Posted by: purityseekers | June 11, 2007

Bootcamp Update… Days 4, 5 & 6…

Sorry to anyone who was hoping to see entries the past few days!!!  We were busy with my DH being off from work and us planning for a lawn sale!

PURGE= to rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify

PURGE= to rid, clear, or free

PURGE= liquidate


I talked to my friend, Katherine, last night (a fellow "Little People" addict) and told her how I completely rid my home of ALL Little People stuff… (except our nativity… oh and our Noah’s Ark!)  We actually had 2 Noah’s Ark’s… so I kept the new one because it’s so darn cute!!!  This was a huge step for me!!!  I mean, if you knew all of the LP stuff we owned… you would be VERY "fling boogie" proud of me.  I was able to make a little bit of money, bless some other children, and deplete our toys even more!!!  I think the LP thing was more ME than any of the kids, because they just rarely played with them!!!  That’s how most of the things are around my house!!  I think that’s how many of the new fads in toys are these days!  A competition as to what parent have the coolest toys for their kids, while the kids are happy playing with a set of old measuring cups, a toilet paper roll, or an old box!!!!  Come on, parents!!!  Get a grip!! haha

We have been doing this whole "Minimalistic Madness" thing for quite a while, ridding our house of one thing after another as we feel led to "get rid of the earthy treasures"!  Toys have just been a huge issue at our home over the last couple years, and I just want simplicity!!!! 

I actually heard the other day of a woman at our church not giving her kids ANY toys.  The only thing her daughter had was a play kitchen set with real kitchen stuff.  (I think that’s what my friend told me)  I am SO impressed… while some would feel she was depriving her children or something.

At our home now, the only main things we have to play with are baby dolls, a kitchen set with a very SMALL supply of kitchen things ( I sold a TON!!!), Thomas trains, cars, a few random favorite stuffed animals, Legos, Mego Blocks, Duplos and balls.  Of my 5 children, this covers all of them with their 1 or 2 favorite things.  The rest of the time they do crafts, draw, paint, read, watch an occasional show, and BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!  There are some toys I just can’t part with just because they bring my children a lot of joy and also aid in their creativity… but the others just HAD to go!!!!

So that is what our bootcamp consisted of all weekend.  My DH was pretty much in charge of the kids and I went "PURGE CRAZY" around the house!!  I got rid of the toys, old dishes and nickie nackie stuff, clothing, etc.  It was SO exhilarating!!!! 

BUT… let me back up to Friday.  Bootcamp seemed to slip out of my hands a bit!!  I think I know why.  It’s a few things.  OK… I am a very O.C.D. kind of person. (who isn’t, really? haha)  One of my main O.C.D. things is that I go photo mad!!  I’m doing bootcamp to fall in love with my children and get them into submission to us and I can end up worrying too much about "did I download those pix yet from yesterday?", "I need to take a pic of the kids doing that for my blog", "ugh, I’m tired but HAVE to keep up on my blog posts so I’ll try to do it before the kids get up"!!!  I have decided to ease up on the way I am posting about my bootcamp experience and just post a FEW pictures and do an update like I am doing today.  Then I can keep my focus more on my kids through the day and discipline and counsel myself out of some of my O.C.D. issues!! hehe

So on Friday I didn’t take many pictures because I tried to keep my focus! 

I took this of the kids waiting for lunch…

And at lunch, having "PHONE TRAINING"…


I had a list of "Phone Training" Rules (that I added a LOT to while I did the lesson), a phone and a card like the one we keep by all phones!  I went over what the card meant, how to call 9-1-1, how to answer the phone, how NOT to answer, etc.  I try to keep it fun by also doing some things that make them laugh.  Like I said,  "Do you think THIS is the way to answer??" (in a super soft and extremely nice voice) …. "Smith residence (not our real last name!), can I ask who’s calling?"—-caller says "yes, this is John, can I speak to your Dad?"—- and then I said "yes, please hold on" and then I held the phone out just a bit and SCREAMED at the top of my lungs (while acting extremely immature!  haha), "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!  TELEPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  They all cracked up and then I told them how rude it is to yell while on the phone!  hehe

Under the leeetle bugs is our address and our phone number…

We are going to continue each training session off and on through the week.  This week we’ll do some role playing about 9-1-1 calls and other phone answering and go over our "manners training" rules more.

That afternoon, my niece came over with her kids to spend Saturday with us while her DH was at drill. 

I had made her little Nouvelle some bloomers.  The picture is a little dark, but cute…

Believe it or not… that’s all the pix I had for Friday!!  It was a pretty good day, but I could feel myself slacking here and there.  Thank God that Haley was here to hold me accountable!! She is ruthless!!!  She kept saying "wow, Auntie, what happened to them say ‘Yes, Ma’am’, huh????" haha And "should they get a spanking for that????"  She loves to razz me!!  And she knows I love every second of her abuse!!!

So… I have decided to ease up on posts.  For that 1% of you that may look forward to them, sorry!!!  But I will be making sure to work later on to have a really good printable "Bible Based Bootcamp" article so that anyone interested can use some of my information.  I am compiling just SO much stuff and so I’ll have some good guidelines for people to use!!  Heck, I’ve done that with so many other women’s printables!!  I love using what has worked for people!!!  It all started back with the FLYLADY and I have been stealing everyone’s wisdom ever since!!!

Saturday was so busy I didn’t take many pictures!  My son’s older brother was here with us overnight on Friday right through the weekend!  They had a lot of fun!!

Here’s my "C" and his big brother cuddlin’ on the couch with one of the cats on Saturday AM…


The kids went outside and hunted for 4 leaf clovers!  I swear, I have never found one in my whole life, yet in one morning they found TONS!!!

Here’s "C" with a few he found…


and "Z" with 1 of hers…

Haley took a few pictures…

One of herself and Audric…


and this one of my sweet "E"…

And then I took one of her using the carrier I made.  Audric was being a grump, so she carried him on her back for a while…

OK… so Saturday was "PURGE-day" and then Sunday was the big LAWN SALE!

I sold a bunch of toys before I took this pic…

Isn’t this a wonderful sight???  Going, going… GONE!!!!

The woman that bought the pink kitchen set said "oh I feel so bad taking this from your daughter!!!" (My 3 year old was playing here and there with all the toys (that’s not her in the top pic… that’s just a little girl that came to the sale) and kept saying "you sell my pink kitchen set???") I kinda laughed and said "oh… I teach my kids to not love their stuff.  Although my daughter ACTS like she loves it… it sat in her room for weeks and she NEVER played with it.  It was just "my pink kitchen set".  The only thing that it was used for was a thing to knock over for little "E". " SO… GONE!!!  Sold for $20!  YEEEE HAW!!!

The kids got out the bubbles and I made some make shift wands out of wire (since I had thrown out all the others!! haha) 

Here’s Grampa blowing bubbles with "L"…

And then Nana with "L"…

Aren’t bubbles fun???  I thought this was a cute one of "Z"…

After the sale we bagged up 4 HUGE garbage bags full of stuff and donated them.  Then I put the few leftover things in the basement that I might sell at another time! 

Today I feel "FREE"!!!!

My DH has a 3 day weekend, so this is not a regular day.  The kids have been watching some tv and I’ve been sitting right here.  My DH got some bread dough ready for rising and made us a great breakfast of eggs and bacon! MMMM

I took these 2 pix of my DH and little "E" this AM while we were having coffee.  He’s such a great Daddy!!

I’m washing my cloth diapers and will hang them outside today!  It’s beautiful!!! 

Tomorrow is my start of "Bootcamp without BLOGGING" for a bit.  I am not going to take pictures, I am not going to worry about posting ANYTHING… I am going to love up my kids and discpline them when needed.  I am going to wean myself from my computer addiction (hehe) and make sure to just schedule in a certain time when I can come on & update.  BLOGGING IS NOT MY LIFE.  BLOGGING IS NOT MY LIFE.  I have to keep repeating that to myself! haha I know, I know… pathetic.

So that’s it for a while.  (unless I backslide)  I WILL be back.  I have put my RSS on the right side under links in case anyone wants to subscribe so they can be notified of a new post.

Hope you all have a GREAT week!!!  Pray I have more BOOTCAMP success this week!!!

Love, B



  1. Isn't it fun to purge?!

  2. You mean you had a LAWN SALE and you didn't tell me? Oh no… I would have loved to stop by! 😦

    I will forgive you, B…


  3. Your kitchen table is as full as mine.

    Keep purging, yeah!! Way to go.

  4. "My life is not blogging" – I think I need to tell myself that too. I am always taking pictures of "each step" or "before and after".

    Oh…I think I am addicted to purging. It is fun. The only problem is that yesterday I went looking for something and then realized..I purged it! Ah wasn't that important.

    I can't believe all the 4 leaf clovers! I searched for those as a kid and NEVER found one. Love the pictures…what program do you use to work with your pictures. The ones that are black and white with a little color are awesome! I love the picture of your husband and son too….how sweet.

    Hope you are having a good day

  5. …the expression on your little "E"s face is adorable! What a great photo!

  6. You have so inspired me to purge away…….with 3 girls we tend to have a lot of dolls, purses etc.. that are always laying around. I started putting stuff in boxes they don't play with and everything else will go in the basement next to our school room.
    I loved reading about your bootcamp! We are working on some issues, obeying the first time…no talking back etc..(I've been reading to train up a child) and wow lot's of great info. Just need to be consistent. look forward to reading your blog soon. blessings~juliet

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