Posted by: purityseekers | June 15, 2007

Sew Cloth Diapers & Mama Cloth…

My husband finally decided to part with his Carolina Lacrosse T-shirt!!!  It has been slowly wearing away at the back neckline, but he just was having a hard time seperating from it!

I was online looking at cloth diapering sites the other day, so when he said "today’s the day… I’m finally saying ‘goodbye’ to the shirt" I said "OH GOOD!!!  I’m gonna make a cloth diaper out of it!!!" He thought I was kidding…


hehe…I think it came out pretty cute!!

I got the pattern here:


and printed off some 1 inch sheets of graph paper to make the patterns…


as you can see… the shirt part hanging down is the old cruddy neckline!!

And I cut the inner pieces from an old t-shirt that was given to me…

Sewing the liners….

Sewing the diaper… (the flowers will be hidden on the inside hehe)

the finished diaper and liners…

I could have sewn the liners inside and made and "all-in-one" but they take longer to dry so I did a pocket stuffer diaper… (unlike the Fuzzi Bunz I own… these stuff from the front)

Although this isn’t the type of Velcro I’d like to use… it’s all I had.  It’s the stick on kind and I want the sew on kind.  I actually tried to sew it and broke a needle!!  NOT PRETTY!!!  But… it will work!!! (**actually it did NOT work–update on diaper–velcro was scratchy and "E" hated it!!  SO I am going to use it with a Snappi and remove the velcro!!!)  (It’s a diaper that needs a cover so I can just pop on a pair of my handknit wool soaker shorts!!  VOILA!!!)

Then I got it in my head to try to make "mama cloth".  (I’ve wanted to for a long time and then Shereen encouraged me to try!!) I figured, if I could make them and not spend any money, that would be very frugal!!  I have lots of stuff kickin’ around my home, so this is what I came up with.

I botched the whole thing but I learned how to do it and I will do better next time!

I first cut out the pattern pieces to make the liner.  I used the same t-shirts as above.  I WAS going to use all white and then remembered what I was making them for (hehe) and decided to add an outside layer of the gray cloth.  (now there’s REALLY not much left of my Dh’s old t-shirt!!!)


Then I got this bright idea.  If wool is good for my son’s diaper covers… why not try it for a mama cover!  (good concept… but I didn’t think it through long enough haha)

I cut the body pieces out of a wool sweater I bought at a thrift store to make something out of!

The one thing I forgot was that wool can be itchy.  (ooooops! NOT GOOD!!! MAJOR design flaw!!!)  So since I had already sewn the body parts together… I just had to wing it and add a horrible looking liner.  I know… not only is it embarrassing showing you made mama cloth… it’s even MORE embarrassing when they look THIS bad!!!

Now, if you are wondering what the heck is going on with the wings… I had to add the snaps and those AREN’T easy through wool.  So I added some interfacing.  Next time I would iron it to the inside before serging.  (or should I say… "poor man’s serging" (AKA zig-zap stitch)

But… I think I am onto something here.  I just have to make sure to sew a liner before putting the cloth together AND have to do the interfacing beforehand also!

Here’s the finished pad and the liner I made (10 layers thick– and also botched up!!!)

It actually sorta looks "kinda" cute all snapped up!

I decided I would try to make my own pattern.  So I got out a disposable and traced it and tried to come up with something interesting.

It worked pretty good.  What I was trying to achieve worked… but I think these little goodies will only be used for overnight because of how thick they are.  Not too comfy during the day.

I also remembered the "itchy wool" issue and lined it with an old t-shirt of my son’s…

I should have attached the velcro before I sewed it together.  It’s quite messy, but works…

here’s the underside…

And showing the place where you put the insert… (I am using the one from the 1st pad I made because that pad just isn’t going to cut it!!)

And if worse comes to worst and it just doesn’t work… my DH can always use it as a hat… (he really is pretty funny… so a jester would be a good 3rd job for him!!!) hehe

Nouvelle was jealous that he looked so cute… so she tried on the 1st one I made:

Then "L" had to try one on… do I see "costume design" in my future?? haha

Ok… let’s talk CLOTH.  I am really into this whole cloth vs. paper thing so I will be posting a "coming out of the fog into… CLOTH" soon!!! 

I went to "Salvation Army" yesterday on a "cloth hunt".  I want to be as frugal as possible… so I figured instead of going to buy cloth… I’d try to find some thrift stuff first!

This is what I got…

the cool thing is that the 4 shirts to the left were REALLY nice and my husband loved them!!  I wanted to get a bunch of t-shirts to make cloth wipes out of… but saw those and knew that he’d want to wear them!  They were only $1.99 and like brand new!!  1 was Gap, 1 was Old Navy, and the other 2 were something else but awesome!!!

I got some flannel in the middle and then 8 t-shirts to hack up!!  The total was under $30 and SO worth it for 4 shirts for my DH and lots of cloth for mama cloth, wipes, cloth diapers, etc!!!  OH and yellow and plaid cloth on top are nice cloth napkins, since I am trying to get a good stash going!!  The kids are LOVING having a cloth napkin at mealtime, so I go through a lot!!  I’ll make some, but if I can buy nice ones cheap…I’ll do it!!!

SO, with the flannel I decided to try another "Mama Pad".  I downloaded a different pattern that I like MUCH better!!!

This is the finished pad…

I sewed the liner right into it… and put corduroy on the underside and velcro closure…

It looks kinda funny with brown bottom and some ugly pinky pattern on the top… but heck… I like it!!!

This is what the insert looks like.  I made it with flannel… OH and I added a layer of fleece that was cut the whole size of the pad.  As you can tell by my "beautiful" sewing job… I NEED a serger!!!! (at least it’s hidden inside the mama cloth!!!)

I am going to be sewing them until I have enough to last!!!  It may sound gross to some people… but you just WAIT until my next "cloth" post!! haha  You ain’t seen NOTHING yet!!!

And before I end this post for SEW CRAFTY FRIDAY… I want to show some cloth I bought this AM at "Goodwill".  I got a full size sheet set that is jersey knit, 8 awesome cloth napkins and a nice little cloth towel (on top) like the ones I love to cover my bread dough with while it rises!!  I got this stack for $13 and that made me happy!!!

And along with sewing this week, I also have been knitting here and there.

I have done more of my older daughter’s "4th of July" shorts…

and did the waist of a pair of shorts (or maybe longies) for my little man…

So… what have you done crafty this week???  Make sure to visit Shereen’s site and post a link to your goods!!!  And make sure you check out the SOOOO cool shopping bags she made!!!  I am SOOOO going to do this!!  Shereen… you are AWESOME!! hehe

Have a great weekend!!

Love, B



  1. You've been very crafty! The diaper is too cute. And the ……. hat…….that's too funny! lol :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Lisa :o)

  2. Mom2fur here. I love that diaper! It's just too cute! The unusual hat, well…yeah, okay, that's pretty darn funny, too! Being sorta frugal, I always appreciate a 'multi-tasker'!

  3. Oh my goodness! All of this stuff is SO cute! I am totally in awe of you making all of this neat stuff. Every time I try to sew anything from a pattern I get it all screwed up. (Like when I sewed the legs of my niece's pj's together!) I want to read all of this more closely when I get time!

  4. I love the diaper you made from Troy's shirt, very clever and adorable! Not sure if I could do the other 'personal' items though… just me I guess! Great, informative post! You're one clever girl!

  5. I love the Lacrosse Diaper. It is sooooo cute. I have been wanting to try cloth pads also. I will soon be receiving some PUL scraps that should be large enough to make a lining for them. Plus, I need to get back to using cloth on my son. I wish I had some wool shorties to try, but no such luck at that time. I love the shorties/longies you make. They are awesome!

  6. I think the mama clothes are a great idea. How much money you will save, not to mention the benifits to your health without all the dioxins. Good for you. You could sell these you know. Let me know if you decide to do that. I can be your first customer 🙂
    In Christ,

  7. Whew! You've been busy. But you're inspiring me to get in there and get sewing. BTW, the serger is on my wannabe list too! I'd love to have that baby.

  8. I didn't get a chance to comment on this last week. As you can see from my SCF post this week, you reminded me that I needed to make some more. You family reminds me of mine. The boys can't seem to see my pads without putting them on their feet as slippers. I guess they are multifunctional, hats, slipper, pot holders, lol ;0)

    The diaper came out so cute. You did a great job. Great find at the thrift store. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

    I had such a hard time just picking 5 people for the last meme, with the thinking blogger award. I tried and tried, and I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. lol This one I can do. ;0) I will do it this weekend, for Monday. Thank you for always participating with SCF, it's always so much fun coming over here to see what you have done. I am going to try and do the tutorial for the cloth bag as well. Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Way to go! I made my own mama pads once, but couldnt find them after we moved. 😦 so I took a large terry cloth towel (red) that was frazzling at the edges and cut it up. I then fold them in thirds and it worked great.

    Another place for fabric you might want to check out is your local freecycle yahoo group. I have gotten some canning stuff that way and given away a lot!

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