Posted by: purityseekers | June 20, 2007

Bible Based Bootcamp Update and Pix (including a pic of spare "toy" room 4 Lynn)

I’ve been updating and writing the certain "day" of bootcamp we were on… but I’ve learned, this time around, that bootcamp isn’t about how many days you do it.  It is a lifestyle change that should be ongoing and consistent!  The things that go along with bootcamp can ease up a bit after the training has stuck, but the whole concept needs to continue or it will all slowly fall apart!!!

So our life has been really good!  We’ve had ups and downs but things ARE sticking, even when my own personal discipline has not been very good! 

It’s the little things I love.  Like when my friend, Lily was over last week.  We were eating pizza and I had asked my oldest to do something and he said "yes Ma’am" and then my youngest daughter (age:3) was done and said (in the cutest voice), "Mommy, may I be excused because I’m done".  My friend was very impressed and asked if that was because of "bootcamp".  AMEN, Sista!!  It’s ALL about the training we’ve been doing!!!  I love it!!!  Repeat, repeat, repeat and before long it’s just habit!!!

We have been reading a lot at mealtime.  I LOVE to read them the Miller stories.  We are almost done "Wisdom and the Miller’s" so it’s time to start something new!!!  It’s summer so the homeschooling "sit down" work has kinda been put on hold at times but they are learning tons everyday!

Last week, my friend, Lily’s, son was here all day with us!  It was really fun for the kids!!  And Lily got to spend the day with her sister who was up from Virginia!

When she got back she said they had gone "coupon shopping" and she was SOOOO sweet and brought me home some of their "good deals"!!! (she’ll laugh that I took a picture of all the goods!! hehe)

She got tomatoes, paper towels, cat food, Cheerios, toothpaste and a bunch of awesome "Burt’s Bee’s" stuff!!!! 

I was SOOOOO excited when she told me where she got the "Burt’s Bee’s" stuff.  (and the price!!! hehe) So I left the next morning to get some more!!!

Here’s my Sweet "L" organizing all my loot!!! (at .25 each… it was a steal!!!)  Underneath all the little bottles are little soaps!!  They smell SOOOOO good!!!


Wow… I have a lot of catch up pictures since I haven’t blogged much lately!!  I was TRYING to control myself… but obviously it didn’t work!! haha Now I just feel like I NEED to post a million pictures!!! AHHHH 

I have to back up a bit.  My niece was visiting last week and I took a few really cute pix!  Haley decided to "label" the kids…

Here’s my little man "E" with his label…

Ya, I know… NOT NICE TO CALL NAMES!!!  hehe  I have to admit… he WAS being a bit on the wimpy side when it came to her son, Audric, bullying him… but he’s just so darn sweet!!!!!

Here’s her label for her little Nouvelle.  She was labeled "Tooty Fruity Peanut Nose" and the 2nd label lets you know that she likes to eat stinky chickens.  DON’T ASK!!!

Isn’t this priceless???

This is cute…"E" was going, "SHHHHHHHHH" while Vellie was sleeping…


Here’s Audric dancing in my kitchen!!  haha He does this really cute "elbow" thing…

On the 15th, I got some cute pix of my kiddos outside…

From oldest 2 youngest…

We saw a bald eagle flying WAY up in the sky over us… so I grabbed my zoom lens and then cropped a pic of him… 

OK… Lynn wrote and asked if I’d post a picture of my spare room (someday will be a bathroom) where we keep all the toys.  I had written about how ALL the kids toys are put away and the kids can only play with one or 2 things at a time and then they have to ask to exchange toys.  This keeps our house clean and demands the kids clean up messes before they start new ones!

This is what the room looks like…

I have LOADS of storage buckets, like you see at the back wall, that have labels telling what’s in each bucket.  Most of them are clothes that the kids will eventually fit into!  Then I have a big red bucket of Mega blocks, a bucket of Duplos, a bag of stuffed animals, Magna Doodles, cars, Thomas trains, musical instruments, wagon of wooden blocks, box full of marbles, etc.  The rest of the room is other storage like baby things I don’t use, crib, exersaucer, etc. and Christmas things, blankets, jackets, space heaters and lots of other things we aren’t using right now. 

I took that picture yesterday, and "L" came in and took out her little "beads" to play with.

Lynn also asked if this is JUST for bootcamp… or ALL the time.  This is actually what got me really thinking hard about what "bootcamp" is all about.  If I was to take all the toys out eventually after a certain "bootcamp" time… my life would get completely disorderly again and FAST!!!!!  I would have blocks under my couch, cars in every room, marbles among the missing, etc.  This is FOR GOOD! 

The only other toys we have that aren’t in this room are buckets of Legos and army men.  They are in my oldest son’s closet.  And it’s in HIS room, with the door locked, that the kids can play with what we call "chokables".  If they want to use marbles, they HAVE to go into "C"s room with the door locked so the baby can’t get in.  THEN they have to do a major scope of the room and pick up EVERY marble before leaving!!!

Then of course I have craft stuff on hand at ANY time for the kids to color, cut, etc.

OK… back to pictures!!! hehe

I can’t remember if I shared this before… but I am going to do it now in case I forgot.

I was talking to my friend, Summer, a while back and she was telling me how Nancy Campbell (from Above Rubies) had said how to make a grain grinder using an old blender!!  I was SOOOO psyched to find out this cool tip!!!  Ever since I got my smoothie machine, my blender was just in a cupboard being useless.  NOT ANYMORE!!!

I have been using mine as a "Mama Smoothie" machine until I buy some grain to grind!  When I want to make myself a single serving of smoothie, for a quick energy boost, I use this little handy dandy tool.

I put a bunch of yummy stuff in the mason jar.  This has yogurt, juice, frozen berries, Green Goodness and carrot juice… (now come on… it doesn’t look any healthier than THIS!!!)

then (after taking off the glass part of the blender) I put the blade part into the jar and then screw the base on…


Then you flip the whole thing upright and place it on the blender machine…(isn’t this the cutest little blender you’ve ever seen???)

Blend it up and VOILA!!!  Just unscrew and you have your drinking cup all full and ready!!!

Yesterday I had my DH take a picture of me carrying "E" in the carrier I made a while back… he LOVES it!!!  (and I used some of the cloth my SIL got me when they went to Guatemala!)

This is what the back looks like all tied!  It is SO comfortable because it supports all around! (and he is NOT light!!!)

My DH had the day off yesterday so we took the kids shopping so I could buy a few things.  This shows how crowded our van is:  can’t wait to someday have a larger one!!  But it works, for now! (I don’t think I EVER have a picture of all the kids where all of them are NOT making faces!!!  And it’s usually my Big Girl "Z" who HAS to be like Daddy and make a goofy face!!! hehe)

I took this of "E" saying "MOUSE" because he does this totally cute thing with his lips!!  He says "MOUSSSS" and puckers up those lips!!  OOOOOH…I just love it!!

the day before Father’s Day we had our friends John & Cindy over for dinner. 

Here’s their youngest, Mia, looking so cute…

and here are their other 2 (Liam, to the left in the red tank top and Gabby way back in the red shirt) having pizza and chips with our oldest 4 kids!  Is that my "Z" sticking her tongue out?? UGH haha


Then on Father’s Day, although my DH had to work, I made him a nice breakfast of eggs & cheese, sausage and french toast…MMM…

and then while he was at work… I worked on a book we made for him!  It came out really cute!  I had ordered a bunch of pictures, did painted handprints of the kids, & had them make him pictures and I made the book using black pages and a leather cover I sewed to cardstock.

Here’s the cover…


and here are some of the pages of pictures… (this is the front page)

 and in case you can’t read the words…I’ll write what it says…

"we love you because… you take us on walks"

We love the many faces of you… (haha)

we love you because… you treat your girls like little princesses…

and you’re raising typical boys…

and we love you because…you only have eyes for us!

He loved it!!!!!  We all sat on the couch and looked over each page together… and then I took a picture of him with the kids: (ok… not the BEST picture…but still cute!)

What a great, dedicated Daddy they have!!! 

O.K….still not done yet… a few more pix…

the other day I tried making my 1st batch of homemade Graham Crackers… I’m not sharing this recipe because I didn’t really like the texture of this dough.  I am going to try to find a better one!  It was very hard to roll… really dry!!! (no matter WHAT I did)

the kids all helped prick the dough…

They looked pretty good… but tasted VERY bland!  Heck… I guess bland is ok.  They are 100% whole wheat flour … but we had to add some peanut butter and cinnamon sugar to make them taste pretty good. 

I’m hoping to perfect the cracker thing so we don’t buy so many at the store!!!

The other day "Z" and "A" took turns using my camera and here are a couple pix they took…

"Z" snapped a flower…

Sweet "L"…

and Big Guy "C" with "E"…

and "A" took a pic of Me hanging clothes on the line… (the little apron thingy around my waist is one of my favorite things I’ve made!!  It’s full of clothespins so it makes hanging SO much easier!!!!)

and I guess I am about done posting for now.  I’ve caught up on most pictures and now I need to go focus on the kids!!!  I am going to be making some things with cloth today and posting a "Coming out of the fog into… CLOTH" post soon!!  I can’t wait!!!

On that note…I’ll end with a cloth pic.  I just love a baby’s little cloth bahookie…(my friend, Katherine’s cute word for "buns!!" hehe)  I hadn’t put on his wool shorts yet because he just looked so cute and soft without it that I had to take a pic!

Hope you all have a great day and that you’re having a good week!!! 

Love, B



  1. WOW you guys have been BUSY!!!
    Looks like fun though =)


  2. That's quite a post, B! I love the book you made for T, that is so beautiful and special! Very creative!!!! You also must tell me where you found the Bert's Bee's stuff for 25 cents! Or … did you buy it all? Email me, or comment my blog <a href="">Sophia's Website</a>

  3. Wow, Bridget, you had alot of posting built up, huh!!
    We so enjoy reading about what you've been up to, though! I would love to get some of the Burt's Bees stuff. What did they have? Was there any left?

  4. I can not believe you found Burt's Bees items for a quarter! That is amazing. I love the Father's Day album you put together. That is absolutely adorable. I love it when you share pictures.

  5. Guess I wont ask for your Graham Cracker recipe! LOL! What size canning jars did you use for the blender, regular or wide mouth (I guess I could just go try both on mine). What a great idea…..I must have missed that tip from NC @ AR.

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