Posted by: purityseekers | June 1, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday…

I am finally getting to post and the day is almost over!!!  Make sure you go and check out Shereen’s "SEW CRAFTY FRIDAY" post and share your crafts!

This week I almost finished a pair of wool shorties for my son!  Here are the shorts earlier this week…

And here are the shorts with only 2 more rows left of the leg and then I just have to sew the gusset together!  I have just been super busy today and now I’m too tired to finish them tonite!!

I babysat my brother’s 5 kids today while my SIL had one of her wisdom teeth pulled.  It was really crazy with 10 kids in the house, but my DH was here most of the time before he had to go to work!

Before I get ready for bed I have to share at least a couple pix!

The shorts that I finished last week ended up being a little too small around the thighs for the baby I was making them for… so I gave them to my niece, Eve…

she really liked the drawstring! hehe (isn’t she sweet?)

This is my niece, Abbie, my nephew, Jordan, and my Big Guy "C" hanging out!

Here’s my nephew, Aaron.  He and my "Z" had fun playing "Darth Vader" hehe

"May the force be with you"… this is my little "E" trying on the helmet…

My nephew, Brody lookin’ just so incredibly cute!

My Sweet "L" just LOVES babies!!  She had so much fun holding Eve… (and check out Eve’s double chin!!  I love it!!!)

After everyone left, "C" snuggled up with the new kitties…

And "A" can turn anything into a TRAIN!!  Here he is playing "Crayon Train" in the kitchen along the drawers…

His trains and crayons looked so colorful I had to take a pic!  He spent a LOT of time peeling each paper off each crayon!!!  He didn’t use the broken ones as trains…but he uses them to build "tracks".  He is so creative!

and last but not least…I’ll end with a picture I made of Eve’s cute little feet!!!  I made just her feet black & white against the quilt I had her on!  I love baby’s chubby feetsies!!!

Have a great night!  🙂 B


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