and 2 grad parties. NARS has a wonderful graduation ceremony! Except the parents have to speak to their kids (since they were homeschooled). I am hoping to slow down and finish the sweater I am making for Isla! If I don't hurry, she won't be able to wear it! Talk to you soon!

  5. Very crafty indeed! Everything is great. I think my favorite is the rag pillow. A friend is going to teach me how to make a rag quilt. I can't wait. :o)

    I didn't have anything to add 'Sew Crafty' this time, but I do this week.

    Lisa :o)

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