Posted by: purityseekers | May 25, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday

It’s that time of the week again!  Make sure to check out SHEREEN’S BLOG and see the cool thing she did for "Sew Crafty Friday"!

I didn’t actually FINISH anything this week… but I did start a couple things!

I wanted to make something for our neighbor who is pregnant with a boy!  I got some Lion’s Brand wool at Walmart (part acrylic) since I don’t think she cloth diapers.  I figured some wool would be nice… but I didn’t have to buy 100% wool as a soaker.

The wool is thick so I am not sure if I like that pants or not.  They "look" cute… but almost feel TOO thick!  The baby will be born in Sept. so they should be ok.  If I don’t give them to her when they are done, I will give them to "L" for her dolls!  I am almost done, but might need to buy a little more to finish…(or my friend, Kath, will talk me into sending them to Alabama for her baby hehe)

and yesterday my wool stash came in the mail!!  My niece and I went in on the order together to save shipping and here’s the loot:  I am SOOOO excited!!!

I started a pair of newborn soaker shorts for a woman online.  I sold her the pair I showed last week for her daughter, but she also wanted a pair for her infant son!

Here they are started…(they almost look like the same color as the pants up top… but they aren’t.  These are teal and the pants are closer to a light blue.) This yarn is called "Stream"…

That’s it for now!  I was hoping to sew an apron/clothespin holder for myself, but didn’t get around to it this week.  Hopefully by next Friday I can post about that!

Have a great weekend!!  :)B



  1. You really knock these out quickly. I think knitting needles look in work look so much cooler than crocheting. lol I have to learn. The longies look so cute when they are that tiny. I can't wait to see your apron/clothespin. Sounds great. I know what you meant with screwing in the lids. I have seen those as well. They use baby food jars, rights? I thought about doing that in the garage to organize different screws, nails, etc. I never got a chance to tell you, but you should have an option to click on RSS feed, so that people can add you to bloglines. Like that everytime you post, it gets updated, and it let's me know you have a new post up so I can come take a peek. I know others on HSB have it, so you should have that option as well. My daughter has a HSB blog, so I will check to see where she has it at and let you know.

  2. You are a fast knitter. :o) How long does it take you to knit a pair?

    Love the picture of your stash of yarn ! ;o)

    Have a great weekend!


  3. I agree! You are a fast knitter! I have heard that it goes by much quicker than crocheting though, in time I will be trying my hand at it, too many projects to work at for now though, lol :o)

    I love all the soakers you share and the stash looks great! Have fun with it!!


  4. I love the yarn stash. I have promised myself not to buy anymore yarn until I use up the yarn that I have. Unfortunately people keep giving me yarn, but only one skein of a certain color. I am trying to get creative and find projects that only use one or one of several colors that coordinate.

  5. Hey Bridget!
    Missed seeing your wonderful family last night! Hopefully we'll see you more often than on Friday nights at Awana! haha Love the wool you got in the mail the colors are wonderful! Where do you buy from? I bought some on Ebay once, but it ended up being kind of expensive once I paid the shipping. The colors are so nice, though! Talked to Mike about the knitting night (it could be a craft night for people who don't knit) and he didn't see why we couldn't do it, but said I should talk to one of the deacons since they are actually in charge of the goings on in and out of the building. Will do that if I can ever remember to think of it! What do you think, a couple of times a month????
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Bridget!

    I love checking out what you've knitted every week. I just joined this homeschool blogger site, so maybe I'll figure out how to post some of our projects. My girls both knit and crochet all the time.

    I wondered if you've ever bought yarn from A friend told me about it, and I just got my yarn last week. The price can't be beat, and it is really nice yarn.

    Have a nice weekend. ~Sharon in Raymond

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