Posted by: purityseekers | June 8, 2007

Bible Based Bootcamp Day #3 report…

Bootcamp Day #3 has been a LOT more focused than yesterday! It’s already getting better; not perfect, but better!!

I slept later than usual because all the kids did! My DH got up early for his paper route, as usual. He didn’t turn on the coffee machine, so he missed the cute little note I left for him!! But he read it when he got home 🙂

I was up at about 6AM and then Sweet "L" was the 1st child up at 6:15! (I can’t believe I consider 6AM "sleeping in"!! When I was a teen… it was more like 1PM!!! haha

Since Daddy didn’t have to leave for work until about 10:30… we kinda took it easy for a bit in the morning. Then a little before 8AM we had breakfast consisting of french toast, made with all my leftover wheat bread from the other day, bananas, and OJ & carrot juice! MMM was it good!! By 8:30, breakfast was over and the kids cleaned up their areas and went into the bathroom and brushed their teeth!

I had gotten some whole wheat bread ready for rising:

and then I started schooling with the kids. They had played outside earlier, then I had them come in for a lesson on "money".

I got out a bunch of cash I had laying around…

Ya…I wish!! haha I actually printed off a bunch of play money at this site…


We went over money recognition and how much of each it took to make a dollar, etc.  I took some money from "C"s money collection to aid in my teaching!  He has half dollars, silver dollars, state quarters, etc!  And I used some flash cards I have:

All the kids do really well as long as I have a little snack (mostly to keep the littles ones focused) and crayons for "L"…

It was fun, a good review for "C", and a good lesson for the little ones! We also talked about a bunch of other stuff… like my Grandfather and how smoking caused his lung cancer. I had brought him up to the kids because years ago he had shown me a $100 bill that was in his wallet!! I thought it was the coolest thing EVER!!! They asked me about him and then asked me if he died. I explained what happened and we had a nice long health talk about why smoking is bad for our bodies, how bad 2nd hand smoke is, etc. So… we did math & health in one little chat!!

After some schooling, we all headed out for some fresh air!! I got all super motivated and decided to mow the lawn for my DH. Only one problem… no matter how many loaves of bread I have kneaded, chunky kids I have picked up, etc… I am still a weakling!! I couldn’t get the darned thing started!!! So… my son called "Grampa" (who lives 4 streets down!) And he came to my rescue!! (THANK YOU, DAD!!!!!)

Here he is when he got here… he was getting ready to see if "L" liked butter by putting the flower under her chin!!  He’s such a great Grampa!!!  (or "Bapa" as little "E" says!)

Ya know… GAS makes all the difference in the world!!! haha I got my Dad laughing because he said "do you have gas?" and I said "that’s a pretty personal question, don’t ya think??"

Anyway… my oldest son got the gas and they filled it and "Voila!!!". My son took off mowing the upper lot and did such a great job! Then he did some of the lower lot while I rested!

Then I mowed the lower backyard area and some of the harder areas like the banking and stuff. My DH will be SOOO glad!!

The kids also had a lot of fun riding their bikes!

"Z" is starting to get more secure with riding without her training wheels.  They are actually still on her bike but one is bent upwards and the other doesn’t touch the ground, so she can cruise along!  She was so proud of herself!!

"C" kept cruising up the street and down…

Both "C" and "A" took turns helping "L"…

"A" on his bike… (afterwards he ended up sitting in a chair and vegging out because he just didn’t feel good, the poor kid!)

Then I looked over and little "E" had climbed up onto "A"s bike!!  He looked like such a big guy!!!

The kids sat and waited while I prepared their "snack" lunch.  They had the bread I made with peanut butter on it, a smoothie with their cod liver oil, and some other stuff!

Here’s the bread all risen and ready to bake earlier… not matter how the dough looks going INTO the pan… I always end up making one loaf bigger!! haha

During lunch I went over more of the "TABLE MANNERS" training.  I told them about good posture at the table and used a book to show them how you can practice walking with a book on your head to straighten your body!

When "L" was finished lunch, she went over and got a book and tried it!!  So cute!! (and I’m lovin’ the bloomer thing, can you tell???)

I ended up adding a few more things that came to mind about table manners!! I can’t wait to do a printable "Bible Based Bootcamp" for people to use as reference…because I am writing down a TON of helpful information to share!!! I have this huge list of "must do’s" during bootcamp and the list just keeps getting bigger as I get new ideas!!

After lunch during "Quiet Time" I actually got out and finished most of the side and front part of the lawn so now my DH only has a little tidying up to do!!! Go, Me!!! (and "C"!!!)  When my DH got home from work he said he drove into the driveway and had an instant smile on his face!!! hehe

So… "Quiet Time" was actually really nice and quiet today… well… except for the lawn mower!! Hehe My baby fell asleep (and is still asleep as I am writing this at 4PM) and my Middle Guy fell asleep on the couch!

He wasn’t feeling that great. He woke up later than everyone too, and he is usually up with the younger 2!!

I HAVE let the kids watch a bit of TV today. They watched a bit before lunch and then during my lawn mowing frenzy!! I am trying to get away from it as much as possible… but sometimes I find it a good attention getter for all the kids at once so that I can get a few things done! (I know, how pathetic am I… but that’s life!!!)

They watched "Lady and the Tramp" and "Z" drew pictures…

and "C" watched and cuddled with "Benny"…

I’ve been keeping track of my Big, Fat Failures so far… and laundry is a big one. ME getting dressed was another big one… but I actually got dressed today!! Haha I feel good though about the laundry because I have done a load, and have another washing and did a TON of stain removing!!! Now only probably like 4 loads to go and I should be done it all!!! THEN I have to organize and put clothes away. I am afraid that is going to have to be put off until tomorrow!!!

"Z" asked if she could use my camera to take some pictures!

Here’s one she took of "C" haha…like mother, like daughter…


I snapped this of the kids waiting for their dinner… (which was pizza… AGAIN!  I am trying to stick to a sorta "boring" menu so that I kinda set up the kids for saying "PIZZA AGAIN???" so I can talk to them about being thankful.  I said that the other day… "do you know how thankful you should be that your Mom makes pizza from scratch?  I even shred the mozzarella and make my own sauce, for crying out loud!!!!" I told them that when they say things like that it is not only disobedient and ungrateful… it is completely selfish!!!  So… guess what’s for dinner tonite??? haha)


This pic looks like it could come from the book "Where the Wild Things Are"… but this is a pic of the kids gathered in the younger boys room for bible stories before bed!!!

Overall, it was a good day.  I am still trying to get myself more disciplined!!!  Like today… I am posting this for yesterday and it’s 10AM and I’m not dressed yet!  BUT, if I get dressed in a minute then it will be better than yesterday!!!  hehe  And I haven’t schooled yet… but it’s so nice out and rain is coming tomorrow… so I am letting them play!

Now I need to carry on with Day #4!!

🙂 B



  1. I love reading about your boot camp!!! Any tips are welcomed at pj academy!!!! I really need to to this 😉


  2. I love the bloomers! I agree…it is impossible to get both loaves of bread the same size. 🙂

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