Posted by: purityseekers | June 4, 2007

Time 4 Bootcamp!!!! (pray 4 me!!!)

It’s that time again and I have been putting it off for SO long that my folder I was going to use says "Bootcamp/CCC April 2007".  The "CCC" stands for "Clean heart, Clean home Challenge"!  But I just realized that things have changed with that whole challenge!  There is another printable organizer that you can print off (it’s lots of pages… but is meant to be printed off on both sides… and I actually pick and chose what pages I wanted of the original one). 

The new challenge is called "The Colossal Clutter Clean-up" and you can download it and check it out HERE.  And you can read an article to help you better understand what it’s all about HERE.

My big and bright idea is to incorporate either the "CCC" or the "CHCHC" with my bootcamp to kinda get control of the whole big picture in my home!!  THAT is going to take a lot of prayer, because these days I am just so unmotivated!!  Ya see… I need bootcamp more than ANYONE in this house!! hehe

So… I am going to give you a run down of what my plans are.  I’ve done bootcamp before and so I have a good idea of what I failed at and why it never stuck.  SO this time I am praying for a continual change and something that stays consistent for good!!  I know there will be times that I may backslide, but I am hoping that it won’t take such drastic measures next time to shape up!!!

Today I am printing off a few different things.  I am making a set of rules to go over with the kids each daily as a "friendly" reminder of how I expect them to behave.  I am going to strategically place my little handy "obedience wooden spoons" (hehe) here and there for extra reinforcement to show them I mean business!!  We always spank in privacy… but having the spoons to hold up gives me that little extra strength in my backbone!  With the smaller kids… sometimes all it takes is bringing the spoon into the light to get them to submit!  That’s always nice… but just not always realistic.  OK… for those of you who read this that want to say something negative to me about "spanking" please read a post I made about this very issue.  Of all the comments I received during my last bootcamp experience… only ONE person commented negatively and this was my response… click HERE.

This is a smaller version of my "RULES" list…


* Immediate obedience

 * Pleasant obedience

* No arguing

* No backtalk

* Inside voices always

* No hurting others

* No name calling

* Good manners at the table

* Be respectful to each other

* Do not be lazy!

* Be very helpful to Dad & Mom & others

I will have that on the island with all my other paperwork and I will read it daily!  (MORE than once, if needed!!)

We will have daily training exercising dealing with "Yes Ma’am" and "Stop" training.  The kids LOVE that time!!  I sit with them in the LR and just throw out orders like "go get a napkin, put it on your head, and walk back to me and kiss my cheek… YES Ma’am????" and they say "Yes Ma’am" and go and do what I ask.  Then during the training if I say "STOP!" they are expected to stop immediately!!!  If they don’t… we start over again and retrace the steps to get it right! 

Before each meal, I have the kids sit on the kitchen floor while I prepare the meal.  This keeps their little hands out of mischief while I am trying to get things ready!!  Some people don’t mind their kids running through the kitchen… but I have too many little ones and if one sneaks some shredded cheese… they ALL have to OR ELSE!!!!  Then the CHAOS begins!!!  So while I cook I randomly will say "C"… "you go and wash your hands please" and I expect a "Yes Ma’am" or else I correct them.  Then the one (or ones) who don’t sit quietly during the meal prep have to wait to be served last. 

I am going to get into a good homeschooling schedule, even if it IS Spring and the weather is nicer.  I want them to continue schooling in the early AM so that we can have the rest of the day to focus on other stuff.  My next purchase is going to be a big dry erase board for the DR which is our schooling area.

We’ve always had a "quiet time" during the day… but it has been FAR from quiet lately.  My youngest is the only one of the 5 kids that actually naps now… so they other’s end up "trying" to play nicely together and since they are tired they fight and bicker and call names and tease, etc. etc. etc. etc.!!!!!!!!  Drives me bananas!!!  So… when we have our "meeting" (tonite, I hope), I am going to set down the group rules and let them know how our day is going to be orchestrated!!!  And it takes the work that an orchestra takes in order for the music to be sweet… let me tell you!!!  One unruly "instrument" (KID) and the whole house will be out of tune!!!!! (lately it’s been more than just a little off key… it’s darn right painful!!!! haha)

Before, when I did bootcamp, I took loads of pictures!  I plan on doing that as long as I am able to keep up without getting stressed!!!  It’s good for me because it keeps me accountable!!  People expect to see what I’ve been up to… so in the back of my whacky little brain I use that as motivation!!  So hope you’ll encourage me through this!!!

If you want to check out how it went the last time I did bootcamp… you can scroll down on the right side to the area that says "Wanna Try Bootcamp?" 

Throughout the next few weeks of this training I will also be doing lots of other stuff ith the kids.  We’ll go over "fire safety", "phone manners", how to hold a proper "conversation" with someone they’ve just met, "sharing" training, etc.  I got so much out of the bootcamp articles that got me encouraged to try this out!!

For instance… the 5 "S"s of MEETING PEOPLE are:



See the eyes of the person

Shake hands

Say "my name is…"

I love that stuff to use as a guide when training the kids! 

My kids also need other rules like "don’t take without asking" and "don’t open fridge or freezer without asking", etc.  They are all very disobedient when it comes to that stuff!!  Like today… I told my oldest daughter (6) to not pour the milk because it was too full.  I put some waffles in the waffle iron to cook and turn around and her cup has milk in it and she is hiding behind the island.  When I asked her if she poured it, her response was… "oh…uh… hehe… ya".  Like she thought it was funny!!!!  I didn’t do anything but just feel VERY frustrated so instead of punishing her I decided I would breath and plan my attack!!! haha  Things are GOING to change!!!  I can’t let this go on any longer!!!!!

So… time to get my heart and their hearts in good working order!!!!  We are going to do lots of bible training and reading and lots of praying and more reading and more training and MORE PRAYING!!!! 

I have already done a pretty good job over the last few weeks at getting their toys decluttered and put away in my spare room.  They have to return a toy to get a toy.  Ya know… this leads me to a question.  I know of a woman that does not allow her child ANY toys except a toy kitchen with real cooking things (like measure cups and things).  I’m not THAT extreme… but I really think that kids don’t need much for actual "TOYS".  The main things my kids play with our Legos, blocks and cars.  But they LOVE anything to do with arts and crafts and we ALWAYS have a large supply of paper, crayons, scissors, etc. ALWAYS handy for WHENEVER they feel led to draw!  And when they get "bored" I tell them to deal with it because most of their life they will feel boredom and will have to use their creativity to deal with it!!!

So… I’m off to do more printing and planning!!  I am starting RIGHT OFF tomorrow… but will have to kind of slowly work into it since I wasn’t planning on starting yet.  I just know that it’s better now than later when it will be even worse!!

And the declutter thing is awesome to do at this point too… because we are having a lawn sale this weekend!!!


Love, B



  1. Thanks for the great post. I may have to try some of this on my boys and my boyfriend's son.

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