Posted by: purityseekers | June 28, 2007

Purity Seeker

I felt convicted today.  When I started my blog almost a year ago, I wanted to encourage others to live a life of "purity" in all aspects of their life.  I can easily get sidetracked and focus on just the "fun" stuff. 

My husband printed off "My Utmost For His Highest" for today and read it to me while I was knitting.  It spoke about making sure that we don’t "dilute" the Word of God.  Immediately I thought of how I dilute the juice I give my youngest son in the morning.  I sometimes add an equal amount of water to the juice and it tastes obviously VERY watered down.  He loves it, but if I had to drink that everyday I would be very bored and long for something more flavourful!

I focus on the Lord throughout my days,  BUT I can easily "dilute" my Christian walk by adding way too much of what I THINK is "flavor"… yet it ends up not having even CLOSE to as much "taste" as what God has to offer.

Every now and then on my blog I will speak about my convictions, but more than anything I speak a lot about my personal interests.  Many of the things I talk about ARE things I feel God leading me to do, yet I usually don’t talk about THAT part of it.  I’ll say how I love to be frugal, how I love to knit, how I love to sew, etc.  But I don’t speak much of my Christian walk.

So I am really going to try to "get a grip".  I put that in quotes because today a local church delivered "jar grips" along with an invitation to different "get a grip" meetings they are holding.  It has just stuck in my head today after finding it at our door.  

I really do have to do "reality checks" here and there and make sure that I am truly giving God all the glory and honor in my life!!!

We are going to start doing "Proverbs" devotions with the kids.  Ever since I’ve been reading the Miller stories with my children (we’ve read "Missionairy Stories with the Miller’s", "Storytime with the Miller’s" and are almost done "Wisdom with the Miller’s") they just make the teaching wisdom thing seem so easy!!  They take a couple verses from a Proverb and expand on it with personal stories as examples!  We’ve decided to choose a couple verses in the morning, talk about them with each other, and plan our kids devotion to do that evening.  I am excited about it!!

I am going to be doing a post soon about going on a "juice fast".  I’d love any input any of you have about this.  My niece’s husband is just finishing a 10 day juice fast and it got me very interested in doing something to rid my body of toxins.  My husband is going to do the type of fast that Nate did, but I am going to have to modify it since I breastfeed my son.  Since many toxins can enter into your milk, there are things you can do to minimize the toxins that are released through the breastmilk and make it an overall benefit to yourself and your baby.  I will be researching it and then taking the plunge!

BUT… this got me thinking about how easy it can be to focus on the "physical".  I’ve always wanted to do a spiritual fast, but for the past 7 years I have either been pregnant or nursing!  SO… that just wasn’t something I pursued.  BUT we all could benefit from ridding our SPIRITS of toxins.  Eating this, drinking that, exercising, taking walks, etc… they are all well and good for the temple of the Holy Spirit… but it’s our spirits themselves that are often neglected and really need a good boost!!!!!  Although training to run in a marathon could be so good phyically… running this Christian race with endurance is what it truly important! 

I am really going to try to re-focus and make sure that in all things that I do, I give my Lord and Savior all the glory!!!

I truly AM a PURITY SEEKER… but I don’t always show that in my writings.  Please forgive my selfishness!!!!

In Christ’s, B





  1. We always seem to be on the same page, it's amazing. I was just thinking about this week. This week my back has been hurting me, and my post have been kind of blah. I was trying to figure out why I blog, am I helping anyone with my post. Is it a waste of time. Does the Lord want me to continue to blog? Should I change my focus for blogging, etc. It was nice to read your thoughts on it as well. The other thing is that I have been also looking into Juice fasting, and purchased a book called Living in the RAw. I think that's the name, sorry, I'm layed out with a bad back right now. Anyway, I have been thinking about going at least 50 percent raw for starters. From what I have read, it even helps you to think clearer, spiritually, aside from physically. I have a book called Juicing For Life. I think it has some juice recipes for detoxing. Do you have something you will be following? If you need me to share some of the recipes, just let me know. I hope you don't give up your living green type of posts. It really is a great encouragement.

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