Posted by: purityseekers | May 30, 2007

New Kittens!

I had posted after Easter about how we might be getting kittens in about 8 weeks.  Well… the time arrived and the kittens came to live with us yesterday!  They will be 8 weeks old on Saturday and are the sweetest things!  They were born on Easter day!  So… although Easter falls on different days… we will probably celebrate their birthdays every Easter for fun!

Here are the kittens when we went to visit them a few days after they were born.  There were 5 in the litter…

and here are the two we chose… two boys named "Benny & Henry"!  "Benny" (on the left) looks just like his Mother, "Bunny" (hehe) and "Henry" (Jr.) looks just like his father, "Henry".  My oldest son loves the names because they are 2 of the "Boxcar Children" from the book series he has!  The kitties are SOOOOO sweet!!!

They are just so little and cuddly!!!!

We are happy to have 2 new little members of our family!!!  We’ve also been really enjoying the great weather we’ve had recently!!  And we were so blessed the other day when my friend Christine and her family gave us a waterslide!  (Thank you, guys!) The kids are having a blast with it!!!

Here’s "C" splashing down…

and "Z"…

and "A"….

It’s been so hot that I’ve started filling up a jug with ice cold water and leaving the kids cups out so they can just run in and get a cold drink whenever they want!!  (I know… I prefer glass… but just have gotten tired of breaks!  We still do glass as much as possible but have switched back to plastic like this for everyday kid use!)

Ok… I’m frustrated!!!  I had posted a bunch and then went to "save as draft" and lost it all!! UGH.

Here I go again… let’s hope this works!!!

The kids had fun building this "house" and play up there any chance they get!

"E" had fun playing in the mud…

All the fresh air tuckers the little guy out: (I LOVE this pic)

I took the kids to church on Sunday (my DH works a lot of Sundays so I’ve decided to not be a whimp anymore and keep the kids consistent.  This was week #2 that we’ve been back).  I snapped this pic of "L" in her "Wee Worship" class…

OK… time to show off a project.  A while back, my friend Christine (yes… the same gal that is the waterslide donor! hehe) showed me what she did under one of her cupboards.  I fell in loved with it and have been saving jars ever since!  Finally yesterday we put them to good use!

Here are all the jars, labels and markers…

My wonderful, helpful hubby cut out a piece of plywood to fit just right under the cupboard and here he is screwing on the lids for me!

Screwing the whole thing in place…

Then I labeled them, filled them and VOILA…(I think they look cute)

OH and then we decided to clean out the entryway.  (He’s had 2 days off so we’ve just been doing one thing after another!  I love it!!!!)  We bought 2 storage buckets to "hide" the shoes that we only wear occasionally.  Then I wished I had some "deodorizing disk" thingys like women use for cloth diaper buckets.  THEN I remembered seeing somewhere how someone had made some.  I found the place online and decided to try it.

I just took some water and added some orange essential oil… then made a very thick paste with baking soda.

then I squished it into cupcake cups…

and I set them out into the sun to bake and they got nice and hard and are pretty darn cool!!  I put a couple in unclosed ziplock bags on top of the shoes in the 2 buckets… and put the rest in the laundry room.  I washed my cloth diapers today, cleaned out the dry bucket and added a disk.  We’ll see how good they work.  If they don’t… I can always just throw them into the wash!

And since I haven’t blogged for a few days I have another project to share.  I dyed some wool for the first time! 

First I had to soak the wool in a vinegar/water solution… and I got the food coloring mixed and ready…

Spaghetti, anyone?

I used a nose-sucker thingy to squirt the blue food coloring over the wool.  Then I microwaved each skein until the water ran clear (about 6 minutes).  Then I added a little bit of green food coloring to make it a little funky… and put that into the mic for a bit.


My Great Niece, Nouvelle, sneaking a peek…

Here’s the wool on my hanging rack drying in the sun… I think it came out really pretty!

I have about a trillion zillion more pix I could share but I have a fussy baby in my lap!!!  He needs me!!  Gotta go!!!

🙂 B




  1. You may not post daily, but when you post, YOU POST! So glad the kids are enjoying the slide. It wasn't that warm out that day, they must have been frozen!

    Love the jars (so cute and functional!) and the sleeping boy pic. That's a framer.

  2. I love the kittens..and the wool..and the waterslide.. and the baby that is checking out the wool. 🙂 The picture of the kittens and Z and C is so cute.. Too bad they're not looking at the camera!! TV, is my guess? Surprise surprise!! McKenzie kids, watching TV, NO WAY!?!?! Hahahaaaa. =P Anywho.. I am majorly jealous of your jars.. I think I need to do that. Mmhmm. :o)

  3. The kittens are adorable!! =] And the wool looks great! I need to try that some day. =]

  4. …so much cuteness! So much fun and talent! What a totally cool thing your husband did with those jars!
    And…I have to admit for a split moment there, I thought someone was trying to dye the baby.
    Just kidding!
    BTW, Mom2fur of here!

  5. I have seen that idea with the jars under the cabinets, but I have never tried it. As for the deodorizing disks….I have made those before and it was fun. Actually…I should make more. I am jealous about the wool…it is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with it. 🙂

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