Posted by: purityseekers | June 5, 2007

Bible Based Bootcamp DAY #1…preview

For anyone who might be checking to see how my 1st day of Bootcamp went… I DID have a whole post ready and I clicked "save as draft" so I could come back and add more… but when I went to "edit" it… there was NOTHING!!!!  I am SO tired and so bummed out with homeschoolbloggers sometimes!!!  This has happened before, but I was hoping with the new server it wouldn’t happen as much!

Oh well.  I will be posting tomorrow once I get a chance through the day!  I just wanted to pop on and say hello.  I’ll give you just one little glimpse into my day and leave you hanging with that!!  You can find out tomorrow if this is how the rest of my day went!!

I took this of my little guy at my feet in the morning…

to be continued…

(I have been up since 4:45AM if you wonder why I am only posting this much!  I HAVE to go to bed!!  WHAT A DAY!!!!!!  I can’t wait to share tomorrow!!!)

🙂 B




  1. I love your black and white photos… how do you do that?

    It is so extremely frustrating when you loose a post… looking forward to your re-do post tomorrow!

    JOYfully in Him,
    Kelli @

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