Posted by: purityseekers | June 7, 2007

Bible Based Bootcamp Day #2 Report…

Our 2nd day of bootcamp was a little weird because of my husband having the day off from work.  We still kept to some rules, but the kids played outside a lot while he was out doing yardwork!  He also took the kids for a walk while I stayed inside and washed all of little man "E"s wool longies and shorts! 

My DH did great at keeping up with discipline right along with me!  He also prepared the 1st two meals and had the kids sitting on the floor just like I do!!  He’s so cute!!  He also utilized the kitchen floor as a place for the kids to sit when they had not obeyed.  He’d talk to them about what they did, give some spanks, and then had them sit to think.

I ended up taking a bit of time to work on trying to sew my first pair of bloomers!  My friend, Summer, had asked if I could sew her 2 daughters some, so I bought a pattern HERE at The King’s Daughters site!  If you scroll down on that site… I bought the "pantaloons".  I am going to try to revise it and also make some of the pantalettes! 

Here’s the 1st pattern all cut… ( I did that part the other day)

and here they are without the waist elastic…

when I was done, I had Sweet "L" model them for me under her dress!  I absolutely melted over this picture!!!  I love her expression!

Bloomers are so cute and give that extra "modesty" protection for when little girls in dresses are playing right along side the boys doing wild and crazy stuff!!!  And they look SO darn sweet!

I had her lift her dress up a bit so you could see them better…

I actually made another size… that was a 3 and I made a size 2…

Here’s the pattern pinned to my cloth… and "L" peeking from behind the ironing board!

I have to say, of all the projects I’ve made recently… these were the most fun and quick to work up!!  And I just really like them a lot!!!

Here they are finished…

I tried the smaller size on my little guy (sorry, "E"!!!) to see if they would fit my friend’s daughter who is his size… a baseball shirt and bloomers… PERFECT haha

I had my 6 year old try on the larger size, because "L" kept complaining of them being a little loose.  (She fit better in the size 2) I couldn’t believe that my "Z" fit GREAT in the size 3!  They run pretty big since they are poofy… and I hadn’t tightened the elastic enough for a smaller child… so she asked if she could keep them!!!  The fit more like shorter bloomers!  I took this pic and then she ran upstairs and got on a cute white undershirt and she looked SO adorable!!  I am going to make more and use them as night clothes!

While I was sewing, my DH reminded me that I had a dentist appt. in 1/2 hour!!!  So I finished up and headed out!  I have to give praise to God…because I was praying SO hard that I would not have any huge issues with my teeth.  I am going to confess.  I hadn’t had a dental cleaning since 1999!!!!!  I had gone through FOUR pregnancies and FIVE years of braces!!!!!!!  You can see why I had PLENTY to worry about!!!

Well… I am thankful to say that I had ZERO cavities and the hygienist said my gums and teeth looked GREAT for it being 8 years!!!  I DID take really good care of my teeth, especially when I had braces… but I just thought maybe my pregnancies took their toll on me!!  Thank God they didn’t!!

The only major thing I need is a crown on a molar that has an old filling that is cracking.  BUT… he said he saw it back in 1999 and it’s only cracked a bit since then.  Since it will be like $900, we will just save and do it in the Fall or something.  (no dental insurance…UGH)

My son took this of me and my clean teeth…hehe

I took this pic of "A" before dinner while he was playing with one of the kitties…I love his cute face!!!

Then the 3 older kids waited for dinner on the floor…

But "E" played with the cat on the couch…

and "L" fell asleep RIGHT before dinner… UGH… we DID get her up but she was pretty grumpy and didn’t eat very well.  THEN she got a second wind.  OF COURSE SHE DID!!!  It wasn’t a very fun bedtime!!!

Then, after dinner, the kids had to take baths because we are doing bath nights on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s!  I am also going to start making sure they floss their teeth those 2 nights too!  I’d love to say I would floss their teeth EVERYday…but I am being realistic here.  To even remember TWO days will be a HUGE goal for me!!!  SO… I made sure to brush and floss their teeth and then they all took a bath!

I got a pic of "E" and then a pic of "L"… (I made them B&W because I just love the way bath pix look that way!!!)

So… we ended the day with 5 very clean kids!!  Once "L" finally settled down… DH and I went to bed at 9!!!  I have been absolutely BEAT at the end of the day!!  I LOVE IT!!!  I end up reading for a bit and then I’m OUT!!!

I’m sending this at the end of Day #3!!  So… I have lots more to report about and lots more pix to post later.  (or tomorrow!!!)  I’m finding it easier on myself to post the NEXT day because I’m too tired at night!

Thanks for listening!!  Please pray I stay consistent!!!

Love, B


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